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Bass Fishing: Where to find bass

Updated on September 19, 2016

Bass fishing is not easy, it can take years to learn how fish behave in different conditions and even then one can never be certain where the bass are. However there are some guide lines that when paired with past experiences can help you locate fish. In this article I will give you places to look and factors to consider when you are looking for bass. You can apply these techniques to a lake you have fished for years or to some place you have never been. You can never be guarantee to catch a fish but you can certainly help your chances.

When you are planning your fishing trip, the time of year, the water temperature, the actual weather that day, and the time of day all play into where you should be looking for bass. Here I will go over how each of these factors effects where the fish will be


Spring is mating season for bass so good places to look are shallow flat beds where bass lay their eggs. Bass guard their eggs and fry after they hatch so they will be aggressive toward any invaders. But they won't go far from the nest.

Summer is usually very productive for fishing, since the water is warm the fish have high metabolisms and are moving a lot. When the water temperature gets too high the bass will go to deeper water where the temperature is lower. So when you are fishing summer consider looking in the deeper parts of the lake.

Fall is when the bass are actively looking for food to fatten up before the slow winter months. During this time bass are more willing to chase down a moving bait and this is also when crayfish patterns are most effective.

Winter fishing is the slowest time of year for bass fishing, yet there are still fishing being caught. Since the water temperature is so low the bass's metabolism is very slow and they are not willing to move much. So in order to catch fish you have to use slow techniques such as jigs or soft plastics and almost hit the bass on the nose before they will bite.

Weather and time of day

The daily weather has a large effect on the behavior of bass. Since the bass are ambush predators they do not like bright sunny days. When there are lots of clouds, rain, or wind the amount of light penetrating into the water is less and the bass feel more confident about coming closer to the surface. The time of day also effects how much light is penetrating the water, when the sun is directly overhead shining at full strength the bass will be deeper, under cover, or in the shade. But when its early morning or evening they are more active, chasing down fish or attacking topwater baits.

Fishing Spots


Points are like little peninsulas in the lake and are one of the most basic and most productive places to fish. Bass like to patrol points looking for baitfish that have been push by the wind or current.

Isolated cover

Isolated cover is something like a log, rocks, or even man made structure in the middle of a flat bed. Bass will hold on to places like this using them as cover and waiting for a baitfish to come swimming by.


Boat docks hold bass pretty much year round. They offer cover, shade, and a place to spawn. When fishing docks try pitching soft plastics or jigs close to the beams and in the shade. My favor tip, look for spider webs, if a spider web is present then no one else has put a lure in that area for a while and that’s where you need to be.

Local hot spots

Before you go fishing do some research, ask someone who has fished locally for a long time or look online for local spots. Usually people can't wait to talk about their favorite spot or post a story. Local knowledge can save you a lot of time if you are new to a lake. Look on maps for places like dams or power plants that generate a current, those can also been great spots.

As you can see there are many factors to consider when looking for fish but following these basics can help you locate the bass and develop a pattern. Once you develop a pattern and gain some local knowledge you'll be the one telling the stories.


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    • xcubist profile image


      6 years ago

      Love me some spring time bass fishing!


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