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Be Aware Of Fishing Regulations

Updated on July 21, 2010

Be Aware Of Fishing Regulations

 Fishing is a wonderful sport to get into but there is some important information you must be aware of first.  If you are just getting started in the sport, one of the most important things you will need to educate yourself on involves the different fishing regulations.  This is for good reason and you must realize that if you are caught not following these rules, there will be serious consequences.  One of the most important fishing regulations involves the limit of fish you can catch.

 There is a limit on all other game as well including turkey and deer.  The purpose of this is to ensure that people are not getting greedy and going fishing and taking as many fish as they want.  Before these rules were in place there was a serious problem with the lack of fish in the water after people were taking large quantities of it and that was when the fishing regulations started to come about.  There are also certain ocean sport fishing regulations in place which offer pertinent information such as where the different places are that you can go fishing legally.

 If you are ever caught fishing and not abiding by the specified fishing regulations you can have your fishing license suspended or even revoked completely.  Another important regulation involves permits.  All fishermen must have a legal permit before heading out on the water to do any fishing.  This way if you ever get stopped by the authorities you have your permit to show to them and this is going to keep you from getting in trouble and possibly even having your fishing license taken away.

 There are also certain times of the year when you are not allowed to fish for certain types of fish.  During the summer snagging and trout parks is off limits.  However, because there are always new laws being put in place so you have to keep your eyes open and watch out for this.  Remember, your fishing license is a privilege just as are driving licenses and motorcycle licenses.

 It is essential that any person be aware of all the fishing regulations before heading out.  If people do not stick by these rules, certain types of fish could become extinct.  For people who enjoy fishing, there should be no problem following the rules to ensure that everyone has a fair chance.  It also helps ensure that certain types of fish do not become extinct because of too many people hunting them and taking them from the water.


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