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Be Prepared For An Emergency With The Right Bug Out Bag Gear

Updated on February 28, 2013

Bug Out Bag Gear

Some essential bug out bag gear items
Some essential bug out bag gear items

Disasters Could Happen Any Time, Anywhere

Imagine you are at home with your family enjoying a nice dinner together. Suddenly, the power goes out. Not to worry, it just seems like a small power outage. Suddenly, your home begins to shake and shudder. Windows shatter throughout your home. Upright furniture collapses violently to the ground. Your family huddles together in the kitchen for what seems like several minutes. The quaking finally stops.

You find a flashlight and assess the damage. Your home has severe damage, and you can hear water flowing through damaged pipes. You quickly find the shutoff valve in the basement to try to keep your house from flooding. You also think to shut off the gas line feeding your home. You try to call 911 but there is no service with your cell phone. Now what do you do?

Mandatory Evacuation

As you struggle to figure out what to do next, your neighbor comes over asking if he can borrow a flashlight. You start talking to him and find out that he has an emergency radio. You turn the dial and hear that the authorities are issuing a mandatory evacuation from the area hit by the earthquake. That means you have very little time to gather your family and leave your home. The authorities are going house to house giving families 10 minutes to gather what belongings they can and leave. Your neighborhood is next. What would you take? Where would you go?

Be Prepared

The above scenario is fictional, but it could happen anywhere in the world at any time. It also might not be an earthquake, but another form of emergency that might require you to evacuate your home. Wildfires often require mandatory evacuations. Impending hurricanes and tropical storms also will prompt evacuation orders. The question is are you ready in the event that an emergency situation were to hit you and your family? Have you made the necessary plans and preparations if the emergency situation forced you and your family to evacuate? These are questions that need to be answered by every family. The key to surviving an emergency situation is to be ready before the disaster strikes. This means a few things will need to be done as soon as possible.

Make Family Plans

First, plans need to be made as a family. Evacuation maps need to be discussed, with possible rendezvous points. Also, family member responsibilities need to be assigned. For example, each child could be in charge of a certain task when the emergency strikes. If you make the plans ahead of time, it will be a lot easier to take action during an emergency when stress levels and shock go through the roof.

Additional bug out bag gear
Additional bug out bag gear

Make Family Preparations

Next, preparations need to be made in advance so that each family member can grab their survival kit and go. 72 hour kits are a good place to start when assembling a survival kit. These kits contain food, water, first aid, and other gear to aid in survival. In an emergency situation, you need to be ready to survive for longer than three days, however. This is where a bug out bag comes into play. This is a backpack or duffel bag that allows quick and efficient portability or survival gear.

Choosing the right bug out bag gear is important. If stocked properly, each bug out bag can sustain an adult for up to 2 weeks. That means being able to carry that much food and water, plus other survival options. Obviously, food and water are the most important items to include in your kit. But other items will help add comfort if you are out in the elements. Survival tents and blankets are key to keep you warm. Water filters will allow you to replenish your supply of water as long as there is a water source from which to filter. The ability to build a fire and shelter will also protect you from the elements and help to keep you warm.

Protection is another item to think about. When emergencies happen, the rule of law deteriorates quickly. People become desperate if they are hungry. Think about different items that could help you protect yourself and your family while away from home.

Survival Is About Options

Survival is all about having options. If you are not prepared before the disaster strikes, then your options become drastically limited. Make plans and preparations today, so that you and your family have the best chance of survival during a disaster.


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