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Beginner Golf Clubs Under $200

Updated on July 6, 2017
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Marian (aka Azure11) has been playing golf for over 20 years and has volunteered as a marshal at quite a number of golf tournaments.

Buying Beginner Golf Clubs

When you first start out playing golf it can seem to be an expensive sport, but there are ways to play golf reasonably cheaply when you first start. As a beginner golfer you don't need to immediately go out and buy the best set of golf clubs, and in fact if you did you would be doing yourself a disservice as you would find them too difficult to use and they would hamper your game. Beginner golf clubs under $200 are perfectly good to start off with.

So when you first start playing golf and you want to buy yourself a set of beginner golf clubs then you can do one of a few things. Firstly you may want to decide between buying a new or a used set of golf clubs. Check out my other article on deciding what kind of clubs to buy.

If you decide that you want to buy a new set of golf clubs but you don't want to pay huge amounts of money for them then I can recommend what myself and many other friends of mine have done when starting to play golf, and that is to buy a cheap set of new golf clubs to start off with.

You may not want to buy golf clubs that are suitable for a professional.
You may not want to buy golf clubs that are suitable for a professional.

Advantages of New Clubs

The main advantage of buying new clubs is that you know that they are in good condition and have no nicks and scrapes that may affect your ball strike.

They also should have perfectly straight shafts and good grips. If you buy second hand clubs then you may encounter any or all of these issues.

Cheaper sets of new clubs are also usually aimed at the beginner so if that is what you are then you are buying a set of clubs that will not be too technical for you to handle well!

Obviously there are also advantages in buying second hand clubs in that, if you get a good set, you may be able to get better quality ones than you would get new, for the same price. However, they may also be made from older materials that have since been superseded.

Updated in 2017!

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set (12-Piece)
Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set (12-Piece)

These clubs are designed to create maximum performance right out of the box for more confidence from tee-to-green. With a 460cc forged driver, fairway wood, two hybrids, five irons and a putter, the Strata Men’s Set provides a great combination of distance, forgiveness and control.


Callaway Strata Men's Set

The set shown to the right is available in both left handed and right handed options. Click through to see the actual price - as at May 2017 the price was just under $175 but this coudl change.

The Buy Now link takes you through to view further information.

Which Golf Clubs Does a Beginner Need?

As a beginner, starting out in golf, you don't need such a complete set of clubs as the professionals have, at least not until you have progressed your game a bit. To start off with you really only need a limited set of irons - usually 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 irons will be fine, together with a pitching wedge (and of course a putter!). After a while you may progress to using longer irons (4, 3 and possibly 1 & 2) but as these are much more difficult to hit you only need to start with the shorter ones. You will also likely need a sand iron but you may want to get a feel for these kind of clubs once you have more experience.

Woods - You can start off with a driver and a fairway wood and this will get you through the early days. Drivers and woods in general can take a lot of practice to hit straight so get used to a couple of clubs first before experimenting with different woods.

Hybrids - it can also be useful to have a hybrid club in your bag as these are very forgiving clubs to use (my hybrid is probably my favourite club in my bag).

Putter - you will obviously also need a putter to start off with. A basic putter will give you a good start until you get a feel for the type of putter that you want to use.

You can get all of these clubs in a set of beginner golf clubs under $200.

Wilson have a set of golf clubs at under $200, great for beginners.
Wilson have a set of golf clubs at under $200, great for beginners.

Golf Clubs Under $200

Believe it or not there is a reasonable selection of golf club sets available for under $200. Some may be from less well known brands, but many of the popular sports equipment makers cater for the beginner golf club market and sell golf clubs under $200.

So, you can choose from makes like Wilson, Prosimmon, Voit and Topflite amongst others. These golf club sets come with either 13 or 14 clubs and all tend to include hybrid clubs which is a change from a few years ago. They also come with a bag so that you are all set to hit the driving range or golf course. So if you can't afford to pay large amounts for a set of clubs, check out these golf clubs under $200.

(N.B sometimes prices change - the clubs I have selected here are under $200 at the time of selection but can subsequently change price. Click through for more options on clubs under $200)

Prosimmon Men's Golf Clubs Under $200

Prosimmon Golf X9 Mens GRAPHITE Hybrid Club Set & Bag
Prosimmon Golf X9 Mens GRAPHITE Hybrid Club Set & Bag

This set of graphite clubs comes with the usual configuration of irons and woods plus it has 2 hybrids to replace the long irons. It has great reviews and is a top recommendation for beginners looking for a set of clubs under $200.


Ladies Beginner Golf Clubs

There are also plenty of ladies golf clubs under $200 that are available to buy either online or in the club shops, to give you a good start to the game.

There are less options available at present for left handed lady golfers but still a few! Right handers have a much better choice although a lot of the bags for ladies are in pink, so if you don't like pink then you might struggle! Some of the smaller golf shops don't stock so much in the ladies range so you can possibly find more options for ladies golf clubs under $200 when you look online.

As with the men's golf clubs, you will get a good set of clubs that will cover your for playing a complete round on an 18 hole golf course, including woods, irons and a putter. All you need to add on to this are a few small extras like balls and a glove plus some tees.

Sometimes the lower priced complete ladies golf sets are not as complete as others as they may include a smaller number of clubs! Most of them will have all the clubs that you need to at least start playing and you can always add extra clubs as you progress. So just check in the details about which clubs are included in the set.

Once again the clubs on the right will vary in cost as prices change so may not be at under $200 when you view them on here. So the advice is, if they are under $200 then they might be worth snapping up before the prices change!

There are golf club sets available for lady players for under $200.
There are golf club sets available for lady players for under $200.

Ladies Golf Clubs Under $200

Callaway Strata Women's Complete Golf Set with Bag, 11-Piece
Callaway Strata Women's Complete Golf Set with Bag, 11-Piece

Great set of Callaway clubs - top brand at a great price. 11 Piece set. Price shown here is list price and not actual cost - i.e. when added to this page the price shown was $250 but actual cost was $170 - of course prices may change!

Wilson Women's Hope Right Hand Complete Golf Set
Wilson Women's Hope Right Hand Complete Golf Set

Wilson makes a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with the purchase of this product. Lightweight components in a coordinated stylish design tailored to women's swing speeds. Shaft flex, club length, and grip size specifically address characteristics of women players. Premium cart bag with double-padded plush single strap. This set is stylish and designed specifically for women players. Lightweight and easy to play with, these clubs are truly winners. Includes a Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, Irons 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Pitching Wedge, and Putter.


Please note that prices can change after I add the selected golf clubs so may go up over the specified price (One set went from under $100 to $249) - so grab them while they are under!

Golf Clubs Under $100

Xg4 Titech 12 Piece Set
Xg4 Titech 12 Piece Set

A great value starter set at just under $100 so if you are looking for value and not sure how much you will play or if you will enjoy playing golf then this may be an option. This would also be a great starter set for a gift.


Golf Clubs Under $100

If you are looking for an even better value range of golf clubs then you can still get a set of golf clubs for under $100. These clubs are obviously not going to be of such good quality as the good choice of clubs that you get for under $200 but they are still fully usable clubs for a beginner and you can always use them for a short while to see if golf is the sport for you, and then if you want to, sell them on 2nd hand afterwards and get yourself a better set.

You can get golf clubs under $100 for both ladies and men and of course you can get kids golf club sets for under $100.

Second Hand Beginner Golf Clubs

If you decide that maybe you want a set of golf clubs that has a great brand name but that has been previously used, so that you essentially get a better set of clubs for a cheaper price, then one place that you can buy second hand golf clubs on is of course eBay. If you are buying second hand then look for a good name like Callaway, TaylorMade or Ping - in fact any of the big brand names that the pros use. if you don't go for a big brand name then you almost might as well go for a new set so that you know the clubs will be in good condition.


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      14 months ago

      Golf is an expensive game to play. But it doesn't have to be. For a beginner I would want them to spend anymorecthan $200. Buy some cheap usedclubs and see if you like the game. If you do then invest more.


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