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Beginner Surfing Equipment Basics

Updated on August 23, 2010

Beginner Surf Equipment Basics

If you are a beginner the best possible solution for you when talking about surf equipment is to rent gear or borrow from friends. You should never think about purchasing the expensive equipment that you see advertised all over you. You can always end up not enjoying practicing surfing. Also, we are sure that you already know that a new board and even wetsuits can be expensive. Always remember that beginners should not use shortboards and the fact that you would buy a longboard and then throw it away can be a total waste of your money.

When anyone learns how to surf the one equipment part that is the most important is definitely one big board. One board, larger than 8 feet is preferred. A foam longboard basically guarantees that you can easily catch waves and you do not get hurt in the process. Size is definitely important for all beginners.

Now when referring to a wetsuit we need to take a close look at your personal budget. A discussion with local surfers is going to show you exactly what is needed. Fortunately for most surfers they will only need complete wetsuits when swimming in colder environments. If not there is a big chance you can just purchase boardshorts and include them in personal surf equipment. In the event that you can afford buying a wetsuit you might want to buy it as it allows people to surf for longer periods of time.

A surfing equipment that includes swimming gear and a board is basically what you really need. You should buy a good surfboard leash though. If yo do not want to rent a board you might also want to buy surf wax for your new board. In most situations the equipment that people will recommend stands out as just being optional. You can enter surf shops to see what other equipment is available but at the moment it is surely not necessary. Not many extras are needed after you get your basic surf equipment.


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