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Beginners Journey into Running part 2

Updated on May 14, 2009

Before picture?

Me the hesitant runner
Me the hesitant runner

See Jackie Run!

I am on my way! I lived through my first two runs as a beginner. On Tuesday I ran 1 min then walked 1 min on and on for 6 laps. I felt great afterward and so did the group of 70 that joined me! 70 people who never ran before in their life! So ya see you can do it too! My ass hurt A LOT yesterday morning and I was one of the slowest runners out there. I am not going to let that get me down! I got on the scale this morning and since this little odyssey began I have lost 7lbs and am feeling more excited about the 5k coming up!

You may be wondering what the hell made me decide to start running? That is what I was thinking while I was running my first 2 min last Saturday. I am embarrassed to say it was that movie The Secret! Yeah I know! I get made fun of all the time because I always have some self-help book lying around or watch Depok Chopra movies. I even saw Depok Chopra speak once in college. Mr. Chopra told us to let go of stress because after all we are just dust, we came from dust and will return to dust. His message was lost on me and my three girlfriends, we had to leave in hysterics after I broke into "dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind." I think I made a fool of myself because I didn't want to let on that I was hooked! Something Mr.Chopra said resonated with me, even at just 18. Since then all my self-help gurus have guided me in some way and The Secret is no different! I am not one of those "naturally optimistic" people. I actually trend toward the negative by default! Every single day I have to remind myself to think positive. It is HARD WORK! Many times I have thrown in the towel and just went with the negative attitude. I got all "woe is me" and it sucked. I would gain weight, friends would stop calling, traffic jams would find me, etc. etc. I realized I have to make daily corny, cheese ball intentions to be positive, joyful, grateful, happy blah blah freakin' blah. At least Oprah would be proud, or Steward Smally. Either way I am back on the Happy Wagon for the time being.

So back to the film The Secret. A group of visionaries, healers, authors and of course millionares tell us the big secret that most of the greats in history knew, if you want something from the universe ask for it, better yet imagine you already have it, imagine you already have it now! So I said to myself, I am a hot 6'3" blonde from Miami. After 1 week of that I called bullshit on this secret crap! No, I just tweaked it a little, I thought, I am a healthy weight for my bodyframe, I am comfortable in my skin, I am thin and muscular. I wrote that down, I look at it each day. I also wrote $100,000 is yours and keep it in my car (hey there was no rule againest 2, 3 or even 50 wishes) I watched the Secret on a Wednesday afternoon that very next Saturday I woke up early to get a walk in at the park. I arrived at the park at 8am sharp, exactly the same time the Beginner Running club was having its FIRST meeting! If I would have slept in like I usually do on Saturdays I never would have joined! "This," I thought, "this is the key to making my dreams come true" If you run you will surely LOSE!! Lose all that stubborn weight I mean! Tonight at 6 I'll be at it again! Maybe I'll see ya there! Cheers! Ecomama


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    • ecomama profile imageAUTHOR

      Jacquie The Underground Goddess 

      8 years ago from NC

      So I did run the 5k and three more after that!! I even did a trail run! It was awesome but I have slipped up with the training quite a bit!! Hoping to get back to it very soon.. I have taken up a new fun exercise I will have to blog about! Zumba! Have you heard of it?


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