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Bodybuilding 101 - Nutrition Absorption

Updated on May 12, 2016

Body Building Is Hard Work

Taking upon yourself, the goal to lose weight and gain muscle quickly is no easy task. There are many factors about the human body that you must take into consideration in order to maximize the effects of weightlifting and the intake of beneficial nutrients.How much protein you can take into your muscle groups and how much nutrition is actually absorbed are all a matter of how healthy your digestive tract is.

Bodybuilding and weight loss are never as simple as lifting on the appropriate days and following a weekly schedule. They are not as simple as lowering or raising caloric intake and hoping that these two practices produce muscle gain or fat loss at much quicker pace. It is never as simple as finding the right muscle building foods and there is no such a thing as weight loss foods. Food is food. Nutrients are nutrients and our body needs a plethora of them to function properly.

Nutrition for the bodybuilder (or anyone for that matter) is more important than any other factor we could ever possibly consider. The second in importance, is a stringent routine that we would follow as strictly as we would traffic laws or any other law that could mean life or death. But there is one thing many men and women do not consider or even think of and this is that the supplements that they are purchasing are not worth a dime due to the fact that they are passing through the body without being absorbed at the speed that the intestines require before expelling what is considered waste to the body's mechanism because at the point the colon fills, the colon reports to the brain and the brain signals a movement to expel the colon's contents.

Let us take into consideration the muscle building foods that the bodybuilder must eat in order to make quick gains that result in the body that they are working day and night to achieve. In these foods are the building blocks that will act as missing puzzle pieces to fit into their cellular level jigsaw places.

Begin a weight loss or bodybuilding program on the right foot.
Begin a weight loss or bodybuilding program on the right foot.

Body Building Favorite Supplement Brand

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Body Building and Muscle Building Foods

In order to make clear the intent of this article, we will briefly discuss the proper nutrition of the bodybuilder (or anyone seeking to increase health, lose weight and maximize positive nutrient absorption) and discuss what constitutes an adequate diet over the course of an average day.

In this article, we are considering the person beginning a weight loss or bodybuilding program and who desires to gain lean muscle or lose excessive fat first and foremost. We are focusing on the diet of a person wishing to increase their health by refreahing their system and encouraging minimal consumption of food by raising the metabolism's intake of nutrition.

The beginning bodybuilder or anyone wanting to lose excessive weight should be eating five to six small meals per day instead of 3 large meals. These daily meals should consist of a mixture from each of these groups (a read on a bodybuilder'a nutrition will help design a meal plan):

  • Protein: Turkey, Chicken, Tuna, Salmon, Peanut Butter, Eggs, White Fish...etc
  • Starches: Brown Rice, Yams, Potatoes, Pastas, Breads...etc
  • Fruits and Veggies: Bananas, Broccoli, Beans, Chick Peas, spinach...etc.
  • Oils: Olive Oil, Avocados Almonds, Coconut Oil/Milk, Canola Mayonnaise, Cheeses...etc

Of course, one can always mix it up and search out foods that match or are an equivalent of each of the examples, but one thing remains constant, the beginning bodybuilder should take in at least 2500 calories per day with a mixture of these foods and eat smaller meals more often, this is not even considering supplementations. A person wishing to lose excessive fat should only be consuming much lower amounts of calories per day of these same exact foods but without as many starches. That's right, it isn't about what you are eating, it is about how much and how often and more often satiates hunger which is the major downfall for those seeking to lose weight. So eat often, but eat less and stay mindful of how nuch protein and especially how many carbohydrates you take in. Starchy foodamhave a very high probability of being the most probable reason for obesity.

Daily Plan:

  1. Meal One. Starchy Carbohydrates.
  2. Snack Whey Isolate Smoothy. (add fruit, veggies, nuts...etc...)
  3. Meal Two. Few Carbohydrates.
  4. Meal Three. Few Carbohydrates.
  5. Snack Whey Isolate Smoothy. (add fruit, nuts, veggies)
  6. (Post Workout Meal). Starchy Carbohydrates.
  7. Meal Five. Starchy Carbohydrates.

That's all well and good you might be saying, but that information can be found anywhere on the internet, Well, you would be correct but what we are missing are some very important facts about the human digestive system.

What can you do to maximize absorption of this nutrition so that less is more?

Eating right is one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding.
Eating right is one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding.

Muscle Building Foods and Nutrient Absorption

Colon Cleansing

One of the very first steps to beginning a muscle mass routine or weight loss program should come in the form of a good colon cleansing product. Over the years of one's life, the colon builds up a toxic layer that tends to cast off a lot of the healthy nutrition we take in on a daily basis, or, just acts like a glue and holds onto it leaving the brain telling us that we need more food while what we have already eaten is being slowly absorbed before the harder working intestines twist and squeeze out the toxic mess like trying to squeeze out half dried up toothpaste from a battered tube. The end result is unsightly fat. In thinner men and women, this toxic buildup casts off healthy nutrients in the form of our natural bowel movements at a quicker paced metabolism. Both the thin and obese bowel have the same problems. The two different symptoms mean the same exact thing. An unhealthy bowel either moves too fast or moves too slow. A person's genetics simply handle the same problem in its own predisposed way.

In order to defeat this effect, a new body builder or weight loss subject must ensure that his or her digestive tract is clean and is ready to begin to absorb every nutrient that they are about to spend hard earned money on and take into their fresh and new (if they are serious and want real results) digestive tract. One of the most effective cleansing products to date and is reported to be the vest by 100% of reviewers and serious athletes, is a product by Eniva.

Eniva Whole Body Cleanse is a product designed to start with the colon, and over a week's time, compketely remove cokon sludge and enter the body to harmonize each vital system's levels in order that the brain and chemicals are interacting in unison and completely balanced and at the end of seven days, the bowels are absorbing almost every nutrient needed and passing out everything that is waste. Once the nutrient absorption has completed, the brain is notified that the body's needs have been met and that full feeling waahes over the body and the person is energized and ready to go to work.

Eat many small meals in a day to help absorb more of the bodybuilding nutrients needed to build massive muscles.
Eat many small meals in a day to help absorb more of the bodybuilding nutrients needed to build massive muscles.

Body Building and Probiotics

It is recommended to complete the cleanse and then begin a daily Probiotic in order to regain a healthy digestive tract that is prepared to take on all of the nutrition that the person needs in order to feed their cleansed system and give the body the needed nutrients that will immediately begin showing incredible results after the cleansing and restoration of healthy bacteria.The Steele Spirit Probiotic is rated #1 for anyone seeking to lose weight or build muscle after their system is primed and ready.

Probiotics are the living organisms within the human digestive tract that act to aid digestion and nutrient breakdown. After a really effective colon cleanse, the body sculptor must replace the vital organisms in order to prevent the process of toxic buildup to simply start all over again. It is a fact that modern food additives, medications and just plain aging can create a lifeless void within the digestive tract and this creates a toxic environment where food sludge ends up building up to poisonous levels and completely ruin the natural process that is designed to rid poisons by blocking it up with poisons.

Probiotics by Steele Spirit are a complete line of every healthy organism that should reside within our digestive tracts that we lose simply by living in a time when preservatives and poisons enter us no matter where we choose to buy our meals or ingredients. Probiotics are essential to speedy nutrient absorption and digestive function to aid in absorbing those muscle building foods we are eating.

Body Building and Digestive Enzymes

Many new bodybuilders complain of working out harder than most and eating as much as they can in a day's time and yet not being able to gain much muscle mass. They watch as their friends continually make great strides and gain consistently without putting in half the effort that the low gainer has put in. This is very common and the answer to their troubles is simple. They are in a large majority of men and women who do not produce the proper enzymes that the digestive tract needs to break down starches and proteins. This is as true of bodybuilders as it is of people carrying excess fat. In order to get the nutrients out of the intestinal tract, they must be either broken down and absorbed, or pushed out through the normal process of a bowel movement. Those carrying excess weight usually are packed with unbroken down nutrients that are lacking enzymatic processing.

As the body ages, the enzyme production in a large part of the population declines or quits entirely. No worries, there is a simple answer to this problem and it comes in the form of a supplement that contains every enzyme needed to begin the process of turning proteins and other needed nutrients into easily absorbed nutrients that are ready to go directly to muscle tissue or other parts of the body other than fat cell storage. One of the best products available can is Digestive Advantage by Schiff. These enzymes work like a charm to decrease gastric upset and bloating ans do exactly as advertised and are an intensive intestinal support advantage that further breaks down everything from protein to complex fatty acids. Whatever you are eating, these enzymes will assure a quick breakdown and quick evacuation of unneeded toxins or excess nutrients. You simply must have one the most common missing ingredients in a human's bowels and that is a complete set of enzymes that target everything we eat and act as the final phase of digestion by tearing nutrients free and apart to become more easily absorbed and transform into usable building blocks for the rest of the body's cellular systems.

Bodybuilding and Testosterone

The main generator of muscle building is testosterone in both the male and female bodies. Testosterone is a hormone that either binds to proteins or is free ranging. The amount of free ranging testosterone is a driving factor in the body's muscle protein synthesis and actually is a catalyst in the reforming of cellular tissue into a larger and more compact evolution of its former state. Testosterone supplementation is highly regulated and only used legally by anyone suffering the ill effects of low testosterone levels such as AIDS wasting or wasting disease associated with sedentary existence such that cancer or other illnesses that leave a patient sapped of energy and motivation being medicated and bed-ridden.

Many seek out testosterone on the black market to use for what is considered recreational use. Testosterone is one of the most useful weapons in the bodybuilder's arsenal because of one reason, it has quick and obvious results. Imagine being able to continually be the child at the peak of his or her growth spurt and having the willpower to aim growth wherever you induce stress. That is what the bodybuilder's chief goal and practice is.

You're in luck. At one time there was no legal testosterone products due to the belief that testosterone supplements made madmen who are perpetually shrinking testes and drying up their liver. It has since been discovered that upping the body's production of testosterone works just as well as injecting synthesized testosterone into a thigh muscle and simply is no more harmful than taking a vitamin for a safeguard against lack of a particular essential vitamin.

The best and moat effective testosterone supplement on the market is Vintage Boost by GroBro. This supplement is targeted at men, but with a little searching and dosage adjustments, a woman bodybuilder can find it useful and have it work just as well.

There are so many satisfied consumers that one could not possibly list the positive feedback in an article such as this. If you're looking for some much needed muscle empowerment, I'd recommend this to my own child. It is not only safe but it is the most effective supplement in its field.

Fast muscle gains need supplements.
Fast muscle gains need supplements.

Faster Gains with Supplements

After your body is amply prepared for nutrients and you have the proper muscle building foods and normal balance that on a daily basis every body requires, there are plenty of supplements on the market that will speed up your muscle gains and weight losses and save you time and money in the course of obtaining your goals. There are so many beneficial supplements that are simply indispensable when it comes to gaining the extra boost one needs when desiring to achieve an attractive physique and gain that beach body every person desires.

In further articles, I will address other products that have helped me to go from a 6' 3" 143 pound cancer patient to a 6' 4" 200 pound body enthusiast who feels energized and has a positive outlook and is intensely motivated toward keeping the system that brought me out of illness and into a valuable quality of life circumstance.

Clean up that system and put all your tools in balance and you will be feeling the effects and smiling as brightly as anyone in the peak of their life.

Bodybuilder 101

Clean the Colon
Use Probitotics
Digestive Enzymes
Use a compete time based kit
After the cleans begin probiotics
Begin immediately
Eat a liquid diet during the cleanse
Eat plenty of yogurt
Take with every meal
Begin taking a multi-vitamins
Gradually resume a regular diet
Increase dosage gradually

A Clean and Harmonized Fitness Routine

That does it for the proper routine to get ready to make devastating gains in muscle and lose excess fat as rapidly as humanly possible. The human body is a complex organism and not everyone is as prepared as others. Whether you're a hard gainer or have a hard time losing weight, these secrets will certainly take away the stumbling blocks preventing you from making the headway that you see others seemingly to make so easily.

Remember, a clean and harmonized system is where you should begin any fitness initiative and the above information is how you will get clean, balanced and begin making great gains at home or in the gym.

Protein Shakes Recipe

Summary of Beginning Bodybuilding Nutrition

There are many factors involved in beginning a bodybuilding or weight loss program. Dependent upon how old you are is and how healthy your digestive system already is are all things to consider when taking the first steps to obtain your goals.

No matter how you answer those questions you cannot go wrong by prepping your system to maximize digestion and absorption of those essential nutrients that will be the building blocks of the new you.

If you are having trouble getting results then it is almost guaranteed to be a problem located within your digestive tract. By following these easy to understand instructions, it is only a matter of willpower and adherence to a scheduled routine that will result in the person that you have been longing to be.


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    • JRScarbrough profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from United States

      I have taken them even before beginning to sculpt my body. They are for everyone and encourage healthy digestion. I simply mentioned them as a support toward proper absorption of the needed nutrients that a bodybuilder would require but that everyone could benefit from.

      These products help everyone and encourage weight loss by allowing for that full feeling arriving quicker due to the body getting what it needs with less being taken in.

      Many do not realize how corroded their digestive systems become over the years and how much money is wasted trying to absorb minerals and vitamins that simply pass through the intestines unabsorbed.

      Thanks for your comment and question.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Really relevant information not only for body builders, but for anyone who likes to learn about nutrition. Are the cleansers and probiotics mentioned especially for body builders, or are they good for anyone? Thank you.


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