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Being Backpacker Starter

Updated on May 15, 2016

Actually , it was not only costly traveling. There are many ways for walks cheap. Being a backpacker or a walk backpacker style which is one way to take a stroll cheap. Unfortunately, there are still many people who think so backpacker was complicated because everything has to be diurusin own.

Why become Backpacker?

1. Adventure was fun.

2. More familiar tourist spots and rich experience.

3. Adding a lot of friends.

4. Backpaker it was cheap and easy.

5. The roads become more memorable.

6. Full challenges.

7. Get a lot of life lessons.

Backpacker 's touring and adventure with low cost / low. Another opinion states that a backpacker could also mean an international travel independently. Being a backpacker also identified with doing odyssey. Backpacker has now become a trend, especially when people start choosing do -paced adventure alone or traveling with a very low cost. When people have started to realize that traveling will no longer have to be expensive. From here later developed some new terms such as flashpacking, campervan, etc.

because this is the starting point of all the adventures in locations that may have never known a backpacker. Careful planning is not merely provide background locations to be addressed but also the stock of knowledge for dealing with problems that may occur.

The travel planning process :

include: Determining the destination place or country to be addressed.

Determine what you want to do there: just a street, learn the culture, courses, learning, conferences, shopping, etc.?

Looking for information about the destination. The social, economic and political state or the destination location. Is it safe to travel there?

Administrative requirements: Passport, need a visa or not, how to take care of the visa, how requirements, travel insurance, currency, licenses, etc.

Natural conditions: the weather, the season, the distance between the city, availability of transport

Accommodations: where to stay, how far away from the city, how their living conditions, who owns them (if they have to stay at home person), how far from shopping centers / shops (at least for foraging), language, telecommunication networks, etc.

Budget: tickets, transportation for backpackers, lodging, meals, daily necessities.

Source of Funding: how much, where the source.


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