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Believer's Backlash II: Mascarita Sagrada vs. Famous B (A Lucha Underground Preview)

Updated on November 7, 2016

It’s time to do something different sports fans! You probably know this by now but Lucha Underground is having a pretty big show this week, and not just because Sexy Star isn’t on it (that one’s for all you haters out there!). It’s also not because this is the last episode before Aztec Warfare III, the Royal Rumble if people still enjoyed the Royal Rumble (just kidding. Or am I?!). No, this is a big LU show because there are two pretty big feud ending matches lined up, so big that I cannot simply do a normal preview column to break them down. Instead I’m going to do what I did for Marty “The Moth” and Killshot earlier this season; give each match their own special break down to get us all hyped for the big show. Excited? You will be once we’re done. So without any further gilding the lily and with no more ado, let’s start this two part preview. We begin with the first of the two matches, a Believers Backlash match, featuring two guys who, much like the Chicago Cubs, Average Joe’s Gymnasium and that kid from Degrassi who was in the wheelchair, started from the bottom.

Mascarita Sagrada

It’s a little surprising this is the first time Mascarita Sagrada has had the spotlight in the Temple. Why you ask? Well how about the fact that Mascarita wears one of the most legendary masks in the history of lucha libre, worn by legendary original Mascarita Sagrada (a star during the golden years of Antonio Peña’s AAA) and fellow lucha legend/wonderful humanitarian Máscara Sagrada. Combine that with the fact that Mascarita was one of the first luchadors to enter the Temple (he debuted in the third episode, defeating future LU legend El Mariachi Loco) and you would’ve thought he’d be a big star thus far. Alas it’s been tough sledding for Mascarita, thanks to a failed partnership with Pimpinela Escarlata and a whole lot of luchadors coming to overshadow him as time goes on. This is truly his first big chance to shine, which makes him very similar to the man he hopes to wipe off the face of the earth.

Famous B

If you had told someone on February 5th, 2015 (the day after Pentagon famously snapped Famous’ arm like a Slim Jim) that Famous B was destined for great things in Lucha Underground, they probably would’ve told you (brace yourselves; this joke will be bad) to call 423-GET-A-THERAPIST (I told you it was bad!). And yet here we are. I still consider the turning point for Famous to be that late season one Battle Royal for the final Aztec Medallion, where he dominated the match for long stretches and looked as though he was poised to break in season two. That would indeed happen, just not in the ring. Instead Famous traded in his wrestling trunks for the whitest suit alive, a wizard’s hat (which I believe he’s since retired), a microphone and commercial time during LU telecasts where he promoted himself as a man willing to make us all famous. Well as long as we dialed 423-GET-FAME (which is a real and spectacular number!). Amazingly this move turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to good old Famous; it’s also the move that led us to this match.

How We Got Here

Here’s the thing about transitioning from a manager to a manager; you can get a cool phone number, a suit so white it would scare a Republican and produce all the commercials you want and it won’t mean squat unless you get clients. Luckily Famous was smart enough to realize this and set out to do so after he transformed a random girl Brenda into DAAAAAAAAMN BRENDA, I guess as a way to help with recruitment. Enter Mascarita; Famous caught up with the luchador one day while he was lifting weights and a partnership was quickly born. And what an entertaining partnership it was; between Famous’ antics and Mascarita’s underdog sensibilities the two quickly became one of the most over duos (or trios if you count DAAAAAAAMN BRENDA) in LU. If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes you wouldn’t have believed it. Seriously, ask Bryan Alvarez; he saw it with his own eyes and he STILL has no clue what’s going on. Silly Bryan.

Of course another thing happened during all of this; Mascarita never won a damn match under Famous’ leadership. Not only that but he never really seemed to get close. Turns out that being more famous than before didn’t matter much for either Famous or Mascarita when they were losing just as much (or in Mascarita’s case, more so) than they had been previously. So Famous did the only thing he could do; he turned rudo, betrayed Mascarita and found fame, fortune and a new client in the form of lucha libre legend Dr. Wagner Jr. After stealing Son of Havoc’s Ultima Lucha Tres main event slot and his cash, Wagner and Famous came back to Mascarita and quickly squashed him in the second episode of season three, seemingly signaling the end to that program. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! Instead Mascarita regrouped, snacked on some bagel bites with Havoc in Havoc’s mother’s basement (I’m dead serious), threw a few birds at Famous’ commercials and vowed to get revenge. After a rocky start that saw Havoc and Mascarita lose to Wagner and Famous in a tag match (Famous’ first ever LU victory as a wrestler by the way), Mascarita earned the opportunity after Havoc beat Wagner in singles competition. Now it all comes down to this; Mascarita Sagrada vs. Famous B, former client vs. former manager, in the first Believer’s Backlash match since Drago wiped Hernandez off the face of the earth at Ultima Lucha Uno.

The Betrayal!
The Betrayal!

What to Expect

First things first; for those who missed the first Believer’s Backlash match the rules are very simple; it’s a lumberjack match featuring actual Lucha Underground fans holding weapons that they’ll use to nail the luchadors with when they roll out of the ring. The stipulation was kept simple the first time around, with the Believers being limited to just using belts to whip Hernandez and Drago. This time it’ll be more complex; not only can fans use whatever they want, but they’ve been encouraged to bring weapons from home for the luchadors to use. You could see anything in theory; hockey sticks, baseball bats, perfume bottles, CD’s, Playstation’s, dildos, soda cans, blow up dolls and yes, probably some of Mama Havoc’s bagel bites. In the words of Kevin Garnett, anything is possible.

As such, I would expect this match to be just a little bonkers, though not quite the same way Marty-Killshot was. Whereas that match treaded on a very serious level, both Mascarita and Famous are lighter performers with comedic chops, which should be put to use often here to make this match an over the top, highly entertaining extravaganza. You’ll see Dr. Wagner Jr. get involved often. You’ll see Son of Havoc out there to cancel him out. Beautiful Brenda…excuse me, I mean DAAAAAAAMN BRENDA, will most certainly make her presence felt as well. And don’t be surprised if several of the LU fans, many of whom have become minor Temple celebrities in their own rights (*cough* Last Real Heels *cough*) get down and dirty here too. It’ll be wild, it’ll be over the top, it’ll be silly, it’ll be fun and if done correctly it’ll quietly tell a great story about the hero (Mascarita) rising up to get the first big win in the Temple over the man who held him down as both a friend and enemy (Famous).


Poor Famous isn’t going to like me for saying this, but so be it; Mascarita Sagrada is going to win this match. Much like Killshot against Marty earlier this year, its destiny, it’s fate, it’s written in the gorram stars I tell you. It’ll be a tough fight and it’ll be a fun fight, but in the end Mascarita will emerge victorious, followed by the loudest pop of his life and Son of Havoc carrying him around the ring Villano III/Atlantis style. Here’s a bonus prediction too; don’t be surprised if the Good Doctor ends up turning on Famous here. It would seem out of left field but let’s take a closer look here; Wagner hasn’t done all that well with Famous in his corner (he’s lucha legend after all and thus far he can’t get much higher than feuding with Mascarita and Havoc?), he’s still ridiculously over with the crowd even with Famous in his corner and doesn’t it seem like Famous is destined to do something in this match that pisses Wagner off and leads to him making a technico turn of some sorts? In the words of Deadshot after Diggle dropped him off under that bridge in Russia, food for thought John; food for thought. And yes, in this scenario, you dear readers are John Diggle. Lucky bastards.

ITS OVAH SPORTS FANS! I will now depart for a few hours before returning to review tonight’s CMLL show. Its gonna be fun, fun, fun (hopefully). Till then, here’s some life advice straight from the great DUCHOVNY!

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