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Bellator 142: Tito Ortiz vs Liam McGeary: Legend vs New Blood

Updated on September 20, 2015

Tito Ortiz vs Liam McGeary

Tito Ortiz. That name is a name that is extremely well-known throughout MMA. Any MMA fan should be able to tell you who Tito Ortiz is, and they should be able to tell you that Tito Ortiz is a legend in the sport. And then we have Liam McGeary, the Bellator Light Heavyweight champion, who is making a name for himself in MMA, and on 9/19/2015 McGeary and Tito Ortiz went head-to-head and what was one of Bellator's most anticipated fights to date.

Before we go into how Tito Ortiz went during his fight with Liam McGeary, we will go over how Tito Ortiz landed a title shot with the champ and then we will discuss how the fight went.

How Did Tito Ortiz Get A Title Shot

Tito Ortiz didn't get a title shot because of his name and because of him being a legend. No, Tito Ortiz earned it by defeating two opponents before being granted a shot at the Bellator Light Heavyweight title. It is as simple as that, Ortiz had two impressive victories. In May 2014, Tito Ortiz submitted Alexander Shlemenko and in November 2014 he defeated Stephan Bonnar via split decision. Shortly after that, Bellator announced that Tito Ortiz would be fighting Liam McGeary.

Bellator 142: Tito Ortiz vs Liam McGeary

Fast forward to Bellator 142, Tito Ortiz was going into the event feeling confident, feeling good and ready to fight. So was Liam McGeary and the first round was exciting. Tito Ortiz took control of the fight and eventually he put Liam McGeary right on his back and you could tell the audience was waiting for Tito Ortiz to ground-and-pound Liam McGeary. However, McGeary must have surprised Tito Ortiz because seemingly from out of nowhere, Tito Ortiz found himself in an inverted triangle choke and he submitted. This meant that Liam McGeary retained his title.

Will Tito Ortiz Retire

There's probably a lot of people wondering if Tito Ortiz is going to retire, but as of now nobody is certain. He hasn't said whether or not that was going to be his last fight, nor has he called anyone out. It is still early and Tito Ortiz could very well be wondering what his next move will be. We don't know what he will do, and even though he lost his fight at Bellator 142, he looked great and he could very well return better than ever before and shock the world and climb his way back to a shot at the title. Only time will tell what happens.


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