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Beneficial Flexibility And Stretching Exercises For Your Back

Updated on January 5, 2015


Flexibility is what most girls look to have, it is not hard to get and it doesn't necessarily have to do with your age which means that you can always start and it's never too late to start what you love to do.


Start by warming up a little bit - at least 6 minutes- this will get your back ready for the stretches and you don't have to rush anything, just practice as slow as you can.

start by leaning your hands on the wall and slowly bending your back towards it.

The next exercise: Is easier as it can make you rest your belly on the wall and have more control bending.

For starters, you can do it with legs open and if you want to go further then just close both of your legs and stick them together.

Take some time in between and remain bent the way the video shows you on 1:53 .

After these exercises, have some time to relax your back from stretching and contraction to feel more relaxed doing more exercises and working on your flexibility for the next days.

Third exercise: Rest your hands on the back, make your face and your back facing the wall, stretch one leg forwards the wall and start bending and straightening your hands as the video shows on 2:32.

Final: Testing how it feels to do some movements, this final test shall give you notes on how your body feels more relaxed doing the movements after exercising.



I hope You enjoyed these short instructions and notes.

If you have beneficial tips to provide or suggestions for exercises then feel free to add and write them in the comments box!

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