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Benefits of Mountains

Updated on February 5, 2015

What compels us to abandon the comfortable sofa in our living room and set off to the high freezing mountains? Why do people go to mountains? What is it up there that is so special? The following are top five benefits which we get from mountains:

1. Aerobic Training

There is no aerobic activity that is more natural than walking, jogging or hiking in the mountains. The uphill climb provides extra load and makes your workout more challenging than when you are on ground level.

Hiking is not only a form of physical activity but also a way to introduce yourself and to discover the nature in its original form.

2. Fresh Air

In higher altitudes, the air is fresher and cleaner. It will help you relax, improve your circulation and clean your lungs. The mountains are perfect places for practicing yoga and deep breathing.

3. Finding Peace

Mountains have a unique spiritual significance. They are filled with magic and the only sound is the sound of nature. People have gone to the mountains to find peace throughout history. Both Moses and Muhammad spent time in the mountains to return with words that still represent a source of spiritualism and wisdom for the majority of world's population. Of course that doesn't mean you will return with a new book that will change the world, but a journey to the mountains will definitely improve your mood and fill your heart with peace and joy.

4. Adventure

If you're feeling adventurous, the mountain is the best place for you. Mountains contain very harsh and challenging environment and hold many undiscovered secrets.

5. Unique Foods

The mountains do not only offer fresh air, but also unique food. Depending on the season and place you will find a variety of edible fruits, vegetables and plants which grow in clean unpolluted environment.

Some Advices

  • When going to the mountain put on special hiking footwear. They are firmer and designed specially for slippery surfaces.
  • Expect a harsh climate. Weather conditions in the mountains can change very quickly.
  • Take enough supplies of water to keep yourself hydrated and carbs for extra energy.
  • Take with you a safety kit and compass to find your position
  • Be friendly to the environment and do not throw trash.

Which of the above mentioned benefits is the most important to you

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