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Benefits of Playgrounds for the Community

Updated on July 1, 2017

Kids nowadays are more inclined to play and spend most of their time using gadgets like computers and smartphones. But traditional as they may be, commercial playgrounds still prove to be very beneficial for children – especially as most people are starting to see the negative effects of gadgets to kids. At an early age, most kids are already developing an obsession with their beloved gadgets, and that is not a good sign during their developing years. Lately, obsession to technology comes at a very early age, and experts are saying that this encourages dependence on technology at a young age.

As most people would say, nothing beats the traditional – the same goes with commercial playgrounds. Most adults, especially those who have experienced playing in commercial playgrounds during their childhood, would definitely agree that commercial playgrounds have been beneficial for them when they were growing up.

Here are some reasons why today's youth should put their gadgets to rest and give commercial playgrounds a try.

1. Commercial playgrounds are beneficial for the health.

Long exposures to electronic gadgets are the main culprit behind common physical issues such as eyestrain, stiff muscles, and bad posture. And while these gadgets contribute harm to the body, commercial playgrounds offer the opposite.

Commercial park equipment allows children to utilize their whole body. They can do multiple physical activities like running, climbing, and jumping, which allow them to exercise their young bodies. These activities also allow them to activate parts of their bodies that are left unused during studying, eating, or sleeping time.

Playing outdoors also helps kids sweat and release toxins from the body. It also provides for proper circulation of blood and oxygen in their bodies. Doing activities in a playground helps children get tired for all the good reasons.

2. Commercial playgrounds improve interpersonal relationships.

While gadgets usually confine playing kids in solidarity, commercial children's play equipment allows the young to mingle and play with their peers. This help forges friendship among the young members of communities, which can result to good and lasting relationships through the years.

The number of playmates one can find in the commercial playground is limitless. Playtime in commercial playgrounds can be for big groups of children, unlike with gadgets that can only provide access to a limited number of players.

Playtime at commercial playgrounds teaches kids some important values in life – friendship, generosity, cooperation, and teamwork – while having fun at the same time. It also allows them to mingle with different kinds of people, and gives them an early glimpse of how to deal with different personalities. They don’t grow up shy, as they know how to deal with different kinds of people at a very early age.

3. Commercial playgrounds help develop creativity.

With commercial playgrounds, children can be anything that their imaginations can come up with. Outdoor playhouses with slide and swing can serve as obstacles for children pretending to run after and defeat bad guys, or explore dangerous terrains. Seesaws can either be exciting rides or lifts, and bridges can be dangerous hanging connectors between mountains. The possibilities of various scenarios in a commercial playground are endless, as long as they let their young minds run wild.

Kids can explore their creative side by thinking of a wide array of scenarios. While gadgets provide visuals for kids to play around, commercial playgrounds allow children to use both their body and mind as they have fun. Playtime at commercial playgrounds stimulate the young minds of children, thereby exercising their brain in preparation for future activities.

4. Commercial playgrounds impart appreciation of outdoor activities.

As all commercial grade playground equipment are meant for outdoor setups, children will develop the appreciation of hanging outside the house – under the sun – to play and have fun. This enables them to get dirty or even get hurt and wounded at times, which is just a normal part of a growing person’s life experience.

Commercial playgrounds prepare kids in exploring the world outside the comforts of their home – something that they have to learn in order to survive the real world. What if it rains outside? They will realize it’s actually more exciting to play outside with a little bit of water and mud (considering it’s not a very strong rain or typhoon.)

By being in commercial playgrounds, children can develop the value of being careful with oneself, which is very essential in adult life. Kids can learn how to adjust to their environment at a very young age, and they will grow up not afraid to face any circumstance brought by environment in the future.

5. Commercial playgrounds are relatively cheap to maintain.

Although bulky and initially expensive compared to toys and gadgets, commercial playground equipment prices are relatively cheaper in the long run. While kids can only do so much to toys and gadgets – depending on the program they offer – a lot of things can be done with commercial playgrounds. Again, that all depends on the imagination of the children playing.

In terms of maintenance, commercial playgrounds are created to be tougher and more durable than toys and gadgets – which helps them survive even the most energetic and playful kids. They don’t rely on batteries or electricity to work, and they can even get wet or dirty and still become functional. Commercial playground, even when used in a daily basis, lasts longer compared to gadgets that either break down or become electrically loose in the long run.

Commercial playgrounds may get old and out of style, but they don’t need to be replaced by new models – unlike gadgets, which always rely on the latest trend in gaming and technology.

Traditional as they may seem, commercial playgrounds deter the test of time and has proven its timelessness as something that is beneficial to youth of any generation. Commercial playgrounds serve as a testimony that old school is still better.


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