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Public Parks Discover the Benefits of Going to Public Parks

Updated on June 16, 2009

While many people enjoy parks and being able to go to them I know that some people think that parks are a waste of time. I know that I enjoy going to parks and have found many benefits that a park has that I haven’t found elsewhere so I thought I would share the benefits of parks. While some people might agree with these benefits and others will disagree we should all agree that parks are important for all of us for many reasons!

The first benefit that I have discovered of parks is that they provide a location for people to go and see nature. Some people that live in the city might not ever see a deer run through their yard, or hear birds, but in a park you can enjoy most of these and I know in my local park I have seen many deer inside of the park including the ones that come through my backyard. So being able to see nature in its own habitat is always a positive and a great benefit of parks.

The second benefit of parks is that you are able to enjoy some peace and quiet that can only be found when you are in a park. I know some of the parks that are in the city you can still hear some of the noise of city, but it isn’t as bad as what it normally is. So you can get away from some of the noises that are present in your home, streets, and even in your office building. Which makes the park even more relaxing because you do not have the constant noise occurring that can be driving you crazy!

The third benefit of having parks is that many of them have some form of trails. The trails that are available in parks depending on the park are well marked and scenic. Some of them will even lead you past some of the paths that animals use as a natural path. Which if they are well used trails that means that you can possibly see some of nature crossing the trail before you arrive. While walking the trails not only do you have the chance of seeing nature, but it is also a relaxing way to walk and workout without the sun beating down on you.

While many people like parks I have found that these benefits are great for using a park. I know that some of us already use parks for this reason, but some of us do not like parks. However, for those that do not like parks here are some of the benefits and why you should enjoy parks.

Share some of the great parks you have been to

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