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Benefits of Waterproof Headphones

Updated on September 1, 2015
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Benefits of Waterproof Headphones

Benefits of Waterproof Headphones

Headphones are a necessity nowadays, to prevent annoying coworkers or friends with your music, audio books, or radio programs. Headphones work with everything from MP3 players to smart phones and tablets. Don’t let your regular headphones suffer from the elements, get the Pyle PWP20W Waterproof Aqua Sport Headphones, in case they get wet.

The Pyle headphones are available in sporty blue and white or black and blue. They’re completely waterproof, and can be used for a variety of different outdoor activities. Listen to music where ever you are.

Where to Wear Pyle Headphones

Waterproof headphones are perfect for surfing, swimming, or diving. They’re also great for lounging at the beach or poolside. There will be no worries about getting sand or water inside them. If you do get sand on them, you can easily rinse them off. They’re also great for dune buggying across muddy flats, or for walking or running in the rain.

You’ll not only be able to listen to your favorite music, but you’ll also be able to tune out extraneous noise and enjoy your activities, no matter where you are: work, school, park. They’re also perfect for indoors, should you not wish to carry extra headphones around.

Pyle Headphone Options

The Pyle headphones come with three different options, so you can choose the fit that best suits your activity. You can choose from traditional ear bud style that fits in your ear, in ear style that has a hook and bud that both fit in your ear, increasing chances that it will stay put, or over the ear and bud that will stay firmly in place, even during heavy rains or while swimming through water.

The Pyle headphones come with three different sized ear buds, so you can get an exact fit in your ears.

Best Features of the Pyle Headphones

These waterproof headphones are designed to maximize comfort, important when you’re doing activities where you can’t fuss around with stuff. Their waterproofness is guaranteed to a maximum of ten feet, and is compliant with the industry’s IP7 waterproof standard.

These waterproof headphones are also designed to be worn with swimming goggles, so they never interfere. They provide exceptional sound quality, even with small headphones. You’ll find that they’re comfortable when fitting inside the ear, and not annoying. They’ll stay in place, whether swimming or running, and won’t be irritating by pressing in the wrong spots. They’re compact and discreet, so many will not know you’re even wearing them.

If you ever need to wear ear plugs while under water, your Pyle ear bud headphones serve a dual purpose in keeping your ears dry.

The Pyle waterproof headphones are compact, and will tuck into most small pockets easily. They will also fit into your bag, purse, or knapsack easily, being of a small compact design.

Choose Pyle waterproof Aqua Sport headphones for all your outdoor activities. If they get wet, you won’t have to worry, as they are 100% sealed from the elements and won’t be wrecked.


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    • Penelope Cruz profile imageAUTHOR

      Kai Alabi 

      3 years ago from Washington, DC

      Thanks for your comment and for visiting my Hubpage!

    • Lareene profile image


      3 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Interesting and informative.


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