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Best Bathrooms at Walt Disney World Resort

Updated on May 2, 2014
Where are the best restrooms with the shortest lines at Walt Disney World?
Where are the best restrooms with the shortest lines at Walt Disney World? | Source

Using the restroom is a common experience that all of us must face no matter where we are. One of the frustrating parts of being in a crowded experience such as a concert or a theme park is having to wait in long lines outside of tiny bathrooms.

Having kids means that I have experienced most of the bathrooms at Walt Disney World resort. Not all the rest rooms are created equal. Sometimes there will be longer lines at a smaller bathroom when I know that a larger bathroom is not that far away.

While there is not a guarantee that there won't be a line, more stalls in a bathroom guarantees that you will move faster and be able to take care of your business and get back to having fun.

The bathrooms listed below are pretty easy to find and might save you time.

Criteria For Best Bathroom

In order to consider it a "best bathroom" I considered size and location and activeness around the bathroom. Generally more crowded areas will have busier bathrooms.

Disney bathrooms are usually pretty clean and if they are not you only need to mention it to a cast member.

The bathrooms also have Disability Access and generally a large number of stalls.

Tip: Check down each row. Sometimes there are hidden rows of bathroom stalls.

The Swan Hotel At Walt Disney World Resort

If you are out at the Boardwalk to eat and enjoy some night life but find that nature is calling, it is worth it to check out the bathrooms at the Swan.

If you are coming from the Boardwalk, cross the bridge and turn to your left to enter. Veer right at the coffee bar and down the hallway towards the sushi restaurant.

The bathrooms are across the hall from the sushi restaurant and The Garden Grove. They are clean, well-kept and cool. They are also a little more private should that be a consideration.

The Grand Floridian has some nice bathrooms.
The Grand Floridian has some nice bathrooms. | Source

The Grand Floridian Hotel at Walt Disney World

If you are touring the resort hotels (as people tend to do, especially during the holidays) then check out the bathroom on the second floor of The Grand Floridian, near Citrico's and Victoria and Albert's.

These bathrooms are fancy, clean and also usually quieter and more private. If you are exiting off of the monorail just stay on the 2nd floor and head over there. Go into the entrance like you are going to Citrico's and the bathroom will be on your left before you get to the check-in desk.

EPCOT Entrance Gate

If you've taken the long monorail ride or traipsed through the long parking lot at EPCOT, you may be looking for some facilities after you have entered the gate. If you are, veer towards your left when you enter the park and are going under Spaceship Earth.

While there are bathrooms on both sides, most people entering go to their right. Going to your left will allow you to get to the bathroom faster and get on with your day of fun.

Just look for the bathroom entrance on your left as you are walking toward the main park.

Not all rest rooms are created equal at EPCOT.
Not all rest rooms are created equal at EPCOT. | Source

EPCOT Odyssey Center

The bathrooms near Test Track and Mission Space are super small and always crowded. Skip those and head over to the Odyssey building (via the bridge near Test Track). This is also where the baby center for EPCOT is located.

The bathrooms are bigger and less crowded than the ones right across from Test Track but not too much further away.

EPCOT Great Britain Area

Once you are back in the World Showcase area you will be faced with small and crowded bathrooms. I've found that my best bet for a bathroom in that area are the ones at the Great Britain area near the red phone booths. These bathrooms are open and have more stalls then some of the bathrooms in the area. You should be in and out in no time.

Magic Kingdom Pinochio Village Haus

The Magic Kingdom also presents a bathroom challenge. One of the best places I've found is the bathrooms located behind the Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant behind the castle. If you are facing the restaurant, veer towards your right and the back (outside of the building) and you will see them there.

Dumbo's new area in Fantasyland has a nice big bathroom.
Dumbo's new area in Fantasyland has a nice big bathroom. | Source

Magic Kingdom Dumbo

In the newer part of Fantasyland, near the Dumbo ride and the Casey Jr's water attraction are some new bathrooms. Since these are newer they are bigger and nicer than other bathrooms at the Magic Kingdom. If you are in that area it is worth heading over there.

Magic Kingdom Space Mountain

The bathrooms at Space Mountain are also surprisingly uncrowded. If you are facing Space Mountain then veer towards your right. The bathrooms are large and usually a bit more private. They are so private in fact that a woman gave birth in one of the stalls in November of 1997 without anyone knowing and then left her baby there until she was found by someone else. (The baby, named Jasmine by the workers, was fine). (Source November 1997 Orlando Sentinel).

What do you hate the most about public restrooms in busy places?

See results

Hollywood Studios Stunt Show

The best and biggest bathrooms at Hollywood Studios can be found at the stunt show area. Unless there is a show getting out (which only happens a few times a day). These bathrooms are mostly empty, large and clean.

Hollywood Studios American Idol

If you are in the main area of Hollywood Studios, near the Chinese Theater, try the bathrooms to your left, behind the American Idol theater. They are kind of hidden in a recess (you have to take stairs down to get to them) and so many people miss them.

Look at the entrance to the stunt show for some big bathrooms.
Look at the entrance to the stunt show for some big bathrooms. | Source

Animal Kingdom Finding Nemo Show

The least crowded bathrooms at Animal Kingdom are at the Finding Nemo Show. Unless a show is getting out, you'll find these bathrooms mostly uncrowded. If you are facing the building then look to your right to locate the bathrooms down and around the building.

All Bathrooms Not Created Equal

All bathrooms are not created equal at Walt Disney World and sometimes people wait in a line for no reason. Knowing where the biggest or better bathrooms are at the Walt Disney World Resort may make a more pleasant experience during your trip.

Where are your favorite bathrooms at Walt Disney World resort? Just scroll down to leave your comments!


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