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Ultrasonic Parts Washer for Gun Cleaning

Updated on November 22, 2010

Ultrasonic Tank

Gun Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning your favorite firearm can be quite a process when attempting to do it with just rods and cloths. Getting to those hard to reach surfaces can be accomplished in an ultrasonic style bath.

How does it work? Think of it in relation to your stereo sound system. You have a receiver that generates the energy to your speakers, which transforms the energy into sound.

Ultrasonic cleaning involves an immersion tank of cleaning solution, usually water with a surfactant to aid in removal of oil and contaminates that are coated on various surfaces. The solution is usually heated to improve cleaning action.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems use high-frequency sound created by a generator. This energy is transferred to transducers that in turn transfer it to the cleaning tank solution. This causes the molecules of water to expand until they implode. This happens many times per second. These implosions provides a mechanical cleaning action on every surface that the water touches.

When this happens every crevice or blind hole will be scrubbed with the aqueous cleaning solution. This is the ultimate in total cleaning of all the parts of the gun. It removes any oils from handling and powder residue inside firing surfaces. Gripping surfaces on handles  are scrubbed in the grooves as well as interiors of barrels and chambers.

Once your guns are cleaned in this manor you will want to dry them.  This should be followed by the coating of all surfaces with a preservation oil to prevent rusting.

Ultrasonic also cleans automotive transmission valve bodies and fuel injectors and other small parts with hard to reach surfaces. To view various types of cleaning equipment, please visit our website.


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