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Best Diet Habbits for Building Muscle

Updated on January 28, 2014

The human body is amazing. With the proper workout routine, most of us can add pounds of muscle in just weeks. The topic of diet is essential to this endeavor. Eating the wrong things and taxing the body's internal organs will not help with the building of visible muscle. In fact, eating and drinking the wrong things can be the biggest enemy to anyone desiring to put on some extra muscle. If you have the discipline to stick to a good nutrition regime and have the resources to get the right foods for your body, it is possible that you will accelerate your muscle gaining results by up to 80%. It all depends on whether you know your body or not and if you understand energy and the building blocks of muscle.

It is possible that tiring yourself out will leave you no energy for working out in the gym. If your weight resistance training or other muscle building strategy does not include proper refueling, you'll suffer from exhaustion and require more rest than you should. The first thing you must be aware of is your energy level. This is closely linked with your blood sugar and the proper minerals required for metabolizing nutrients that you ingest. If you have a good sense of what foods affect you negatively and what foods provide natural energy, you're half way there. The standard advice about limiting carbs and supplementing with balanced proteins still applies. What most don't know is that each body is special. For some, lots of fruit is ok, for others, fruit will put them to sleep. You don't even have to be diabetic. Some are slightly allergic to tropical fruits or certain proteins. These are common, everyday foods that can cause problems.

So, the key is to know your own body. Following the standard advice about cutting out processed foods and foods high in sugar is a good plan. But, zero in and focus on the right foods in the right quantities that help you keep you consistent workouts and keep your energy at a high level. If you're missing workouts because you feel exhausted, it's time to look at your food log and see what you ate. Most people that live in developed countries have the option to eat anything they want. It is this diversity that can wreak havoc on your system. We weren't designed to eat just anything that tastes good. Our bodies have been on limited diets for centuries on end. This huge buffet of choices is one of the key things causing obesity nowadays.

So, pay attention to the foods that affect your energy level and make you feel not quite right. Stay away from artificial simulation even when it comes from a natural source like coffee or an energy bar. Your energy and alertness should be natural. You should be able to rise out of bed in the morning without fatigue and keep up your exercise routine without getting overly exhausted. Forget the fancy latest supplements and eat with reason. Take basic supplements and eat a balanced diet that works for you and you'll be flexing those new muscles before you know it.


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    • dwelburn profile image

      David 5 years ago from Chesterfield, UK

      Yes, it's important to realise we are all different and respond in different ways, both to foods and to exercise. Some gain well with lots of protein, but for others taking huge amounts of protein makes little difference. Some can eat carbs and stay lean, but for most a reduction in carbs is necessary to get and stay lean. Some good points to consider here.