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Best Diet Tips for Vegetarians to Gain Serious Muscle Mass

Updated on March 22, 2012

If you are a vegetarian and looking forward to gain serious muscle mass, then you can go for a weight gainer and a protein supplement. Best suggestions are Mega Mass-5000, Guess by Weider, and whey protein from Optimum. For your regular veggie diet, use a mix grain chapatti in all your meals, whenever you consume chapattis. This means, get wheat, wheat bran, oats, all pulses including kidney beans, soya beans, chickpea, pearl millet, and other grains you can think of grinded together. The idea is to include wheat as 40% and rest 60%.


Below you can find the best diet tips for vegetarians to gain serious muscle mass:

  1. In the morning, start with one to two glasses of carrot juice.
  2. In breakfast, mix grain and chapattis (with cheese optional), milk with optimum whey, 4 bananas with honey, dry fruits, and dates.
  3. For midday snack, drink protein shake-milk plus little cream plus 1 banana plus Mega Mass plus honey and dates (optional).
  4. For Lunch, have curd, cheese, mix grain chapatti, little white butter
  5. For mid afternoon snack, another protein shake (as stated above).
  6. For evening, eat sweet potatoes, mix grain bread with milk cream.
  7. For dinner, cheese, mix vegetables, and mix grain chapatti.
  8. Before sleeping, optimum whey with plain water.
  9. Drink Glucone-D or any other energy drink like Gatorade during bodybuilding workouts.
  10. The quantity you intake in each meal should be according to your digestive capacity. To increase digestion, you can lie down straight after your meals for some time (minimum 10 minutes) and place your legs on a higher surface (like, lie down on a mat and keep you legs on bed or sofa). Vegetarian meals get digested quickly compared to nonvegetarian meals.
  11. Ideally, you should be taking a supplement drink as a post/pre-workout drink also. Muscles need protein the most after an intense session of bodybuilding workout Whey is digested quickly and has the perfect balance of amino acids. Hence it is preferred.
  12. Beside this, you can have a supplement 1 to 2 more time(s) before going to bed preferably. Standard international supplements do not have any side effects but the local supplements do have side effects.
  13. About creatine, it is an amino acid derivative that is usually found in red meat. Creatine readily provides energy to muscles during an intense bodybuilding workout. Therefore, it increases your overall strength and stamina. There are other qualities of creatine like it aids in protein digestion and buffers lactic acid buildup. These things vary from person to person. Creatine is an effective supplement but not a necessary one especially if you are a vegetarian. To know more about creatine, read this, All About Creatine

With regards to your bodybuilding workout, only machine training is not very appreciable since you can neither isolate a body part, nor change angle, nor you can know which side of yours is putting more effort. To gain weight, train heavy with barbells at a proper gym under the supervision of an experienced coach. Multi station gyms are only meant for toning.


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