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Fish Finder Reviews 2016

Updated on November 23, 2015

Randomly fishing, with your boat, often results in disappointment. Adding a fish finder to the mix can greatly increase the chances of having a successful day's fishing.

In fish finder reviews 2016 I will look at the features you should consider when buying a fish finder and then I will shortly review 4 of my top fish finder picks for 2016.

Points to keep in mind when buying a fish finder:

  • Power: The power of a fish finder determines it's range. 100 watts will reach up to 600 feet and a 500 watt model can reach up to 1500 feet, in fresh water. Range is reduced in salt water so you might consider a more powerful product, if you are fishing in the ocean.
  • GPS: GPS functionality allows you to mark good fishing spots, which you can then easily find again. Some fishermen don't think this feature is critical, but it makes a big difference to me.
  • Transducer: This is the device that sends out a cone shaped beam to detect fish. A transducer can use a wide or narrow beam. With the narrow beam you can detect fish further, but in a narrower cone. The broad beam has a wider cone, but with less range. A dual beam transducer puts out both a narrow and a broad beam.

Top rated fish finder 2016
Top rated fish finder 2016

Garmin Fishfinder 400C with Dual Beam Transducer

This unit works in both freshwater and saltwater and uses a super bright high resolution 10cm display.

Adaptability to either fresh or saltwater is provided by the choice of dual beam or dual frequency transducers. The four hundred Watt RMS double beam version of the Garmin fishfinder 400C gives you a pretty wide fish finding cone at depths of up to 900 feet.

Due to its CANet compatibility, sonar information can be shared with plotters located elsewhere on you boat.

The Garmin Fishfinder 400C is a very clear and easy to install fish finder with a very bright screen, it still shows a lot of detail at 22mph. As the menu and send up are not intuitive you need the solar and transducer menus to change the default settings. The strong selling point on this unit is definitely the detailed bright and easy to read screen.

Best wrist fish finder 2016
Best wrist fish finder 2016

Humminbird Smartcast Wrist Mount

The Humminbird is a budget fish finder, suitable for use by amateur fishermen on a small boat or canoe. You shouldn't expect the same kind of power or features you see with the other fish finders reviewed here.

The Smartcast can find fish and structure can be up to 100 feet in any direction of casting without piloting the boat to the actual location. The information is there with a quick glance to your wrist. There is a high visibility 11 ¼’’ diagonal display with 48V x 32H backlit pulse display. The Advanced Remote Sonar Sensor gives coverage of 2 x the water depth. Features; Sonar Coverage 90 degrees@-10db; water surface temperature and digital depth readout; Display powered by replaceable 1 Lithium 2450CR watch battery; 150 ft remote operating range; 120’ depth capability; One-Touch menu navigation; easily controls Fish ID+; depth range, fish alarm and sensitivity; Advanced RSS typically last s 500 hours in the water. Wet switch technology maximises battery life by shutting down ARSS when out of water. Humminbird has 30+ year experience backing all its products.

Eagle Cuda

This is a brand new fish finder delivering top performance, excellent resolution with GPS features a very competitive price. It’s packed with features such as: Sunlight viewable; 240V x 160H; 4’ film SuperTwist LCD; four level greyscale display works with the Advanced Fish ID and Fish Track to find and identify fish and structures.

The 200 kHz transducer gives results down to 600’. Hands free operation is provided by the patented ASP facility. GPS support incorporates built in lakes, rivers, US coastal waters and the Great Lakes. 1,000 way points can be stored with up to 100 retraceable plot trails. The sealed and waterproofed unit comes with a ‘full’ one year warranty.

Value for money is this unit's main selling point. It's performance is good and the marker feature works well for returning to previous finds- exceptionally accurate. Occasional loss of satellite signal occurs but not enough to be significant. Maps are basic but work well as does the sonar. The EAGLE-CUDA-350-Sonar-Fishfinder is the ideal device for the fisherman on a budget.

Best selling fish finder 2016
Best selling fish finder 2016

Garmin Fishfinder 140 with 4.7-Inch Display

The Garmin-Fishfinder-4-7-Inch-Dual-Beam-Transducer is fully featured Sonar with 4.7’’, 128 x 240 Display delivers maximum freshwater performance as little as 1’ deep.

The Garmin Fishfinder 140 has 240 vertical pixels on a four level greyscale display, which gives better separation and contrast than the competition. As with all the new Garmin fish finders the unit features Garmin's Ultrascroll technology which enables faster screen updates. With intuitive operation, the 140 has few buttons to confuse.

Clear information is provided quickly and new features allow you to see more fish in shallow waters. A power down back up saves settings when the unit is switched off.

Be warned that the automatic features don't work well if fine tuning is not set up right. The unit accuracy is exceptional not only under the boat but off the sides to.

Why not also read The Marble. I hope you enjoyed fish finder reviews 2016.


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