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Buy Best Saltwater Fishing Lures online

Updated on March 2, 2013

Gamefish fishing lures and sportfishing lures

can you believe the technology put into saltwater fishing lures
can you believe the technology put into saltwater fishing lures

The best fishing lures and teasers

 There are no doubt certain fishing lures which every avid fishermen should own wether it be a saltwater fishing lure or a freshwater fishing lure.

Most game fishermen will swear by certain lures in their pursuit of the infamous marlin, swordfish or even an estemed fight with the baracuda and dorado as a sport fish.

The same will apply to the persistent and patient freshwater fisherman who will spend hours around a brook or stream casting his favourite flyfishing lures or flys. The proof is really in the number of catches that these fishermen can show in both instances of saltwater and freshwater lure fishing.

Lets look at saltwater fishing lures first.The art of saltwater fishing lures is a combination of the realistic apperance of the lure likened to a baitfish or shoalfish being the staple diet of the sportfish you are aiming to target and a combination of the ability to re-create the movement of that baitfish with the saltwater fishing lures. These saltwater fishing lures will often take the form of drop shot jigging lures for deep water, whilst fishing with a straight up and down action off the bottom which entices large species to react to luminated color of the lures in a predatory manner. The other form of saltwater fishing lures is a towed variety off the back of the boat which will be more focused on light reflection and sounds. Both re-create sudden movement and in turn attracting the attention of the gamefish.

The freshwater fishing lures are more aimed at the re-creation and likeness to worms and insects which hover over the water. The insects will usually cause an airpocket to form on the surface of the water when they land or disturb the water surface.This is a clear signal to a freshwater predator of their arrival. The art is then to provide a visual appearance of exacting nature to these insects, whilst enabling the fishing action to create the pop of the water to signify the bubble on retrieval.This sparks the interest of the freshwater fish and should enable a take within a short amount of time given that the right insects are used for that geographical area.It is always good to sit for a while to notice the types of insects in the area. Berkley lures also produce a great likeness to worms and crustaceans which give off a smell.

Below are a variety of fishing lures which can be ordered online to complete your saltwater or freshwater fishing lure set. You can never be to prepared for a fishing trip.

Soft Saltwater Fishing Lures form Berkley


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