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Best Saltwater Fishing Reels by Daiwa

Updated on March 4, 2013

Best Fishing Reels

Best Fishing Reels

How would you describe the best fishing reel on the market?

Well, as an avid fishermen for many years, I have often asked a fishing mate how he would categorise his fishing tackle box in terms of his reels.

The most common answer is to have a durable reel the is not to heavy to fish from the beach, but can be used on a boat for those heavier catches should you decide to only have one multipurpose reel for trips and holidays or just have that favourite fishing reel that you wouldnt lend to your family let alone your best mate.

I got to say that my pride and favourite has to be my Daiwa Saltiga SA - Z6000 spinning reel that has conquered just about every shark and edible fish from the rocks and beach known to man.Still working on new species off the boat.

Know you wonder why I've chosen the good old trusty coffee grinder spinning reel as my favourite and not the multiplying reel as shown in the picture above.

Well as most fishermen know, its about the wind and surf conditions that determine wether or not you will catch fish and most importantly get your bait in the water when needed.So my answer is simple, I hate overwinds with a passion and more importantly I hate them in the wind.

So picture this.You have a spool ready with your line choice for any weather and water conditions for your coffee grinder type spinning reel and can switch it out with ease in a matter of seconds.Yes you can buy fishing reel parts online as well as entire spare spools if you like. However with a multiplying reel, this act is impossible. Makes sense doesn't it.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading.

Tight lines guys.


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      Bernard Booth 6 years ago

      Fishing is probably certainly the most fascinating interest you can imagine!