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Buy Best Fishing Rod Online - Graphite and Glass Fibre Professionally crafted fishing rods

Updated on January 8, 2010

The best fishing rods

Buying a new Fishing Rod?

 A little background on Fishing Rods

Some years ago, the average angler or fisherman owned their tried and tested selection of 3,2 to 3,5 meter glass fibre rod and a trusty Penn 49 Reel ,being one of the early American slow retrieval, multiplying gear reels.

This set of tackle was used for all types of shore fishing, including the art of spinning for Yellow Tail from ledges and rocky outcrops.

When boat fishing became popular, the beach fishermen took this very same set of tackle to sea and became  engrossed in the sport of spinning for a boat for Yellow Tail and Tuna.Although Yellow Fin Tuna of 50 kilograms and over were successfully landed on this rod and reel set-up with a bakelite spool and 200 yards of 30 pound breaking strain nylon, many stories were told of spools popping whilst anglers were fighting these big fish.

Nowadays, a staggering and often scientifically produced amount of tackle is available for the prospective buyer.

So the question arises,

 Do I Opt for Glass Fibre or Graphite?

Glass Fibre Fishing Rods vs Graphite Fishing Rods

The application that you will use your fishing rod for, is one of the important factors to consider, as flexibility of the best fishing rod is key in being able to leverage any large fish from either land or a boat.

Glass fibre (fibreglass) fishing rods of today face stiff competition from graphite (carbon fibre), which offer several advantages over fibreglass, depending on the grade of graphite used in the manufacturing process.Naturally the better the quality of graphite, the greater the advantages and the more expensive the fishing rod. This makes the best fishing rod what it is.

Graphite fishing rods are not only 25% to 33% thinner walled and therfore lighter than fibregalss fishing rods, but they are also four times stronger.When flexed as when fighting a fish, a graphite fishing rod will return to its original shape quicker than that of a fibreglass fishing rod, enabling the angler to wind in vital lenghts of line when pumping a large gamefish.

Similarily, the loading up, or bending of a graphite fishing rod when making a long cast, and it's quich return to it's straight shape, accelerate the propulsion of the sinker, enabling a much longer cast into deeper water.

The light construction of a graphite rod, irrespective of its length, make it more sensitive to a fish's movements and also less tiring on the angler to use.

The best graphite fishing rod is however, more brittle and less resistant to bumps and knocks than a glass fibre fishing rod and thus requires more care when transporting. It is also a potentially lethal conductor of electricity and is not recommended to be fished during storms.

Hybrid rods are now available as a combination of glass fibre and graphite and are viewed as being stronger from the glass fibre and lighter and more sensitive to fish movement from the graphite being an excellent all round multi purpose fishing rod.For some anglers, this is the best fishing rod in terms of price and durability.

So what is the best fishing rod?

The best fishing rod would be,

that for which its purpose is intended, being shore or from a boat, and being either strong for leverage from the beach or for the overhead technique having strength and lightness to prevent tiredness when fishing long battles from a boat as the depth of the water will prevent obtaining leverage over the fish unlike that of pulling a fish to land when the fish has little depth to work with.

So in conclusion, the best fishing rod for the beach would be a strong glass fibre rod with minimal flexibility and the best fishing rod for a boat would have more flexibility from graphite as the fish will dive down and the angle of the fishing rod allows greater leverage and is lighter to work with in pumping the fish up from the depths.

Do you have a good fishing story to tell.Tell us here.

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    • Stoneriver profile image


      7 years ago

      I tend to agree that a combination of glass fibre and graphite make the best rods for my fishing.


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