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Best American Football Trick Play

Updated on March 3, 2014

Best Football Trick Play

Football season has me wondering today, what is the best football trick play? I mean there all kinds of die hard fans out there that love the game of football. Sure, on sides kicks, half-back passes, reverses are all kind of tricky plays that are exciting and can change the course of a game quickly. But what about other unusual plays that are out of the norm yet still completely legal under the rules. What are some of these plays that have captured or attention and even "gone viral" on the internet?

We'll start things off below with perhaps one of the most popular tricks plays on the web with an amazing 14 million plus views at the time if this writing. This play by Driskoll Middle School of Texas is really something. It shows the QB hold his hands out and look over at his coach, It is not clear what he says. He then says something to the center who then hands the QB the ball while all line,an stay still. The QB then appears to be pretending to be taking large steps to mark off some yardage.The defense just stands there and watches wondering what the heck is going on. After about Five paces marked off, the QB then takes off running and a lone defensive back wises up and decides to give chase. The QB does a little zig zagging and makes it to the end zone for the touchdown the amazement of the crowd,

Driskoll Middle School Trick Play

Wrong Ball Trick Play

Moving on in our quest to find the best football trick play, this one has got to be included. It's the wrong ball play that's been around for a long time. The offense is lined up and ready to snap the ball when the center yells that it is the wrong ball. He hands the ball to the QB in the same side snap fashion the we saw in the above Driskoll trick play. The QB walks to the sideline as the coach holds the "right ball" in the air ready to give it to the QB. In reality the QB is in motion and takes off running with the other team caught off guard.

Wrong Ball Play

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Another Wrong Ball Play

No Look TD Pass Trick Play

This was the first time I had ever seen this play. The QB below sends a man in motion and fakes the hand off. The tight end goes into the end zone right in front of the QB. The QB then throws the ball over his head with his body turned the opposite way from the end zone. It is essentially a no look, over the head pass. Just a crazy play that works.

Over the head no look trick play

Fake Punt Trick Play

The fake punt is a very important part off most any team's play book. It usually catches the other team off guard and is a big exciting play when a team successfully executes the play. In this video, this team figures out to continually fool other teams with their well executed fake punt play. It's hard to tell exactly what they do here but the ball is well hidden and the punter pretends that the ball is snapped over his head. It is not and the ball appears on in blockers hands and the race is on. See if you can figure out exactly what they do here.

Fake Punt Trick Play

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      James 5 years ago

      I used thease plays an that where a epic fail

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