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Best Footy Apps

Updated on November 19, 2013

Despite the world's favorite sport, finding quality apps to fulfill your footy needs can be hard. The official EPL and UEFA apps have been disappointing and broadcaster's BBC and ESPN's haven't been much better. Here is a list of the best footy apps on the App Store and Google Play markets.


Futbol24 (Android, Apple, Amazon, Windows)

Price: Free

Ratings: App Store: 5 stars - Google Play: 4.6 stars - Amazon: Unrated - Windows Store: 4.5 stars

Summary: Futbol24 is a app created by the creators of the website Futbol24. It features live scores, standings and schedules from most of the leagues in the world, including a lot of obscure ones. It also has push notifications for goals and events through out most games.


  • Great league coverage: Futbol 24 has live updates from every league from the EPL to Kazakhstan's Super League. I use it to update me on Real Oviedo, who plays in the Spanish 3rd division, and it updates almost instantly.
  • Super fast: Futbol24 delivers scores faster than any other app without a doubt.


  • Push notifications: The app's push notifications are unreliable and don't always work.
  • Navigation: It is tough to navigate the app when you are first using it.

Review: Futbol24 is a amazing app, once you figure out how to use it. It's pretty straight forward to check scores and standings, but it's difficult to set push notifications and to edit what you get notifications for. That being said, if you support a lower-league or 'obscure' team, this app is the best on the market with ridiculously fast updates for male and female soccer.


The Football App (Android, Apple, Amazon, Blackberry, Windows)

Price: Free

Ratings: App Store: 5 stars - Google Play: 4.5 stars - Amazon: 5 stars - Blackberry: 4 stars - Windows: 4 stars

Summary: The Football App is one of the most well established apps in the world. It offers all of the major leagues and a few of the lesser known leagues. It also includes match lineups, stats and chats along with news and videos.


  • Match Features: For the major leagues, The Football App offers live commentary along with stats and lineups. You can also chat with fellow fans, something that is unique to The Football App.
  • Well-Designed: The Football App has a beautiful interface with easy navigation. It was clearly designed with practicality in mind.


  • Lesser-Known Leagues: For little known leagues, and even the Football League, it takes a while for the scores to update.

Review: If you support a major team, this is without a doubt the best app on the market. The features and design of the app are the incredible and easy to use. The news is accurate and up-to-date and the videos are entertaining. This is a must-install app.


FourFourTwo Stats Zone (Apple)

Price: Free

Ratings: Apple - 4.5 stars

Summary: FourFourTwo's Stat Zone app is a powerful app featuring live match stats and analysis for the major (and only major) games. It won 3 AOP Digital Publishing Awards and won app of the year at the PPA Digital Publishing Awards. It is powered by sports data company Opta.


  • Comprehensive Data: The app is like no other as it shows every pass, touch and tackle as it happens. It also includes player maps marking every player's movement on the pitch.
  • Quality Blog: FourFourTwo's Stat Zone Blog is entertaining and informative and is included in the app.


  • Minimal Leagues: Stat Zone only includes 7 leagues, the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, the A-League (Australia) and the UEFA Champions League. It occasionally doesn't offer coverage for unimportant matches in the A-League and La Liga.
  • Occasionally Bugs: The app has seen some bug issues since iOS 5 came out, but it seems to have been fixed with recent updates.

Review: As a stat geek, this app is one of the most amazing apps on the App Store. It is ridiculously comprehensive and up-to-date. I personally love the Stat Zone Blog as its one of the best sport blogs out there. It is more than worthy of its awards, and as it grows as an app it can only get better. Unfortunately, this app is only available on Apple devices, but rumor is that it will be on the Google Play store in the coming months.

Have A Different App?

Have a different app that you love? Comment it and I'll download it and perhaps add it to the list!


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