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Best Golf Driver 2016

Updated on October 30, 2015

There are many options when it comes to selecting a golf driver. They differ in shape, color, size, brand and weight. So how do you pick the right one? The main factors in picking a driver is power and control. Decide how much control you need and get the driver that will give you the most power, while allowing you enough control.

Even with a more forgiving fairway driver, you will need a lot of practice to perfect your swing. Once you do master a good driver, the confidence you gain will help push your game to a higher level.

We have selected some of the top rated, new drivers for you to look at in best golf drivers 2016.

Best golf driver of 2016
Best golf driver of 2016

Adams Golf Speedline Fast 10 Driver

With this driver, Adams have focused on the aerodynamics of the club head. The result is an increase in distance and speed due to a larger sweet spot on the face. The changes in the curvature of the head give me less drag on the ball, resulting in a slight yet obvious increase in my length.

The increase in the speed of the head is also supposed to give you more distance. But I find that it does not lessen control over the club through the swing. The face is also quite forgiving which is useful for the weekend golfer.

The club itself is actually forged instead of cast, which for some helps in increasing the feel they get from it.

If you are looking for a driver that can give you that little bit extra this could be the one for you.

NIKE SQ Machspeed Driver

Nike say that the design of this driver gives you better aerodynamics right through your swing. When I used the club the swing did feel smoother and more natural.

They have moved weight to the corners of the club giving more stability. I find this important as it can increase the accuracy which you need with more distance.

I love how you can alter the face angle with eight options. It means if I do not feel right with one I can go through them until I am hitting the golf ball sweetly.

I enjoy the tapered heel that comes with this driver. This helps in lifting the ball quicker and makes the air smoother, resulting in faster club head speed. The larger club head means more drag but the aerodynamics are designed to reduce drag during the swing.

You should find that with this club your ball will just explode off the face.

Best selling golf driver 2016
Best selling golf driver 2016

Callaway Diablo Edge 11.0 Driver

Callaway have designed this driver in a way that the weight is reduced. This gives you a more stable shot and connection. The actual weight has come from the shaft and has been moved to the back of the head. It leads to a slight draw bias, that can help with straightening some shots.

The aerodynamics work well on the swing by cutting down drag. This results in being able to strike the ball faster, therefore delivering more power and distance. The shaft gives you a good feel to the connection allowing you confidence in your swing.

The shape of the face appears to have an ability to straighten up your stroke, especially those off center. This also gives confidence and makes you relax more and generate more power.

Callaway X Hybrid

The main thing about this driver is the sole of the club head. It brushes against the ground giving you a much smoother connection. With less friction it gives more control at the last moment and helps to straighten out the drive. It also gives you a lower edge meaning the ball lifts earlier.

The weighting is evenly distributed giving you more stability. The center of gravity is also optimized which helps in straightening out your shots.

The X Hybrid also has new technology in the variable face giving you greater speed on contact resulting in more distance on your shots.

This hybrid club is ideal for most golfers due to its flexibility in shots.

Titleist 909 D3 Driver 9.5 Right Hand

The Titleist driver still holds the shape you associate with the club. It has a deeper face giving you a better trajectory and less spin. This is good for my driving as the ball can be hit straighter and truer.

I enjoy how the sole of the club has optimized pockets, that reduce vibration. This is from an internal rib. It gives a much better feel to the end of the swing and a smoother connection.

The Titleist 909 also feels more forgiving on the slightly wayward shots and due to the less spin can give you better fairway accuracy. It is however a better club for those who are more consistent in their ball striking. You can then take advantage of how it can work a ball.

One thing for the weekend golfer is the 909 can take some distance off a mis-hit shot. But if it helps in correcting to a more true line, it is worth losing a little bit of distance.

I hope you like our pick in Best golf driver 2016 . You should also check out best putters 2016 and best hybrid golf clubs 2016.


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    • Myrtle Beach Golf profile image

      Myrtle Beach Golf 

      6 years ago from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

      I've always favored Titleist drivers. good hub!

    • nykesha-alexandra profile image


      7 years ago from Purok Manchester

      How I wish I can have this kind of driver... Its great! But i can't afford for the price... Nice one.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm a Taylor Made Burner guy but my son who is a very good golfer has used nothing but Titleist. It is a matter of how a club feels to you. Your hub is right on regarding power and control. Different drivers will appeal to different golfers.

    • fdoleac profile image


      8 years ago from Hollis, New Hampshire

      I feel that the look of club as you address the ball effects your confidence in hitting it. The shaft is just as important.

    • caretakerray profile image

      Ray Van Hoff 

      8 years ago from Michigan U.S.A.


      Clever hub! I'm not much of a golfer myself but this Hub was very through!

      I especially like the way you gave comparisons.

      thanx caretakerray :)


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