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Best Fishing Guides - Santee Cooper South Carolina Dewayne Proffit

Updated on October 14, 2011

Capt. Dewayne Proffit

Capt. Dewayne Proffit is on the water and ready to go catfishing!
Capt. Dewayne Proffit is on the water and ready to go catfishing!

Do You Want to Go Catfishing?

If you are considering a catfishing trip in South Carolina then you really need to check out Capt. Dewayne Proffit. He owns and operates Takin It Easy Guide Service and launches out of Goat Island, South Carolina. This is located near the town of Santee and a few miles East of I-95.

On Lake Marion, the larger of the two lakes that make up the Santee Cooper Reservoir, Capt. Dewayne will put you on the fish!

I highly recommend Capt. Dewayne and Takin it Easy Guide Service. Why you ask? He puts his money where his fishing skills are! He has a GUARANTEED FISHING POLICY. Your group will catch a fish or he will give you your money back. Now that says more than anything else.

Other guides talk about being the best guides but they don't guarantee fish? Hmmm?
In my book that just doesn't add up.

I can tell you personally that me and my friends have fished over 30 times with Capt. Dewayne and we love it. He has an easy going, great personality. He does great with kids if you have kids in your group. If you want to catch fish he's your guy.

He provides all the fishing equipment and bait for your fishing adventure, and not some old junkie rods, reels and equipment like I have seen other guides call "fishing equipment". He sets you up with good equipment so you can really catch FISH!

Price- bottom line, he could be the best kind in the country but if the rates are too high what good is it to you.

Good News- his catfishing trips are the most affordable fishing trip I have found on Santee Cooper. Sometimes he runs trips on Ebay. Look in the box below to see if he is running any auctions right now.

This is me Fishing with Capt. Dewayne

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What Another Fisherman Says About Capt. Dewayne


Sunday,3/29/09,10:21AM  The fishing could not have been better, Everyone down there was friendly and polite. Dewayne was by far the best...........You will see us again, Thanks more than words could say, Champ,Greg and Ben P.S. He's the cheapest and the best......

                                                                                       Uncle Champ from Attica Indiana


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    • Gone Fishin Club profile image

      Gone Fishin Club 6 years ago

      Hello Sandy, thanks for your comment, well it is quite funny timing as I fished with Dewayne yesterday and today. Yesterday was awesome!!! Today was a little slower but still some nice fish. I will be posting some of the pics on here next week when I get half a chance, if you want an awesome time with a great guide, he is the one to get.

      "Tight Lines and Squealin' Reels put a Smile on my face eveytime"

      Gary "Gone Fishin" Turner

    • sandy1973mypetdog profile image

      sandy1973mypetdog 6 years ago from the south

      Thanks for the hub, as a native South Carolinian, I love to go catfishing. My husband and I have been wanting to go catfishing at Santee with a guide for awhile now, so we will keep Capt. Proffit (interesting name by the way) in mind. We just love to go fishing. I have caught a prety good sized catfish at Santee before, but I know the guides will bring in the monsters for you. Thanks again for the hub.