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Best Gun Safe Review

Updated on June 27, 2016

With over 270 million people in the USA owning a gun, the concept of getting the best gun safe is quite a popular one because as a gun owner, the need for a gun safe cannot be over emphasized. The Best Gun Safe is one that does not just provide security but also facilitates quick access to your gun and offers maximum functionality. Owning firearms may not be one of the very important things in life but it is quite beneficial.

If you own firearms, then owning a vault where you would keep your revolver safe from unauthorized use is not an option. In this guide, we have provided vital data about the best and very effective gun vaults that you would find around. However, it is also important that you know what to expect from the best gun safe that you want to purchase and also the factors that should be considered when purchasing a gun safe. This is why before we discuss our recommended products, we would like to give you a brief analysis of the items you should pay attention to while looking for the best gun safe that would suit you.

The size of the best gun safe that you intend to buy is important. Therefore, it is vital that you put it into consideration. The first thing that you would want to consider is if the vault would fit the space that you intend to keep it in. While some people can get to keep their vaults anywhere, others prefer to have theirs out of sight, and in this regard, size is very important. You should have a clear mental picture of the width, length, and height of the safe that you intend to buy. Nobody would like to buy a safe only to discover that it does not fit in into the space that they want to put it in. I would suggest that you make the size you have in your head smaller if you are not sure as smaller safe would never go wrong, especially if you intend to store only one firearm. Bigger safe may not be able to fit in.

Also, you should take into consideration the depth of the handle and the bulkiness of the safe; a thin and heavy safe would need to be supported to the ground as these types of safe tend to slant when the door is open.

Another factor to be chiefly considered is the weight of the safe. Anything above 300 pounds would give burglars difficult time in lifting. A safe can be stolen by burglars who cannot gain access immediately. Vaults that have a below-300-pound weight should be anchored so that unauthorized carrying would be discouraged. Another thing that should be considered in this regard would be if you intend to carry safely about.

You would need to ask yourself what type of lock would be efficient. For large safe, any type of lock that is not biometric would is not advised. This is because since the safe is large, you would require more quick-access capabilities. This is not necessary for smaller safes, although it might prove all the more useful. Smaller safes do not require you to use both hands to open so your guns are normally rapid accessed.

You would also need to ask yourself of you want to deal with remembering codes or carrying keys about. For code combination safes, there is the risk of forgetting your code and this can be problematic. If you want to avoid these problems, then it is recommended that you stick with biometric safes. However, biometric safes are not as reliable as they are powered by bat tries that can run out. Although most biometric vaults come with backup keys that render the safe still usable even after the scanner is broken or the battery is drained, using key lock is not emergency friendly.

Storage Compartment
How many firearms do you need to protect? Are firearms the only items that you would be storing? The interior size of your vault is important. You would not want have spent money purchasing your ideal safe, spending time and energy only to find out that there is not enough room for you to store all the items that you need to store. You have to make sure that the vault you eventually settle down to purchase would have enough room for all the items that you wish to protect.

Fire or Water Proof
Most safes can protect against illegitimate human intervention, but when the intervention comes from nature, the safe quickly gives way. You would need to ask yourself if you are okay with this. There are many other safes that offer you the maximum security of your items so that they are still safe in water or fire.

Wall Thickness
Saves are meant to protect your valuable items from prying or burglary attempt. This would mean that the walls should be rock solid. Most safes are made from steel and have walls with varying amount of thickness.

Other things to consider:
Other than the above mentioned considerations for the best gun safe, there are others things that are of importance and should be noted. One of the other things you should look out for is the security rating – this goes a long way in determining the level provided by the safe. You should also try asking yourself what type of lock is best for your safe. The insulation type of your gun safe is also very necessary if the gun safe is expected to survive certain levels of fire outbreak. You want to go for the longest protection fire your budget can handle.
• Door Hinges
• Bolt work
• Comparison Table

Top Best Gun Safe Review
Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe
The Sentry Safe Biometric Pistol safe has one of the thickest steel walls which mean it would efficiently keep any full-size semi-automatic handgun safe. It is also portable and compact so that it easily fits into drawers for further safety. The biometric system that comes with this safe enables the easy to get multiple scans into the system. Here are some of its impressive features:

No Button Scanner
The Sentry Safe does not come with a button that initiates fingerprint scan, unlike other fingerprint scanning safes. There is a copper strip underneath the device that detects the warmth of finger and automatically starts the scanning process. This means that when using this safe, there is a lot of time that is saved. Also, this enables the device to be suitable for emergency situations as it initializes a one-hand method of operation leaving your other hand free to grab the gun. It is a quick-access safe, it is no wonder that it is considered one of the best gun safes.

Gun storage
This biometric safe will suitably contain one full sized handgun or two super compact pistols. This means that the system is adequate enough to keep your handguns away from your children and also enable you easily retrieve them whenever you need them.

Door Strut Powered By Gas
Instead of the conventional door system of gun safes which involves the use of handles to pull them out, the door of this safe offers silent and quick access to your guns. The strut is lifted and holds the safe door gas so that there I muted operation so that your hands are free to grab your weapon as soon as you need to.

Most other safes come with the sound alert when scanning fingerprints so that intruders are easily in the know when you are trying to reach for your handgun. This has been the main complaint about handgun safes. The Sentry Biometric Quick Access Safe comes with a silence mode that allows users to press keys silently without having to alert other people while giving out LED light.

Thick Steel
The best gun safe should come with thick walls. The Sentry Safe Biometric Safe does not lack in this regard. The walls of this safe are made from steel which makes it durable and reliable. Also, what makes this stand out is its 12’’ gauge steel walls. This thickness usually does not come with safes this size. This makes it harder to bend or break in because of the high resistance it has.

Pry Resistance
The hidden hinges that the safe comes with make it difficult to pry into. Also, the stiff opening feature of the device further supports this course so that your guns are kept well safe. California DOJ requires hidden hinges to be able to approve of a safe. Having said this, the sentry quick-access safe is very pry resistance and offers a platform to keep your weapons well secured.

This device offers four slots that you can use to scan your fingers. Although this is small compared to other safes that offer as high as 150 stores, the sentry safe allows one quick image to be taken, unlike other safes. You do not have to keep scanning as the system takes varieties of angles at once. This saves time and lets you reach your weapon in good time.

Highlighted Features
• Biometric Lock
• Compression Gas Strut
• Steel Construction
• One hand access
• Door is Pry-resistance

• Backup keys
• Batteries last up to 3 years
• Sturdy and reliable
• Accurate scanner

• No lid handle makes it not easily carried
• Buttons are not too sturdy

GunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe
This particular safe is designed to be mounted on walls or under desks so that your weapons are easily kept safe while being able to be easily reached. With its unique shape, it is easy to effectively use space as your handgun is kept in an upright position. This also enables the safe to be easily kept out of the sight of visitors while being reliable enough to be able to be easily accessed. Also, the cradle comes with a lined interior that protects your gun and keeps it away from scratches. The keypad on the lock-fitting is very strong as a personal lock code is required to open the lock. The keypad on the top of the safe makes this easy and well secured, offering 12 million possible combinations assess code. This means that chances of your code being guessed by somebody else are very minimal. The main essence of this vault is to keep your weapon out of the reach of your kids and intruders while providing quick access to them. Below are some the features that place into the category of best gun safes.

Safeguarded Access
After a 24 failed attempts to gain access, the system blocks access for a period of time. This period is two minutes during which it goes on sleep mode. An alarm would ring out if an unauthorized person tried to gain access during the period it is in sleep mode. This ensures the protection of your hand weapon from intruders or your children.

The GunVault SV 500 Vault uses a single 9V battery which is very much needed for the keypads to work. This battery, which beeps and blinks with an LED light when the device is losing power, lasts for 9months to one year. This means that they are quite durable and reliable when compared to other products.

The device also comes with two backup keys so that the safe can still be operated when the battery runs out of power.

Silent Operation
The mute button allows users enjoy a silent operation. Intruders would not be alerted while users attempt to reach for their weapons. Also, there is a detect function that lets users know when unauthorized persons try to gain access in your absence with a red glow. This further protects your weapon from your children.

Interior Lighting
In low-light situations, users can still gain quick access to their valuables as the safe provides interior lights.

Included in the package:
• Thumbscrews X5
• Wood Screws X4
• Mounting Bracket
• SpeedVault SV500 gun safe
• Emergency Backup Key

Highlighted Features
• Multiple mounting options
• Steel construction
• Digital keypads
• Low Battery warning with LED lights and audio
• Two backup keys

• Easy to Install
• It has two backup keys
• Interior lights
• Interior lights
• Sturdy
• Steel walls
• Reliable lock mechanism

• Unlocking can be noisy
• It is not fireproof or waterproof

BARSKA Biometric Safe
The Barska Biometric Safe is both cost effective and portable. It provides fast access and provides basic security for not just your handgun but for your valuables as well. This safe is very suitable for small firearm holders as getting to your firearm in time can be very important for the protection of yourself and your family. It uses a biometric fingerprint scanning system so that you do not need to worry about remembering codes or losing keys. This helps a great deal in emergency situations as trying to remember codes or fiddling with keys would surely waste time.
Below are some of its features:

Style and Design
The Barska Biometric safe which comes with a dimension of 16.5 x 7.75 x 14.5 inches and weighs 31 pounds comes with a very portable and compact design. It is a medium sized safe and can easily be stored out of the site of intruders or other persons who you do not want to know the whereabouts of your property. However, it has a large enough interior which can hold 2 full sizes and one small handgun with ammunition and still have space enough to put other valuable possessions including documents. The interior size is 16.25 in x 12in x 7in.

Easy to Set Up
The fingerprint scanner of this device is very easy to set up and does not require much to do. It allows you to input and store up to 30 fingerprint images into the scanner so that they can be multiple accesses. Because the scanner is quite picky, I recommend that you save two to three images of the same finger. This would reduce the time you have to spend, especially at those times when the scanner does not recognize the image of your print. All you are required to do to set up the scanner up is to place your finger on the pad during programming which includes that you continue to press the initializing button while your fingers are being scanned.

The device comes with a fingerprint pad which is powered by 4AA batteries that are packaged with the safe when purchased. These batteries would last for a long time- up to two years before they need replacement. In addition to the biometric fingerprint scanner, the device offers two backup keys in case the batteries should run out. These are important features of the best gun safe.

The Barska Safe is made of steel which provides for a very sturdy and reliable vault. Also, two motorized gauged steel bolts are used as hinges so that your firearm and/or valuables are kept safe.

For effective performance, I recommend that you keep the device clean. Use a clean piece of dry cloth to clean the scanner after every use. Also, it is important that you test for regular scans every 6 months and then observe for low battery. Usually, when the indicator flashes red, three beeps are heard and the door is shut, then it is a time the batteries are changed. Proper maintenance is required as even the best gun safe would not function properly if attention is not given to its maintenance.

Highlighted Features
• Steel Construction
• Fingerprint memory: 30
• Secondary access: 2 back-up keys
• Powered by 4 AA batteries which last Up to 2 years
• 31 pounds weight

• 30 scan image storage
• Multiple ways to open
• Portable and compact
• Sturdy
• Easy to Program
• Cost effective

• No rechargeable batteries
• Not fire or water proof

Verify S6000 Smart.Safe.
This is an FBI approved the biometric system. It is made of steel and has two bolts made of steel so that it has a strong locking system. It also offers easy access to your weapon or valuable possessions. It has enough space to accommodate more than one handgun, unlike other safes. It is, however, the reliable biometric system of this device that sets it apart for the other biometric safe. It uses the recent FBI 3D imaging sensor that allows it to create a highly detailed image of your finger. This system is used in various government institutions to prove its level of sophistication. This truly high-performance vault is considered by many to be one of the best gun safes as at the time of writing this, it has not gotten one negative review from customers.

Self-Diagnostic Test
Every time that the device is used, it runs a self-diagnostic test that lets you know if there is something wrong with it since its last use. This test is also automatically run even though it is not in use. The test alerts you if there is a problem with the LCD display. This makes maintenance easy and convenient, meaning the Verify S6000 is very reliable and durable. If you are going to get the best gun safe, then it should be able to reduce the task involved with maintenance while still being highly effective, right? Then, you can count on Verify S6000.

The interface the S6000 comes with allows you to be in control and provides for an easy-to-use biometric safe. It is easy to change settings; add and delete users and change privileges. It allows you to store up to 40 finger images and this can be done through the easy-to-navigate interface. The interface also lets you view your activities and events log. This means that you would be able to detect unauthorized access to the safe. This further protects your valuables and keeps them away from your kids or intruders. Security is one of the basic concepts behind of the manufacturers of this product so that it is regarded as one of the best gun safes.

FBI Approved Sensor
The device features FBI approved sensor which lets the scanner accurately log in your fingerprints. As defined in the FIPS-2O1 Standard, the fingerprint sensor. This system is reliable as you are sure that it would hardly go wrong. You do not need to remember codes or carry a bunch of keys everywhere you go, all you need is your finger.

Stealth mode
Stealth enough to elude the attention of intruders when you attempt to get your hand weapon, the Verify offers a very mute operation.

Highlighted Features
• Steel Construction
• Weighs 31 lbs
• Dimension 17.4″ x 16.1″ x 7.9″
• Biometric Style
• FBI approved sensor
• 40 images storage

• Emergency friendly
• Comes in with built-in tutorials
• Display shoes battery information
• USB compatible
• Sturdy and durable
• Easily mounted
• Backup key

• It is not water or fire proof
• No handle for portability

BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe
Yet another impressive piece of engineering by Barska, this one which is model AX11556 opens at the top and can easily fit into a drawer. This means that the AX11556 can easily be tucked away so that intruders do not set their eyes on it. Installing the device is quite easy especially since it comes with its own mounting kits. The interior bears enough room so that you can easily store your handgun and any other valued possession. Also, your small weapon can be stored easily so that grabbing it in emergency situations is not difficult. The print recognition is sophisticated so that you can easily rely on it not to fail.

Top Door Opening
What stands the AX11556 from other safes is the fact that it opens the top door. This has a lot of benefits for the user, first on the list is the fact that it makes your valuables easily accessed. You do not have to go through vigorous tasks of bringing out your firearm especially if it is mounted inside a drawer. This means that the top door opening enables the device to be emergency friendly, allowing you to easily reach out for your weapon without strain.

Another benefit of this door system is the convenience in retrieving your items. You do not have to bend or strain your neck as you are accessing directly from the top. This is a major advantage and makes this top opening biometric safe different from its competition.

Installing the X11556 is pretty easy and does not require much effort especially because it comes with pre-drilled holes. The top opening makes it easier all the more so that you can conveniently use long screws to mount. There is also added security because once the door is shut, there is no way any individual can move it away from the position you have mounted it.

With batteries that last for up to two years, this safe is sure to be reliable as well as durable. It comes with 4AA batteries that power the device. In the event of users still needing to use the device after the battery is exhausted or if the scanner does not function anymore, the manufacturers two backup keys that would enable you to use the safe.

Multiple Fingerprint Storage
The device lets you store up to 30 images which mean that you can easily store more angle shots of your fingerprint so that the scanner is more reliable. This would not only improve the performance of the vault but would also save time and help a great deal in the emergency environment. Also with this feature, you can easily store other people’s fingerprint so that they too can have access if it is required that they do. In the situation of family protection, for instance, you can grant access to other authorized family members so that they can easily reach your weapon when you are not home and they are in danger. With 30 image storage capacity, the database is well equipped.

Highlighted Features
• Weight: 21 lbs.
• 2 solid steel locking bolts
• Includes protective floor mat ensuring your guns are not scratched
• Dimensions: 14.75” x 11.25 x 5”,
• Inner Dimensions 14.5” x 11”x 2.5"
• Operates on 4-AA batteries

• Sturdy
• Protective interior
• Easily installed and programmed
• Large space interior
• Top door for easy access

• Fingerprint takes 3 sec to open
• It is both not fire and water proof

SentrySafe SFW123DSB
The Sentry Safe SFW123DSB is quite bulky weighing 90 pounds. While this could mean that it is not as portable as the previous vaults reviewed in this guide. This can, in turn, mean that you would not be able to change its position anytime you want to. This could be a good thing as burglars who would be frustrated because they cannot get access to the vault would want to carry the safe. However, it would not be possible for this type of vault. In addition to its bulkiness, mounting nuts help secure it to the ground so that unauthorized movement would be a difficult process.

The walls of the safe are incredibly tough with 1” thickness on all four sides. It also has combination locks along with heavy duty bolts that help secure your belongings. This safe is great for both home and office use and is sure to serve you for a long time.


The space that this device comes with is one of its impressive features. I was able to gather that it can easily take small guns and other valuable items including jewelry and various sized documents. It comes with adjustable shelves that can easily be manipulated to fit in larger items like electronics. This means that you can easily fit in your laptop into the safe without much strain. The compartment on the door also gives space for other items like jewelry and other stuff.

Built with thick walls that can resist burglars, fire, and water, the SFW123DSB comes with high-quality standard. It also features four-inch bolts that come to your items safely tucked away. It is ETL approved so you can be rest assured that if it does not have the combination code that you set, it cannot gain access.

This is not much needed as the safe is built to last you for a very long time. With its quality design and its high-end security strength, all you will be required to do is to regularly oil the bolts and locks to prevent friction.

Fire and Water Protection
This vault is approved Underwriters Laboratory and Edison Testing laboratories to be able to stand fire up to 900 degrees. It can provide protection from fire for one hour. It can also stay in the water for 24 hours without getting damaged. Also, the safe has been tested to survive drop tests up to 15 feet.

Highlighted Features
• Fire Safe
• Waterproof
• Pry-resistant
• Comes with bolt-down kit
• Steel construction

• Backup key
• Sturdy design
• Cost effective
• Both fire and water proof
• Space effective

• Requires that you remember combination code
• Heavy for its size
• Not easily accessed

Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe
The Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe is mainly designed for keeping small handguns safe. It is built to solve the problem of keeping guns safe and providing quick access to it when it is needed. It is used to store your single weapon and it is mostly placed in the desk drawer, even though it can be used anywhere. RFID emitter allows users to gain rapid access to their weapons so that in times of urgent need, you do not have a problem.

With 16 gauge steel walls, this device is built with high quality in mind. It has a smooth texture and attractive look as the coating is used on the walls. Although heavier than most safe of its size, this vault is quite easy to use. It weighs 16 pounds. When compared to the Gun Vault SV 500 which has 18 gauge steel walls and weighs only 7 pounds, the Hornady safe is very bulky. This deters its mobility for both authorized and unauthorized individuals.

The lid is heavy and is raised through gas strut so that convenience in reaching for your gun is further emphasized. I would recommend that you should be careful with the strut as it could get weaker within months or years depending on usage.

The interior is lined with padded foam that protects your firearm from scratches. There is a metal sleeve that is also lined with this padded foam. This metal sleeve holds your gun out so that it is easily retrieved. Although there is little room inside it, the device is capable of holding any full-sized pistol. One major disadvantage of this box is that it does not have room for other items even gun accessories like the magazine.

Highlighted Features
• Heavy duty construction
• Multiple access options
• Handgun is always safe and ready
• Weighs 16 lb.
• Dimension 15.5 x 9 x 3.5’’

The Hornady Safe provides enough security so that it safely passes the ASTM standards. This means that your pistol is adequately secured from your children. It is also proven to be theft resistance. Security is the main feature of gun vaults and the best gun safe should have its secondary features combine to improve the security of your items. Having said this, Hornady safe could be considered as truly one of the best gun safes that you would find in the firearm vault market.

• Rapid access to your gun’
• Padded interior for gun protection
• Sturdy construction

• Bulky
• Could be better secured

BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe
The Barska Mini Biometric Safe is very suitable for keeping valuables including weapons. With a very reliable scanner, you are certain that your items are not easily accessed. Its compact size makes the safe very space effective so that it can easily be mounted on walls or floors. It can also be installed behind cupboards as well. It is one of the smallest safe with the most reliable scanner so that you are not worried that the finger recognition system would every fail to recognize your print. The combination of its solid features: thick steel wall; pry resistant; 30 registered fingerprints truly makes it the best gun safe.

Registered Finger Prints
The Barska Mini Biometric Safe offers users the chance to register up to 30 fingerprints. This means that you can easily input the fingerprints often other people who you intend to give authorized access to your belongings. It is also recommended that you save multiple angles of your fingerprint so that the chances of the scanner not recognizing your prints are further reduced. This would not only save time but would make the system emergency friendly.

The process of installation should be paid attention, especially if you are considering purchasing the best gun safe. You do not want to spend hours arched over vaults when mounting. This device comes with pre-drilled holes so that installation is a walk in the park. Due to these holes, you can mount them either on the wall or floor. Also, its size makes it easy to mount all the more. With its compact size, installation is not a difficult process and you do not have to strain.

The system comes with 4AA battery that is reliable enough to last up to two years. However, if you want a more reliable battery, I would recommend Duracell. There is two backup key included so that the device is still very useable even though the battery is out or the scanner stops working. The keyhole is, however, not easy to get to. This plate would have to be unscrewed to get to the keyhole.

Even though the safe is quite small, it is large enough to fit in two small guns. The system which goes out with its alarm of the door is open for more than 3 seconds and is untouched, also has enough space to include other items like jewelry and documents. Programming your fingerprint is done on the inside so that if you intend to register in your finger print, you will be required first to open the safe with the backup key. This is done with convenience so that there is no discomfort whatsoever.

Highlighted Features
• Metal Construction
• Biometric Fingerprints
• Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 7.75 inches
• Interior Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.5 x 5.75 inches
• Fingerprint memory: 30
• Secondary access: 2 back-up keys
• Fireproof: No
• 4 AA batteries that last up to 2 years
• Weight: 15.8 pounds

• Stealth use
• Reliable
• Compact
• Quality construction

• Does not come with enough mounting instruction
• Not cost effective
• Not fire or water proof

Gunvault GV2000C-DLX Multi Vault Deluxe
The Gunvault GV2000C, just like every other vault considered to be the best gun safe, is designed to keep your pistol safe away from prying eyes a=while still keeping it close enough for you to be able to quickly reach it in moments of emergency. Comfortably big interior which is large enough to hold two handguns, the GV2000C has an electronic pad and springs which assist its opening.

Installation of this system only involves making holes for the bolts after marking where the holes would be and getting everything lined up. The device comes with a template so that mounting it on the surface is fairly easy and would take minimal time. Also, it can also be attached to a security cable. Although this method appears to be a lot easier than the former, it makes the device a lot movable. Intruders, because of its compact size may end up carrying it.

Just like most of other safe in the category of best gun safes, the Gunvault GV2000C uses 4AA batteries which power the keypads. You can register your codes by using the backup keys provided.

The GV2000C is a very sturdy safe built from steel. Its wall is 16-gauge steel. This means that the vault is heavy duty and cannot be easily bent. Its high strength mechanism makes it almost impossible to be pried into. Get quick access to your firearm due to the No-Eyes Keypad, and also maintenance is not a difficult process especially because the device allows you to be able to know the level of your battery.

Highlighted Features
• Exterior Dimension 8¼" x 10¼" x 14"
• Interior dimension 6" x 9" x 12¾"
• Weight 14 pounds
• Pry resistance
• Two shelves for adequate storage
• Quick Access improved by ‘No Eye’ keypad
• Access is blocked on a certain number of failed attempts for added security

• Compact Size
• Reliable and sturdy
• Foam lining to protect gun
• Blocks access after limited amount of failed attempts

• Not fire or water proof
• Once the safe goes off, the information stored on it goes off

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe
One of the features that make the Barska Large Biometric Safe stand out from the competition is its size. Its outer dimension is 14"x13"x19.75" while its inner dimension is 13.5"x9.5"x19.5". What this means is that the vault has enough space to store various items ranging firearms to valuables. It is well secured with three bolts and requires your fingerprint to be open. It is easy to notice that the fingerprint recognition is sophisticated and is very easily used. The interior of the safe has two shelves and enough space to even store electronics such laptops.

Registered Fingerprints
Another striking feature of this product is its ability to be able to accommodate up to 120 fingerprint images. This means that there is enough room for multiple users. This improves the versatility of the safe and makes it easily adaptable to home and office situations.

Although the device comes with its own mounting hardware which would make installation easier, it also comes with pre-drilled holes behind it and on the bottom so that you can easily mount it on the floor. Coupled with the size, mounting would limit its maneuverability so that frustrated burglars who would be inclined to move the whole system when they cannot gain access into the safe would be discouraged.

This vault comes with 4AA batteries which would last for several months like most other solid vaults that are considered to be the best gun safe. It, however, still features extra battery pack so that you can still run the system even though the initial batteries are drained. This is one of the features that makes this safe different from competitors.

Highlighted Features
• Steel Construction
• Exterior Dimensions: 14 x 13 x 19.75 inches
• Dimensions: 13.5 x 9.5 x 19.5 inches
• Fingerprint memory: 120
• Secondary access: 2 back-up keys
• 4 AA batteries up to 2 years
• Weight: 48.5 pounds

What it comes with:

• Barska Large Biometric Safe AX11650
• Protective floor mat
• External battery pack
• Hardware for mounting
• Removable shelves x2
• Faceplate access tool
• Emergency back-up keys x2

• Sturdy
• Spacious
• Extra battery pack
• Backup keys
• Multiple users

• Bulky
• Not fire or water proof

Final Verdict
The above best gun safe products are amongst the most effect ones available in the market. Most of these products suggested would be suitable for quick access. They are high quality and very durable. However, maintaining your safe is crucial as this would improve its durability. What is more is that to maintain your best gun safe is not a strenuous task? While paying attention to the maintenance of the best gun safe, you would be required to check the Battery level, clean the safe at least once a month, oil locking bolts at least once a year and if it is a lock combination safe, have the lock serviced once a year.

Purchasing a Gun safe is not as complicated as it sounds, although it is not a simple process. To get the perfectly safe, you would need to be observant. The basic idea is to compare your needs to your expectations. Would you need a vault that is both fire and waterproof? Would you require something large enough to contain electronics as well as your handguns? Some of the questions you might need to ask yourself when attempting to purchase for yourself the most suitable and best gun safe. Also, you should consider if you have children around that you would want to secure your guns away from and still be able to reach it in the case of emergency.


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