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Best Gun Safes Under $1,000: 4 Burglary & Fireproof Vault Reviews

Updated on December 29, 2014

Getting Good Firearms Storage Features For Under a Grand

Let’s get right to the point. I love my family, and my guns. And if you’re like me, you want to protect them both. That means two things: the most secure storage and the highest quality protection against all types of damage, theft and tampering.

Paying hundreds of dollars to protect and insure tens of thousands worth of firearms is smart, worthwhile insurance.

That’s why I’ve assembled this list and review of the best gun safes under $1,000: to help you find the right storage solutions for you and your collection. If you’re looking for solid recommendations on high quality security for your family, plus protection for your firearms and other valuables against theft, fire, water, and more, you’ve come the right place.

What Can You Get In A Good Gun & Rifle Locker For Less Than A Grand? Just About Anything.

The gun safes reviewed here offer the best protection available for under $1,000, anywhere in the world.

Each of these four is State of California DOJ, Bureau of Firearms 12088.2 compliant. Each is an “FB” or Fireproof/Burglary type safe, meaning they offer top-rated protection from high heat and fire, plus each has serious, heavy gauge, all-steel construction to protect against theft and tampering. Some of these rifle lockers even offer flood water and destructive fall protection, and interior power options. They all weigh hundreds of pounds yet are reasonably easy to assemble and secure to a floor.

Beyond security and protection, I have chosen these four rifle safes because they also have beautiful, versatile interiors with high quality upholstery liners to not only protect but also show off your firearms collection. They all offer various shelving configurations ranging from a single open space holding dozens of long guns to plenty of shelving & compartments for handguns, ammo, precious metals, important documents and anything else you might want to secure.

These four gun safes are simply the best of the best, all priced under $1,000. Let’s take a look at each of them individually so you can make the final, most important choice for the security of both your family and your collection.

Top Rifle Safes Under $1,000 - Mesa MBF 5922E Review

The Mesa MBF gun safe offers some of the best burglary and tamper proof protection available, not only at this price range, but at any price.

The body is constructed entirely of unitized 12 gauge steel and features an enormous 5⅛" thick solid steel door secured by no less than twelve 1½” chromed steel live locking bolts.

Weighing in at an impressive 551 lbs. and featuring four predrilled floor mounting holes, no one is going to be able to break into or steal this top rated gun locker. Ever. Its superior construction also has the amazing ability to withstand a two story drop: onto its corner: Check out the unbelievable video at the bottom of this review to see this for yourself.

Beyond its impressive security and construction features, the Mesa MBF5922E gun safe offers top notch fireproof protection for 60 minutes at 1750 F and is equipped with heat-activated expansion seals to block out heat and smoke.

The proprietary MSL-50 digital touch pad lock is finished in beautiful, classic brass and features two separate user code options, a low battery warning, and a wrong code penalty - the keypad will become dormant for fifteen minutes after three consecutive wrong entries. The lock also employs the added security of a drill resistant, hardened steel-plate backing and a punch activated spring-loaded re-locking device. The live action locking bolts are operated by the three spoke handle finished in the same classic brass as the keypad.

Mesa Interior


Mesa Safe Two-Story Drop Vid

The interior of the Mesa MBF is fully upholstered with soft grey carpet and comes standard with 3 configurations of adjustable shelving. With just the one full width shelf across the top, this rifle safe will hold up to 14 long guns, less (usually about eight) if they are equipped with optics. Or you can use the three included half shelves on one side of the vault for storage of other weapons and valuables and still fit up to seven rifles in the remaining half.

Lastly, the storage in this unit is flexible enough so you can arrange the shelves into four full-width shelves and turn this vault into complete storage for everything else besides long guns.

If you want to operate a dehumidifier, interior climate control, or other devices, one of the best features of the Mesa fireproof gun safe is its factory installed power bar which offers the most comprehensive power options available with 3 electrical sockets & 2 USB ports.


If interior power options for dehumidifiers and climate control coupled with serious - indestructible - theft, tamper, and fireproof protection are your priorities - at this price point - the Mesa is your best gun safe option.

Mesa MBF 5922E Specs:

  • Fire Rating: 60min at 1750 F
  • Water Rating: no
  • Interior Power: Yes
  • Capacity: 14 long guns
  • Locking Bolts: twelve 1.5” chrome steel
  • Exterior Dimensions: 59"h x 22"w x 20"d
  • Interior Dimensions: 55 3⁄8"h x 18w 1⁄4" x 13"d
  • Weight: 551 lbs.


Bluedot 2nd Amendment Review: One of the Largest Gun Safes Under $1,000

If you have a large and growing firearms collection where a rifle safe capacity of 12 or 14 rifles just isn’t going to cut it, Bluedot’s line of 2nd Amendment safes might be just what you’re looking for.

With its enormous size, weight, and capacity, this GS593625 gives you the best bang for your buck of any rifle vault under $1,000.

This monster not only has a huge 30 rifle capacity, but also a smart, versatile storage organizer on the inside of the door that has holsters for eight handguns and 5 huge zippered bags for ammo, knives and other gear.

Of all the top quality fireproof and burglary gun safes, this one has by far the largest interior dimensions being a full 32 1/4” wide and 20” deep. The versatile interior configuration is lined with plush grey carpet and comes with one full-width and three half-width shelves allowing for a full 30 gun cabinet configuration; or for half long guns and half shelving.

All 2nd Amendment gun safes have good fireproof ratings of 60 minutes at 1700 F and offer heat activated expanding seals to prevent any damage from heat and smoke.


The body and door are all 12 gauge steel construction and are interlocked by 5 fixed bolts on the hinge side, plus 9 live action bolts - 5 on the opening side and two each on the top and bottom - for a total of 14 high grade steel locking bolts.

The lock mechanism is a top-of-the-line UL listed “SecuRam” digital key-pad, electronic swing bolt actuator and is designed to a failure rate of less than 3/10s of 1% with a minimum of 2000 cycles tested. For added security, the lock is mounted over 5/16” proprietary drill-resistant hardened steel, plus the live bolt action system is equipped with an automatic, spring loaded, punch and drill activated re-locking device. These SecuRam locks provide the highest locking protection available on any gun safe, so know you’re getting the best the industry has to offer.

This Bluedot vault is finished in a handsome, scratch resistant black powder coat and comes with an impressive lifetime warranty. Lastly, the 2nd Amendment weighs in at a massive 650 lbs. Couple this with four pre-drilled floor mounts and your prized weapon cache is never going anywhere you don’t want it to go.


The Bluedot 2nd Amendment is by far the largest in its class. If your firearms collection is already large or is going to grow, the 2nd Amendment offers you the best combination of protection and storage of any gun safe priced less than $1,000.

Bluedot 2nd Amendment Specs:

  • Fire Rating: 60 min at 1700 F
  • Water Rating: no
  • Interior Power: no
  • Capacity: 30 long guns, 8 pistols, numerous magazines, knives
  • Locking Bolts: 14 chrome steel
  • Exterior Dimensions: 59 3/16"h x 36"w x 25"d
  • Interior Dimensions: 55 3/16"h x 32 1/4"w x 20"d
  • Weight: 650 lbs.


SnapSafe Titan Review: The Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under $1,000

If the highest fireproof and theft protection are your top gun safe concerns, the SnapSafe Titan is probably your most secure option.

With heat activated door seals that expand to block out heat, smoke and firefighting water, this Titan gun safe offers a best-in-class 60 minute fireproof protection rating against a very high heat of 2300 F, so you can be sure that no house fire is ever going to be hot enough to get to your collection.

For protection against burglary, the Titan is equipped with a sledgehammer and pry-bar resistant 3/16” steel door secured by eight, 3/4” chrome steel live locking bolts. It features proprietary "Non Breach Seal" deadbolt protection on the hinge side of the door. This effectively eliminates hinge prying or cutting and provides steel-behind-steel almost ½” thick. You simply CANNOT get the door off the frame by cutting the hinges when the door is closed. Beyond the door seal technology, the entire gun vault body is constructed of 7 gauge steel, by far the heaviest of any of the gun safes I’ve ever reviewed.

Snapsafe Titan Assembly Vid

The lock on this Titan is another high quality UL listed SecuRam digital keypad lock similar to the one featured in the Bluedot 2nd Amendment rifle locker review and is operated by an electronic swing bolt actuator that is designed to a same extremely low failure rate with a minimum of 2000 cycles tested.

Beyond the durability of the lock, a couple of additional security measures include an automatic locking feature - after the door is closed for six seconds - plus fail-proof battery operation. This means that the combination code is retained even when the battery is dead or removed - simply replace the battery on the back of the removable keypad and open the safe. For added security, it is even recommended by SnapSafe to remove the battery altogether and only attach it when you want access.

Snapsafe Titan Interior


Turning our attention to the inside, the Titan is lined with beautiful soft tan fabric and ships with your choice of two configurations. One is a full shelf across the top and a full gun rack designed to hold 12+ long-guns - or about eight if they are equipped with optics. The second option is a half rack and two additional half width shelves. There is also the option for additional full-width shelves if you are looking for more of a general vault instead of long-gun storage.

The exterior is a powder coated black finish with four pre-drilled floor mounting holes, and this Titan gun safe features a top-of-class lifetime warranty.


The SnapSafe Titan offers the strongest gauge steel construction, the highest fireproof protection rating, the highest quality lock, and a lifetime warranty. If security against theft and fire are your top priorities, at under $1,000, the Titan is a great option.

SnapSafe Titan Specs:

  • Fire Rating: 60 min at 2300 F
  • Water Rating: no
  • Interior Power: no
  • Capacity: 12 long guns, eight with optics
  • Locking Bolts: eight 3/4” chrome steel
  • Exterior Dimensions: 59"h x 22"w x 17 1/2" d
  • Interior Dimensions: 55 1/8"h x 17"w x 14 1/2"d
  • Weight: 388 lbs.


Stack-On Total Defense 28 Review: Rare Water Protection Available For Under $1,000

If you live on a river floodplain or a low lying coastal area subject to the odd hurricane, the Stack-On Total Defense 28, with its unique waterproofing feature, is going to be your best choice for gun safe storage and security.

With so many areas of this great land subject to river flood waters and hurricane storm surge, water protection is a serious concern and is one of those “top features” that is extremely rare in a gun safe priced under $1,000. When you have a collection of prized firearms stored in your basement, protection from flood waters is not something many people consider - but probably should.

The Defense 28 offers unparalleled, guaranteed waterproof protection against two feet of standing water for up to 72 hours, protection that is independently tested and verified by ETL Corp.

The Total Defense 28 gun safe also has top fireproof protection for up to 75 minutes at 1400 F, plenty long enough to outlast suppression of a typical house fire. It also employs a heat activated expanding seal to lock out heat, smoke and water.

Total Defense 28


On the burglary front, this vault comes with the standard all steel heavy gauge construction, plus offers serious break-in protection featuring a total of eight locking bolts operated by a 5 spoke handle on the front of the vault. There are three fixed dead bolts on the hinge side of the door plus 5, massive 1.5” live action tapered chromed steel locking bolts, three on the opening side and one at the top and bottom.

The proprietary electronic lock offers simple operation and easy replacement of the 9-volt battery via quick removal of the keypad providing access to the battery on back side. The keypad features a useful back light, a low battery warning light, and should the battery die or you forget your combination, this gun vault comes with a back-up key that can be inserted into a slot hidden behind the keypad. For further tamper-proofing, this gun locker is equipped with a drill-resistant, hardened steel baking plate behind the lock.

On the inside, this is the second area where the Total Defense 28 stands out from the others. Stack-On has patented barrel rests that won’t compress over time, and is the only gun safe brand I’ve reviewed that has stand-offs allowing scoped rifles to sit away from the wall without having them turned sideways - a huge space saver. Further, the interior is lined with attractive soft grey carpet and features a factory installed electrical outlet that allows you to power any climate control or dehumidifying devices you have.

Total Defense 28 Interior Door Organizer


Total Defense 28 Demo

On the inside of the door, the Total Defense ships with a factory installed door organizer offering smart, versatile storage for all kinds of firearms and valuables. This flexible organizer provides holsters for six pistols, 12 tube sockets for knives and magazines, plus five various sized zippered bags for other valuables. Best of all, each of these holsters and bags are velcro backed so you can arrange the them on the door in any configuration you see fit. Check out the video to the right to see just how useful and flexible this door organizer is.

The Defense 28 fireproof gun safe comes with three interior configurations. One offers room for 28 rifles and shotguns, one provides a 14 gun configuration with half of the unit for long guns and the other half with room for six adjustable shelves, and a third option offering complete, full-width shelving for secure storage of just about anything.


If you live anywhere on a river delta or the US coast from Texas to Maine, you know the destructive power of a flooding river or a hurricane storm surge, and the Stack-On Total Defense 28 is the only gun safe in this price range offering serious flood water protection. That protection, combined with top rated fire and burglary protection, the most versatile door storage organizer, and patented stand-off barrel rests, make this rifle locker a true best-of-the-best gun safe under $1,000 and my #1 pick in this review.

Stack-On Total Defense 28 Specs:

  • Fire Rating: 75 min at 1400 F
  • Water Rating: 72 hours in 2’ of standing water
  • Interior Power: Yes
  • Capacity: 28 long guns, 6 pistols, numerous magazines, knives
  • Locking Bolts: eight 1.5” chrome steel
  • Exterior Dimensions: 59"h x 29 1/4"w x 25 1/2"d
  • Interior Dimensions: 56 3/4"h x 26. 3/4"w x 19 1/4"d
  • Weight: 511 lbs.


Making The Right Choice In Firearms Storage & Security

There is no doubt about it, protecting both your firearms and your family is paramount - and any of these four top rated gun safes will do just that, and do it at a reasonable price.

Which is right for you and your collection? Well that depends on the specifics of your storage location, the size of your arsenal and the type of threats you might face. Take the time to analyze what risks you want to protect against and what your storage priorities are, and I’m confident one of these will be the security choice you’re looking for.

Now I want to hear from you. What are your priorities in a gun vault? Have you used any of these safes? Which features are you looking for?

You can share your comments in the section below. Thanks for reading.


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