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Best Hiking Boots 2016

Updated on November 8, 2015

If there is one thing that every enthusiastic hiker or backpacker needs, it's a good pair of walking boots. There really are many, very different products on the market, picking a suitable pair can be somewhat confusing. In best hiking boots 2016, I will discuss what to look for when buying hiking boots and then shortly review, some of the best-selling new models.

When buying hiking boots I recommend not being too price sensitive. Slightly more expensive boots may well pay for the extra cost many times over.

What to look for when you pick a pair:

  • The main considerations when buying hiking boots is the weight, comfort and durability. With improvements in the materials and designs, used in boot making, there are more products that do well in all 3 of these areas.
  • Products with deeper thread tends to give you better traction.
  • Boots that come above the ankle will help protect you from twisting your ankle.
  • There should be double stitching on most visible seems. This helps with durability.
  • There should be hooks for the laces above the feet, not holes.
  • The part that goes around your ankle should be thick and well padded, this will help with chafing.

Remember that you may be wearing thick socks with your boots and you may have some swelling of your feet. Therefor you might want to consider buying a size or half a size larger than you usually wear.

Vasque Men's Breeze GTX Hiking Boot

The Vasque Breeze XCR are light hiking boots, weighing only two pounds, nine ounces per pair. Don't be fooled though, this is a very rugged pair of hiking boots. The Breeze's design quality is high with their Nubuck leather panels and reinforced stitching.

The Breeze come in 2 forms: GTX and non-GTX. The GTX refers to a a Gore-Tex liner which makes the boots waterproof yet allows them to breathe. If you live in a hot climate it may be a little warm for you, then you should go with the non GTX model.

The boots have a stiff, plate-reinforced sole. The insole of the boot is also well-padded keeping you comfortable on off-road hikes.

In short the Vasque Breeze GTX is my pick as top hiking boot for 2016, because they are rugged, provide good support and excellent traction.

Top rated hiking boots 2016
Top rated hiking boots 2016
This picture gives you a closer look at the reinforced stitching, the waterproof leather panels and the waterproof breathable Gore-Tex material
This picture gives you a closer look at the reinforced stitching, the waterproof leather panels and the waterproof breathable Gore-Tex material

Hi-Tec Midland hiking boot

If price is a major consideration to you I would recommend the Midlands as a decent pair of affordable hiking boots. The Midlands are Suede boots, this makes them more comfortable, but slightly less durable than the leather alternatives.

The bottom outsole is made from durable carbon rubber MDT. The bottom sole, gives you fairly good traction. The Midlands comes in a waterproof and non waterproof version. The waterproof version has more Suede and less fabric. Still I would not recommend these boots for heavy water or snow use.

The metal bits are made from rust proof brass.

With these boots Hi-Tec lives up to their reputation for affordable, value products.

Best cheap hiking boots 2016
Best cheap hiking boots 2016

Asolo Stynger GTX Women's Boot

The problem with many women's boots are that they are men's boots that have been slightly adapted. Not so with the Asolo Stynger GTX, they have been made solely for women. This gives them a sleeker less manly appearance. Don't be fooled however the Asolo Stynger GTX are packed with the same features as most heavy duty hiking boots.

Weighing only 2lb 7oz for the pair, the Asolo Stynger lets you cover longer distances more easily. With it's Gore-Text liner these boots can keep your feet dry in difficult conditions. The lacing system keeps your feet stable, making for a safer hike.

These boots are best suited to feet with narrow heels and medium high arches. Owners of Asolo Styngers have reported short break-in periods and less blisters than with other products.

Best women's hiking boots 2016
Best women's hiking boots 2016

If you want to get the most out of your boots follow these boot care tips:

  1. Take a brush and some water and clean your boots after every hike.
  2. Remove your insole inserts to help the boots to dry after a hike.
  3. Store boots at room temperature.
  4. If your boots starts letting water in you can go to a shoe shops and have them do a waterproof treatment on the boots.

I hope you found best hiking boots 2016 informative.


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