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Best Horse Riding Bridles

Updated on November 11, 2010

In horse riding, communication between the rider and the horse is very important. One of the most important forms of contact is with the horses mouth - by way of horse riding bridles.

There are also other ways to control the horse. The natural ways to control a horse is through voice, using the seat,the leg and posture.  However many riders don't use 100% natural techniques and in any case - a bridle is still used in most if not all cases - albeit a bitless bridle. 

Since the bridle is controlling on one of the most sensitive parts of the horse, the mouth, a rider must consider finding one that fits his or her horse correctly. The rider must ensure that the horse is comfortable with the bridle it wears because an uncomfortable horse may misunderstand its rider’s commands and may be dangerous for both the horse and the rider. 

Black Flat Hunt Leather Snaffle Bridle w Laced Rein

For those who don’t know, the snaffle bridle is a common style, used in English riding. This bridle consists of a bit and a set of reins. It may sound like it only uses a snaffle bit but it will work with any other single rein bits - such as kimberwickes, gags or curbs. 

This classic styled product is made of 100% tough leather with an excellent attention to detail. It's complete with laced leather reins, which add to the look of the bridle. The bit, rings and buckles packaged with this bridle are rust free and safe for the horse. Plus, the material is flexible and very comfortable for the horse - and it's well oiled making it ready to use! This is a good quality bridle for every day use.

Black Flat Hunt Leather Snaffle Bridle w Laced Rein

Wintec Bridle

Wintec have devoted themselves to provide quality and convenient solutions to their clients by producing saddles and other horsing equipment using synthetic materials. They now produce a lightweight, durable and a weatherproof bridle that will last and last. Their bridle is made with a nylon webbing core and a sweat resistant outer skin, all of which won't strecth and lose their shape.

Stainless steel buckles are also included in this product. That adds to it's strength and makes it easier to work with. You don’t need to use oils or waxes to maintain the bridle, as you would with a leather one. This is a good quality synthetic bridle, perfectly suitable for those on a budget that are looking to purchase a well made bridle.

Silver Fox Padded Snaffle Bridle with super grip rein

If you are looking for a show bridle, then this is a good example. The Silver Fox Padded Snaffle Bridle is a show bridle that's made in a traditionally English design. The reins would never leave your hands because they're made with a super grip rubber cord which is designed with the latest technology.

Even if you have sweaty hands from the show or from your ride, losing your grip on the reins won't be a problem. Though it's perfect as a show bridle, you can also use this bridle for everyday use as leather is easily maintained. The product is supple and comes oiled and ready to put to work straight away. A nice bridle with an equally nice price tag.

Silver Fox Padded Snaffle Bridle with super grip rein

Western Weaver Leather Browband Bridle Set

Here is a little trivia for those who are new to the horse riding environment. What is the difference between an English bridle and a Western bridle? The answer is a noseband and, sometimes, the browbands. If you're looking for a western show bridle then this one will suit. This leather-made harness features a doubled and stitched browband, designedto be comfortable and robust.

It won't slacken off due to wear and tear and it comes with a five inch curb bit. The reins are a generous seven feet long and the whole look is thoroughly appealing to a western rider.This is a decent entry level western bridle and will be perfect for new riders looking to build up their horse's tack whilst getting started.

Miniature Horse or Small Pony Nylon Bridle

This is the best in-hand or riding bridle for a small horse or pony. This bridle is a beautiful double ply web bridle which is durable for ponies and for children learning to ride a horse. Its current style has one point adjustment and it comes with an eight foot long set of reins and a 3.5 inch snaffle bit.

It is made of durable material and the reins are perfect for those a child's small hands. What’s amazing about his bridle is that it comes in 16 bright colors, which includes this wonderfully vibrant pink. All children will love it. It's perfect for kids that are just learning how to ride horses. This is available in two sizes; Miniature Horse/Sm Pony or Pony size.

Miniature Horse or Small Pony Nylon Bridle


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