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Best Horse Riding Crops

Updated on November 9, 2010

Horse Riding gives you a sense of power and control. It lets you feel that you are on the top of the world, having control. Insecurities or fears subside and the only thing you’ll think about is moving forward. However, the rider needs to communicate with the horse before moving forward with it.

Using a horse riding crop is one way to communicate with the animal. Some other ways are by using the voice, legs and seat yet the crop is still a good alternative. The crop is never used for hurting the horse but rather to give directions or correct the posture of the horse. Excessive use of horse riding crops shows bad horsemanship thus a caring horseman (or woman) must know how and when to use the said accessory.

Horse Riding crops are usually made with a long shaft of fiberglass or a different material covered with leather or a leather-like covering. One end of the whip is thick and was formed to be the handle of the whip while on the other end is a thin, flexible tress used to signal the horse on what to do.

Below is a list of the most elegant and best quality horse riding crops on the market. Choose the horse riding crop that will surely fit your purpose.

Econo Riding Crop
Econo Riding Crop | Source

Econo Riding Crop

This very affordable horse riding crop comes with a secure grip, wrist loop and a nylon shaft that will fasten your crop on your wrist so that you’ll need not to worry on losing grip with it when riding a horse.

The main advantage of purchasing this crop is that it is very affordable yet still durable. With this purchase, you get more than your money’s worth. The tip is real leather - which apparently appeals to a certain type of person unrelated to horse riding as they like the leather tip.

Who knew? I certainly wish I didn't......

Exselle Striped Riding Crop
Exselle Striped Riding Crop | Source

Exselle Striped Riding Crop

Exselle is a brand of the Walsall Riding Saddle Company, a committed company that manufactures saddles in the West Midlands in the UK. They value the well being of the horse as much as they value their customers meaning they make horse riding saddles that are as comfortable for the horse as the rider. That is why they also had created horse riding crops that will aid the rider to communicate with the horse without hurting any one of them.

The Exselle Stripped Horse Riding Crop has a "bump-ly" wrapped grip making it slip resistant even when your hands are sweaty. It also has a reinforced wrist loops. Its designed with a colored striped shaft that gives an attractive look. And a leather flapper designed to communicate with the horse and not to hurt it.Silly low price of less than $7. Well worth the money.

Derby Original Riding Crop
Derby Original Riding Crop | Source

Derby Originals Riding Crop

Derby Originals is one of the leading companies that specialize on horse riding equipments. They create high quality English, Western and Australian equestrian accessories, apparel and equipment. You name it, they have it.

This quality made riding crop has its simple yet stylish design. It is available in different colors which you can choose from and its block end comes with a classy horse insignia which adds to that attractive equestrian look.

It is built with a sturdy handle and a wrist loop to secure the crop to never leave your hands. This is one of the most fashionable horse riding crops ever made. A classic.

Derby Original Riding Crop

Abetta Horse Riding Crop Pink-26"
Abetta Horse Riding Crop Pink-26" | Source

Abetta Horse Riding Crop

Abetta manufacture saddles and horse riding equipment that have vowed to themselves to give quality products for their customers as well as the horses. This horse riding crop features a tightly braided nylon over a solid fiberglass shaft.

These materials are flexible and very light thus it is easy to carry it around on or off the horse. It has a PVC Handle Grip and a wrist loop for a secure loop.

The rider can be fashionably chic because this horse riding crop is available in pink. This is a great stylish horse riding crop for a sexy rider.

Once again - silly low price for such a great product.

Perri's Black Crop With Loop Handle - Black - 26"
Perri's Black Crop With Loop Handle - Black - 26" | Source

Perri's Horse Riding Crop

Perri manufacture the finest professional quality training equipment. They have a number of available accessories and equipment which are also available for the rider’s pony.

Not only that, they have created a line of children horse riding accessories. For example, their crops have heart shaped, glitter, and tye-dye crops for our young or "young at heart" riders.

Also, their crops are economically priced, durable and available in a variety of lengths and colors. All are American made thus not only you will enjoy a quality product but also you will have helped the economy. Another that is priced silly low.

Perri's Horse Riding Crop


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