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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 3 Picks.

Updated on September 22, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Houston vs. New England- Houston
Before "Jimmy G" got hurt, maybe I would've picked the Pats. THAT is weird to say. However, without him or Brady... It's Houston. It's Houston all day.

Arizona vs. Buffalo- Arizona
I'm remembering the game that Ryan Fitzpatrick had against the Bills. Now I'm imagining Carson Palmer. Yup. Cards win.

Oakland vs. Tennessee- Oakland
Shhhh. The Raiders are going to win. Trust me.

Washington vs. New York (Giants)- New York

Cleveland vs. Miami- Miami
Cleveland was up 20-2. And they lost. 20-2. That's all.

Baltimore vs. Jacksonville- Baltimore
Jacksonville could win this game, but they haven't shown that spark this year. If only. someone. called. this. cough. cough.

Detroit vs. Green Bay- Detroit.
Okay, I know this is a crazy pick, but I know that Fleegle is going to pick Green Bay, and you've gotta take chances to get ahead in the BITW challenge. I feel like the Packers might be overrated, and Matt Stafford is having a career year.

Denver vs. Cincinnati- Denver
Denver's defense is on a roll. As it turns out, it doesn't matter who plays quarterback for the Broncos.

Minnesota vs. Carolina- Carolina
Without Adrian Peterson, forgeeeeeeet about it.

Los Angeles vs. Tampa Bay- Tampa Bay
What an ugly game. Either team could lose this match-up. Los Angeles upset the Seattle Seahawks last week, but they always play the Hawks tough. L.A. made it to the redzone a handful of times, but despite having Todd Gurley, only came away with nine points.

San Francisco vs. Seattle- Seattle
The Hawks offense may be struggling, but their defense is just as good as it's always been.

New York (Jets) vs. Kansas City- Kansas City
The Chiefs will be able to redeem themselves after an embarrassing loss last week, and I wouldn't bet a single penny on Ryan Fitzpatrick being a consistent quarterback.

San Diego vs. Indianapolis- San Diego
San Diego's offense has been great so far this year, and Andrew Luck is the only Colt that isn't absolutely terrible.

Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia- Pittsburgh
Welp. Kiss Carson Wentz and the honeymoon phase goodbye.

Chicago vs. Dallas- Dallas
With Jay Cutler hurt... it's gonna get ugly, folks.

Atlanta vs. New Orleans- Atlanta
Can you say fireworks? Because I can. Fireworks. See?

@McFleegle's Picks

Week 3, where things start to become a little bit clearer.....okay, maybe not. Onto the picks....

Houston @ New England: The Texans are looking very good at 2-0, and I'm sorry, but the Patriots are starting WHO at quarterback? I'll take the bait and go with the Texans to jump to 3-0.

Arizona @ Buffalo: This is a tough game to pick from. The Cardinals are the better team, but there's just something about western teams flying east for 1pm kickoffs that drains a team. Plus, the Bills have to sneak out a game at some point.......but, I won't fall into the trap. I think the Cardinals find a way to get it done, in a high scoring affair, and sink Rex to 0-3.

Oakland @ Tennessee: Ahhhhh, the Raiders. Steal a tough road game, lose at home to a team that just got clobbered. Now back on the road to Tennessee, who turned a few heads, including mine, with their W last week.....but, I'm staying on the Oakland bandwagon this week, simply because, they're the better team. Raiders win.

Cleveland @ Miami: Oh dear lord. Coin flip.....Dolphins. God Bless the people who watch this game, and God HELP the people who PAY to watch this game.

Baltimore @ Jacksonville: The Ravens are 2-0, but it sure ain't a pretty 2-0, is it? And Jacksonville, they got clobbered last week in San Diego......but, but, this game is a sneaky trap for my birds. Will they be ready? I think they will. Flacco outduels Bortles and the Ravens, while ugly, move to 3-0.

Detroit @ Green Bay: The Packers had Minnesota right where they wanted them.....Sam Bradford opposing them at QB....AP goes down.....and they still couldn't get it done. And Detroit? Well, they're more up and down than (fill in the blank with a clever analogy, anyone). Green Bay gets this win, in a close matchup.

Denver @ Cincinnati: By god, the Broncos, with a Trevor Siemian thingy at QB, are 2-0. Pays to have a great defense behind you (ask Trent Dilfer). But, I think the magic runs out this week. I like the Bengals to get back on track with a win at home.

Minnesota @ Carolina: Cam Newton vs. Sam Bradford, with no AP, in Carolina? Gee, let me see.....Panthers win.

Washington @ New York: Kirk Cousins not playing like a $20 million QB? Who called that?!? Giants win and go to 3-0. G-Men look GOOD so far.

Los Angeles @ Tampa Bay: Still no touchdowns for the Rams, but by god they beat the Seahawks! Tough one to pick, but I think Jameis bounces back and leads Tampa Bay to a win in the hot Florida weather.

San Francisco @ Seattle: The Seahawks have MAJOR problems.....but the 49ers have a Blaine Gabbert. Hawks win, but one touchdown in two weeks against a pair of well under par defenses is not a good sign for this team.

New York Jets @ Kansas City: Tough game to call. I think the Chiefs eek out a close win at home.

San Diego @ Indianapolis: Thought for sure Andrew Luck would have been able to beat Trevor Siemien last week, but, I guess not? Chargers steamrolled by Jacksonville last week, but, I think the Colts win. They need this win, bad.

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia: Pennsylvania has two 2-0 teams! I like what I've seen from the Eagles so far, but this Steelers offense has been great, even without Le'Veon Bell. I think Philly can and will keep it close, but I like Pittsburgh to get to 3-0 with a win this week.

Chicago @ Dallas: The Bears got embarrassed on Monday Night, and lost their QB. Say what you will about Jay Cutler, but, now you've got Brian Hoyer coming in? Please. Dallas, meanwhile, picked up a pretty impressive road win in Washington last week. I think Dallas wins this week too. They're at home, plus, there's way too many injuries and uncertainty with Chicago right now.

Atlanta @ New Orleans: The Saints are 4 points away from being 2-0, but instead, they're 0-2. They HAVE to win this week, and I think they will, in a close win over the Falcons.


Leading: Ryan +1

We split last week, with the state of Texas coming through for me, and the AFC West letting me down. Let's see if I can't extend my lead in week three.

I picked the Lions while Conner picked the Packers.
I picked the Broncos while Conner picked the Bengals (Ouch for both of us)
I picked the Chargers while Conner picked the Colts.
I picked the Falcons while Conner picked the Saints.


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