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Best Kids Bike Helmet

Updated on April 7, 2016

Which Kids Bike Helmet should you Buy.

Even before your kids start school, if they go out on their bike they should be wearing a bike helmet with the appropriate standard or kite mark on. Most kids like to travel to school or to their friends home on their bike because it's quicker and they get home faster. This bike helmet review looks at helmets that are suitable for children between the ages of 5 -9 years old. Any older than that and kids need to look in the best mountain bike helmet section.

Children are starting to grow up at this age but it doesn't harm to warn them of the dangers by not wearing a helmet. If you fall the likelihood is you are gong to get hurt, but if your head hits the pavement or ground you may lose consciousness, cause a brain hemorrhage or die from it. Bike helmets are made to withstand knocks and scrapes and a direct fall on head.

The bike helmet industry is governed by the CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States and by the European Union in Europe. Any helmet that meets these strict guidelines is one you should buy. Most of the helmets in this review will fit a child's head measuring 19-21½ inches or 50-55 cms. There is some adjustment in most helmets that allows you to make it larger or smaller. Straps should be checked regularly and they should be tightened so the helmet is a snug fit and will not fall off.

Most helmets have some form of venting system, this to allow cool air to pass through the helmet to keep the user's head cool. Look out for 'one- pull' tightening systems as these save you fiddling a round with the straps trying to make it more secure. Hope you enjoy the review and see something you like, it could be a very wise investment.

Most children get used to wearing a hat from a very young age so the concept of wearing a cycle hat will be a natural progressio. To make it more fun mom and dad should wear one at the same time this will help make it more acceptable to the child. Once the kids have them they will pick them up automatically on future occasions and just become natural to wear like gloves or cycle shoes. It is always good to get a good fit so don't buy one the can grow into, get the one that fits them now.

Bell Racer Child Bike Helmet

Bell Racer Child Bike Helmet

Bell make and manufacture some great bike helmets and you can be sure of good quality from them. This sporty looking bike helmet from Bell is designed for young bikers aged between 5 and 8 years old.

The helmet, Bell Racer features ten top vents and three rear vents, this helmet offers maximum ventilation to keep riders cool while touring and having some fun . A sun visor will keep the sun out of his or her eyes while riding while a rear reflector provides some added visibility for when the light gets low. Bell's 'SmartFit' system allows for a comfortable fit and the pinch guard buckle attach's securely. The Racer will fit head sizes 20-1/2 to 21-1/4 inches.

There are two colors from you to choose from: Pink Kitty Hearts and Blue Spiders.

Schwinn Kids Child Girl Value Pack Blue / Purple

Schwinn Kids Child Girl Value Pack Blue / Purple.

Schwinn is one of the largest bike and accessory producers in the United States. Schwinn make and manufacture thousands of helmets every year so you are buying a quality product from a well known named brand. The helmet is aerodynamically designed and comes with a Blue/ Purple flower pattern graphics. Every young girl's dream is to have a bike and a helmet like this. This helmet meets the strict CPSC ( Consumer product safety commission) for safety features so you are buying 'peace of mind'  with this helmet.

For extra comfort there is some added padding, and the helmet also includes an integral sun visor to help keep the sun out of your child's eyes. Included is a pair of elbow or knee pads which attach by a Velcro fastening. This is a great combo set so make sure your little girl has the right protection to protect her.

Giro Rodeo Youth Bike Helmet

Giro Rodeo Youth Bike Helmet.

Giro are the makers of some of the best mountain biking helmets in the world. You are assured of a high quality biking helmet from this manufacturer. The helmet has been made to fit boys and girl's with a head size of19.75 to 20.75 inches (50 to 55 centimeters)

The Giro Rodeo bike helmet has a microshell with built in bug net which covers the six air vents. The helmet should be a snug fit and this is adjusted by an adjustable AcuDial fit system which draws all the straps together for a secure fit. The colorful outer shell has a built in visor to stop the sun catching your eyes. The helmet is secured under your chin by a chin lock, which is made not to pinch your skin when fastening.

The Giro is available in 5 colors: Blue/ with Hot Rod Flames, Lavendar Glitter Flames, Pink Princess, Red Hot/ Hot Flames and Matte Black/ Yellow Livestrong.

Bell Child Boy's Bicycle Helmet, Knee Pads, and Elbow Pads Value Pack (Black Scorpion)

Bell Child Boy's Bicycle Helmet, Knee Pads, and Elbow Pads Value Pack (Black Scorpion).

Another bike helmet from Bell in this review, this helmet is made for 5-7 year old boys and has some great graphics to complement it. The bike helmet is made to fit boys' with a head size of 21¼- 22". The helmet has passed the CPSC Consumer Product Safety Protection tests so should be capable of having a few knocks and scrapes. 

The helmet has vents at the top and rear to help air flow through the helmet which should help you to stay cool. The helmet comes with a pair of matching elbow pads and a pair of matching knee pads.

Razor Aggressive Youth Multi-sport Helmet (Satin Pink)

Razor Aggressive Youth Multi-sport Helmet (Satin Pink).

The Razor Aggressive is an excellent quality multi sport helmet in a classical and stylish design. The helmet fits head sizes 21.0 to 22¾ inches. This helmet is your perfect choice for biking, skating or any other sport that requires protective headgear. On the street or in the half pipe the Razor Aggressive provides you with superior security and protection.

The helmet meets CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission standards so should be a very good buy and resist scratches and knocks. This very attractive helmet which is slightly different to anything else on the market will have many admirers. There is adequate ventilation so you should keep yourself cool in this helmet so go out and buy it now.

The ergonomic designed padding and an additional pad set for the perfect individual fit guarantee ultimate comfort. The eleven vents keep your head cool at all times and the side release buckles make it a very easy to adjust and fasten your chin strap

Amazon Best Selling Kids Bike Helmets.


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    • BRIAN SLATER profile image

      Brian Slater 5 years ago from Nottingham Uk

      Hi RealHouse wife, thanks for your comment, much appreciated. There are helmets that suit kids with fat heads, best thing to do is try them on first, we wouldn't want to crush all that knowledge they just

    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      It is that time of year - thanks for the reminder! My kids need new helmets. (Guess they got fat heads with all that learning they did:) lol