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How to Choose Carving Longboards -Best Longboards Review

Updated on August 14, 2016

Carving Longboards Riding

Carving Longboards Riding
Carving Longboards Riding | Source

Some kind of passionate longboarders enjoys sliding their board on any downhill surface. Sliding is an effective longboarding technique allows a rider to reduce the speed more quickly than traditional riding. It’s a popular speed breaking technique to the downhill speed seeker riders. This technique requires a spacer area depending on the rider performance and control ability.

Drop-down, Drop-through and pintail longboardare perfect for using as a sliding board. You may choose a maple or bamboo deck. But you should consider careful about the hardness and size of the wheels your board comes with. Harder wheels (83-86A) are can break the traction easier but litter sturdy feeling. The softer wheels (70-80A) are able to give a smoother and comfortable slide. New riders should pick up a board with soft wheels so that they can ride their board with a relaxed mind.

Generally, people perform sliding by standing upright on the board and touch the road with one or two hands. You must wear protective leather gloves when doing hand –down slides. There are different types of sliding method usually, see to perform by the expert. One of the most popular sliding methods called Coleman by turning an 180-degree corner with placing one hand on the ground. Some other popular sliding methods are- pre-drift sliding, pendulum sliding, laybacks, pressure spins etc.

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