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Best of the Best

Updated on August 22, 2020

Who are you picking?

Scoring machines

Scoring in the game of basketball is the barometer for winning the game, it is the measurement how the team will play their offense. In the end of the game if you will get the “W”, if you have the go to guy, a scoring machine that you can go to especially in a tight game, most probably you have a big advantage. In my opinion it is better that you have a go to guy and a defensive minded player to go to, absolutely your team has a good chance of winning many games.

The team has a complete package of scoring and defensive minded team for sure you are almost unbeatable. These two guys are among of the best in the league today, i would say two of the best players in the world today. Scoring the ball is the big part of their game, if they want to score the ball they will score if their opponent will have taken for granted these two high scoring players.

Their team relied on them to score and carry them to win, Lebron James a 6’8” 250 pounds, whose game is from the outside and from behind the three point line, is where he makes a living. A big guy playing from the outside that is a tough match up for the other team, for his size he is big for his position as a small forward. Lebron James entered to the league as a No. 1 pick in the 2003 NBA draft selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

When he entered to the NBA he was an 18 years old kid, a lot of people especially the fans of Cavaliers had a doubts on what he can do in a tough NBA Basketball. But he proved that he can be recognized as one of the upcoming star, as he won the Rookie of The year Award the next year. Rookie of the year award is an award given to a new comer for his first year of playing in the NBA.

As his career goes on, his career blossomed as he won a couple of MVP awards and championship rings. Kevin Durant a slim player and a scoring shooting machine from the outside and beyond the arch. With his length of 6’9 with a long reach advantage, his long arm can shoot well without getting block by his guard.

He entered to the league in the 2007 NBA draft as a 2nd pick selected by the Seattle Supersonics. He immediately made an impact for his team and the next year he won the Rookie of The Year Award. I think he won MVP award once, i guess that was 2014 if I’m not mistaken. For me these two guys are the best in this era nowadays, they are the one and two of the best right now.

Lebron James:

Outside Game – 7 Inside Game – 8 Defense – 7 Drive to the basket – 8 Clutch – 7

Kevin Durant :

Outside Game – 8 Inside Game – 6 Defense – 6 Drive to the basket – 7 Clutch – 7

My pick on this, i would say Lebron James because of his size and strength.

Who are you picking?

Dribbling Skills

Being a point guard has a lot of responsibilities, it takes a lot of skills in order to take your team to scoring position, your task is to set up a play in order to make it easy for your teammates to score a basket. You got to have a good ball handling skills to be a good point guard, you got to have a speed, agility, shooting behind the three point line and a magic eye for an open teammates.

In other words you’re a director on the court, you’re the second voice of your coach. A lot of a successful team has a good Point guard because it does give a threat outside and makes a space for the big men to score the ball to the basket. But not all Point guard has an outside shooting, but these two guys are almost a complete packaged.

With a good outside shooting and good ball handling skills, they have a great decision making ability. Allen Iverson entered to the league in the 1996 NBA draft as a no.1 pick overall by the Philadelphia Sixers. He was a leader for his team on his first year, he made an early impact in his rookie year.

With amazing crossover with eluding dribbling skills he always scored the ball easily. The best Allen Iverson i remember was a crossover move against The Great Michael Jordan. eluded him and scored it inside the three point line. Allen Iverson won a Rookie of the year Award the next year (1997) and won the Most Valuable Player (2001).

He was a big part of Philadelphia Sixers when they reached 2001 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers, were the Philadelphia Sixers lost that NBA Finals. He retired as far as I remember 2013. Like Allen Iverson a young Kyrie Irving entered to the NBA in the 2011 Draft as 1st pick overall and he won the NBA Rookie of the year (2012). He was a facilitator for the Cleveland Cavaliers like Iverson, he has an eluding dribbling skills and has a good outside shooting skill.

He was the main reason why the Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Finals in Game 7 when he hit a 3 point shot. With 53 seconds left remaining and eventually won the NBA Finals in Game 7. That makes him be recognized as one of the great point guard in the NBA.

Allen Iverson:

Outside game – 8 Inside game -5 Defense – 5 Clutch game – 7 Drive to the basket - 8

Kyrie Irving:

Outside game – 8 Inside game – 5 Defense – 5 Clutch game – 7 Drive to the basket – 7

My pick on this i would say Allen Iverson.

All photos and written here are my personal stuff.


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