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Best Moments of WrestleMania 35

Updated on January 21, 2020
Jayakrishna Dasappan profile image

Avid fan of Wrestling writes about WWE, AEW, NJPW. I love to write stories, articles and poems.

WrestleMania 35 saw some interesting returns; we saw a lot of title changes at the event and the event as a whole was filled with wonderful moments that made the WWE Universe, except for Baron Corbin defeating Kurt Angle. So without any further ado let me talk about the best of WrestleMania 35.

The Immortal Returns

We opened the main show of WrestleMania this year with the host of the show Alexa Bliss greeting the crowd. Oh but she didn’t come alone, she brought the Immortal Hollywood Hulk Hogan along with her. The crowd goes wild and it was a good way to kickoff the main show. It is indeed good to see the fans liking Hulk Hogan, for me he is still a horrible human being but a legend in the business. So yeah, it was good for Hogan, a good moment for Alexa Bliss as well.


The Beast is finally Slayed

Immediately after the Immortal and the Goddess, Paul Heyman walked out to the ring and said that Beast is not waiting all night for his match and thus the first match of WrestleMania 35 was Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins, for the Universal Championship. Rollins was being destroyed but Lesnar but then Rollins got the upper hand after a low blow. Then three curb-stomps later Rollins pinned Lesnar for 1 – 2 – 3 and became the New WWE Universal Champion.


New Women’s Tag Team Champions

Beth Phoenix returned to in-ring action at the women’s tag team championship match at WrestleMania. It was good to see her beck. After a good back and forth match the Women’s Tag Team championship changed hands. So many near falls, it looked like Banks and Bayley were going to win, Jax and Tamina broke that up, Jax and Tamina looked like they were going to win then that did not happen (Thank the lord) as Natalya and Beth Phoenix interrupted the pinfall. Then it looked like Beth Phoenix was going to pick up the win after she dropped Bayley from the top rope. But that was not going to happen as Billie Kay blind-tagged Beth while she was on the tope rope making herself the legal contender in the match. Billie Kay pinned Bayley and the IIconics became the new Women’s Tag Team Champions. It was so good to see the IIconics win, as they deserved this so much. Both Billie and Peyton teared-up after the match. This truly was an iconic moment.


The Animal Returns

Triple H always has a match at WrestleMania and at the 2019’s WrestleMania he had a fantastic match against the returning ‘Animal’ Dave Batista. It was great to see the Animal return and just his entrance gave me Goosebumps. The match as a whole was brutal, Triple H almost cut Batista’s finger off and he indeed cut off Batista’s nose-ring right of his freaking nose. The match ended after Ric Flair made an entry to entice Batista. Triple H then hit Batista with the sledgehammer leaping from the steel steps. More like a Superman sledgehammer and followed it with a pedigree for the win.

"Just seeing Batista's Entrance gave me Goosebumps"


"A super-man Sledghammer"


"A pedigree for the win"


Shane vs The Miz

This was probably one of the best matches of WrestleMania; it had one of the best builds to a storyline. Shane agitated Miz by hands on his father once again during the match and it kicked off to a hot start. Later on in the match Miz’s dad entered the ring and wanted to fight Shane. Shane destroyed him in the end. The match came to an end when Miz dropped Shane from top of a stage knocking both of them out. Shane when falling down had his arms on top of Miz and thus the referee was forced to continue with the pinfall and Shane won.

"Miz-Dad in the Ring"


"Miz thrashes Shane McMahon"


"Skull-crushing Finale"


"A superplex"


WWE Stands for Walk With … Enter the Doctor of Thuganomics

We had a treat at Mania with Elias having a special performance. We got three Eliases; one Elias was a drummer, while one was a pianist and the singer with the guitar in the ring. The trio put on a good show but then their performances were cut short with a video of Babe Ruth hitting a home run. Once the video ended we got the Old-School John Cena, the Doctor of Thuganomics returned and cut a promo dissing Elias. He then hit the F-U on Elias to close the segment.

"The Three Faces of Elias"


"F-U Elias"



A 11-year wait for this phenomenal superstar to finally become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Kofi Kingston has only proved to become better and better every year and he deserved to be WWE Champion. Well he earned it in 2019. After a couple impressive gauntlet matches he gained the support of the WWE Universe once again. Kingston came so close to becoming WWE Champion at Elimination chamber but missed it by a hair’s breadth. He then worked his rear-end off to earn the opportunity at WrestleMania. The entire WWE roster was behind Kofi and wanted to get the WWE Championship. After several near falls, Kofi finally nailed the Trouble in Paradise to get the 1…2….3 and Kofi Kingston became WWE Champion. It was great to see Kofi celebrate with his New Day Brothers and his children.

"11-Year Dream comes True"


"A Feel-good moment Kofi celebrating with his kids"


Becky – Two – Belts

No other woman has had such an outstanding year than Becky Lynch, it kicked off at SummerSlam of 2018 and Becky Lynch has been going strong since than. From the very beginning Becky, Charlotte and Ronda went all out attacking each other from the get go, it was a great match up until a botched finish, as the referee does not see that Ronda’s shoulder was up. But let’s ignore all that because Becky Lynch is both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion. It was a good way to end the show. This was indeed one of the best WrestleMania’s ever.


That is all from this edition of Best moments of PPVs. I hope you all liked this, I will catch you all soon with the Best Moments of Money In The Bank 2019.

© 2020 Jayakrishna Dasappan


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