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Top 5 Mountain Bikes Under $600

Updated on July 18, 2014
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Mountain biking is a specialized sport with a lot of off roading trips as well as riding through trails consisting of gravel and mud. Usually mountain bikes have wide tires and a good clearance to tackle rough terrain.

A typical mountain bike will have a frame that is made out of aluminum, chromoly or steel. It is important that they are very light because riding on mountains means carrying some heavy gear with you and you would not like the bike to be heavy. They also have a good suspension to ensure complete comfort along with powerful disc brakes which are best suited for riding in the mountains.

Mountain biking is becoming popular with many people around the world who stay close the mountains. Given below are what we feel are some of the best mountain bikes under $600 you can get hold of today.

#1 Diamondback Overdrive 29'er Mountain Bike

The Overdrive is meant for beginners and has an affordable price tag. Equipped with big wheels you can easily tackle rough terrain along with a very good clearance of the bike. It has a strong 6061 aluminum frame which makes it lightweight in order to negotiate mountain trails. It is a 24- speed bike with 10mm front forks and double walled SL-7 rims. The bike is extremely popular because it has an attractive look and looks impressive with high-quality paint and a sleek design.

It comes fitted with 29 inch wheels which can roll over obstacles on a trail and better momentum. The larger wheels will also help if the bike goes into mud and sand due to the larger contact area. The longer contact patch also results in excellent cornering abilities and good straight line traction.

#2 Schwinn Protocol Mountain Bicycle

The Schwinn Protocol Mountain bike is another good bike for beginners and also has an affordable price. You can ride this bike on hills, mountain trails and anywhere off-road. It comes with an aluminum frame which helps in reducing overall weight and also has rapid-fire shifters which make changing gears very easy. It also has a dual suspension ideal for tackling tough mountain terrain.

On the rear are a dual pivot brake and a Promax disc brake mounted on the front forks. They are excellent brakes and can bring the bike to a stop whenever required. The MTB handlebar with A-head stem gives a good control over the bike when you are riding through trails. It has a sturdy look but is very comfortable to ride, making it ideal for recreation and adventure, as well as for commuting.

#3 Diamondback Response Mountain Bike

The Response is a very lightweight and strong mountain bike and is also well priced. Fitted with 26-inch feels it also has a very good clearance and a smooth ride. The frame is made out of 6061 aluminum keeping the bike light. It offers a good upright riding position making your ride very comfortable. Being a 21-speed bike you can easily tackle inclines and change gears whenever it is required to make your ride easier for you. The bicycle has double walled alloy rims which are best suited to handle mountain trails and are also not too heavy. Bringing the bike to a full stop will never be a problem due to the linear pull Tektro brakes which are of very high quality and can be tuned as per your requirement.

#4 Mongoose Impasse Full Suspension

The mongoose Impasse is an excellent and affordable bike and is very popular with mountain bikers. Mongoose is a highly respected brand name and produces great mountain bikes. The Impasse has an aluminum frame and alloy wheels. The twist shifters make it very easy to change gears while riding the bike. The Impasse comes with a dual suspension which is very comfortable and ideal for mountain terrain. The extra clearance also helps in negotiating rough terrain without too much effort. It is a great mountain bike with high-quality aluminum alloy wheels and low maintenance disc brakes. It has a geometry that is suited for mountain riding and is light and sturdy.

#5 Diamondback Bicycles Axis Mountain Bike

The Axis has a butted 6061-T6 aluminum frame which makes it extremely light and ideal for hilly terrain. The suspension fork has 80mm of travel which absorbs bumps easily while you're riding in the mountains. It has a Shimano 24-speed drivetrain which is best suited for any type of terrain. The alloy wheels are double walled and have been given 32 stainless steel spokes to keep the overall weight light and also extend durability to the wheels. The bike is fitted with excellent Tektro IO Plus disc brakes and also has 6-inch rotors so that you are assured of a quick stop in any kind of emergency. The Tektro brake levers can be adjusted easily while you are riding the bike.


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