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Best Oilskin Dusters

Updated on November 9, 2010

Horse Riding has two famous styles, English and Western Riding. English Riding is the classic riding style and the clothing tends to be neat and elegant. On the other hand, Western Riding is known as being tough and rugged and their style is also known as rodeo riding.

The Australian style of horse riding gear is somewhat similar to Western Riding as far as fashions go - although one distinctions is the wearing of oilskin dusters, which have been adopted by western riders.

Oilskin Dusters first became famous since the showing of “The Man from Snowy River” of 1982. A manly actor named Tom Burlinson, and some great actors, wore oilskin dusters and introduced the Australian form of equestrian fashion to the rest of the world.

An oilskin duster is a long coat made of heavy cloth or fabric with a skin of oil which makes the apparel waterproof. This clothing not only protects the rider from wet weather conditions but it also keeps the person warm from the cold weather. Thus it will not only give the rider a hunky look, it will also keep him warm inside - whenever he’s not with a cowgirl.

This article is to help readers to choose and find the best oilskin duster that will fit their style. I hope these suggestions will help you.

Waterproof and wind-resistant oilskin duster by Outback Trading
Waterproof and wind-resistant oilskin duster by Outback Trading | Source

Outback Trading Oilskin Duster

Outback Trading have committed themselves to create remarkable outdoor clothing good for adventurous individuals. They have developed a range of oilskin coats that are unbelievably waterproof yet comfortable because their fabrics are breathable. They have sworn that they will never sacrifice the quality of their products even with these changing times, although that comment was probably in response to criticism of them moving their manufacturing to China.

The Outback Trading Oilskin Duster is made of, heavy cotton canvas material that is treated with oils and waxes to crate a waterproof, wind-resistant garment that will surely last for years. This is great Australian classic and gives value for money.

Australian Extra Large Brown Oilskin Duster - Riding Coat
Australian Extra Large Brown Oilskin Duster - Riding Coat | Source

Sierra Designs Oilskin Duster

Sierra Designs have been making rugged adventure gear for over than 40 years and have built a reputation for producing the best performance products.

Sierra Designs make one of the best oilskin dusters on the market. It is made of top-notch oiled Egyptian cotton which keeps the person wearing it warm and dry from rain, wind and any other violent weather conditions.

It comes with a shoulder cape and rear gusset for a comfortable fit. According to the makers - this coat can be dried just by hosing it down and hanging it up - I hope you treat your horse better than that. This is one great companion for a rainy horse riding day.

Australian Extra Large Brown Oilskin Duster - Riding Coat

Down Under Drover Oilskin Coat
Down Under Drover Oilskin Coat | Source

Down Under Drover Oilskin Coat

Down Under is a proud Australian company that manufactures outdoor coats and dusters with superb quality. All of their coats are hand-tailored for the perfect fit. Their outdoor proven Drover Oilskin Coat has amazed a lot of customers and the reviews are all good.

The rugged durable style of the coat is one of the big reasons why Down Under’s clients would never let go of this coat. The coat has been proven through a lot of the worst weather conditions Mother Nature could offer.

One would just be confident walking under a strong storm with this on because they feel secure that it will keep them dry. Not only that, it gives that macho look and many women would just find it hard not to notice notice. This is an extremely affordable - you would really get your money’s worth at less than $80. This is a great clothing worth keeping.

Down Under Dover Oilskin Coat

Duster Coat Mustard with contrasting Brown Collar
Duster Coat Mustard with contrasting Brown Collar | Source

Duster Coat Mustard with contrasting Brown Collar

This Duster coat is the only American made product on my list. Not strictly an oil skin duster - but an awesome American classic that should not be left off. . It was designed to fit the fashion of the Old West and will really makes you look like a gen-u-ine cowboy.

This is great for riders who want to reminisce about the cowboy era - just make sure you are ready for the inevitable saloon brawl!

Absolutely cut true to old West fashions, 100% waterproof and made in the US of A. Cut for Americans - real USDA Americans at that - what more do you want? Yee Haw!

I would buy one quick - before they move their manufacturing plant to China.

Duster Coat Mustard with contrasting Brown Collar


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