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Best Road Bike Helmet 2015|Best Low Profile Bike Helmets

Updated on March 1, 2015

Road Bike Helmet Trends: 2015

  • Many new helmets use the MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System - tm) slip plane technology
  • Impact liners are in this year. Smith has models that use collapsible plastic modules in place of foam, but with some EPS(Expanded PolyStyrene) still included in the liner.
  • Many 2015 models come with Icedot stickers, a system for linking to an emergency call system. If you're a solo rider, this might be something to consider.
  • Rounder and smoother helmets
  • High visibility colours
  • Renewable materials
  • Carbon fiber is used on more expensive helmets and makes helmets thinner and more durable.
  • LED flashers in the rear of helmets are more frequent, but most of them are too small and have low output.
  • Anti-microbial pad materials are increasingly used in high-end models. Most use silver or other chemicals, and might be useful if you are having unusual helmet odor problems.

The Best Bike Helmet: Getting Started

For road cyclists, low profile bike helmets are ideal for keeping your head properly protected while keeping your head from feeling overloaded with weight. If you're in the market to get a new road bike helmet, there are some key factors you'll need to think through before you get on with your search. Another factor to consider when buying a road bike helmet is ventilation and aerodynamics. These two factors will affect your cycling speed and your level of comfort. Like many products out there, road bike helmets come in a variety of price points and numerous styles and specs. You can spend $30-$40 on standard molded-in-the-shell bike helmets or you can spend. The aero road helmet, the newest helmet model on the market will cost you $150-$200. Not as slick as a chrono time trial helmet, but made more aerodynamic than a normal road helmet, often by covering the vents.It's recommended that you look for a helmet that fits you well and has a rounded, smooth exterior with no major snag points.

In this article I will go over helmet safety and fit, as well as reviews of best low profile bike helmets, focussing on the pros and cons of each low profile helmet.


Helmet Safety and Fit

One of the worst things you could do is to buy a great helmet that fits you poorly. It's important to get a proper fit on your helmet. Your road bike helmet is not just for comfort but also for safety and agility. The first thing you should do when looking for a low profile bike helmet is to measure around your head, just above your ears and all the way around, and choose a helmet size that fits the measurement. Generally, lower priced helmets are one-size-fits-all, meaning that you'll need to rely on your internal straps to adjust to fit your head.

When you're trying on helmets, there are three things to look for in the fit of your helmet, which all directly relate to helmet safety:

  1. Snug and level-Your helmet should fit tight to your head. Once you properly secure your helmet to your head, try pushing your helmet around with your hands. The helmet should not slide forwards, backwards (the helmet shouldn't budge more than an inch) and you should barely be able to fit one finger between the strap and your chin. Adjust the side straps to make a V shape just below your ears.
  2. Low-Your helmet should cover most of your forehead and if the helmet can move to expose your forehead, then the helmet is not safe.


Low Profile Bike Helmets: The Best Road Bike Helmet

Low profile road helmets are a go-to helmet style for many cyclists for superior visibility, comfort and fit. When looking to buy a new helmet, you'll want to consider various factors: colour (do you want other riders and motorists to see you?); helmet cut (do you need the back of your head or the front of your face to be protected?); and ventilation (the more vents the better,so your head doesn't overheat).

Low Profile Bike Helmets: Under $60

Bell Solar Helmet

The Bell Solar is great helmet that fits great and performs well without the expensive price tag. Some of the key features of this low profile bike helmet are the helmet ventilation (there are 23 vents to let warm air out); the cam-lock levers make it easy to adjust the straps around your ears; and generally this helmet fits and performs well for road cyclists.

Some find that the Bell Solar's straps can get twisted easily and the dial adjustment system can wear down over time; however, this is a symptom of this style of helmet, overall the quality of the Bell Solar is great. Also, when cycling downhill, the wind turbulence can be quite loud with this helmet.

Low Profile Bike Helmets: Under $150

Giro 2010 Saros Road Cycling Helmet

Giro is one of the top brands and one the best road bike helmets for cycling. The Giro Saros has good ventilation with optimized channeling. The style is very sleek, with Giro offering 5 distinct colours, some in a matte finish. As far as fit goes, the Saros is lightweight, (291 g) with upper and lower in-molded hardbodies. The Saros offers a micro-adjustable fit (super easy to adjust the fit of the helmet). A nice added bonus of the Giro Saros is the comfort and quality of the inside padding. The inner fabric is anti-microbial! The downside of the Giro Saros helmet is that not everyone is a fan of the rounded front, so really it's just at matter of opinion.

Best Road Bike Helmet 2015


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Low Profile Helmets: Under $300

POC Octal AVIP Helmet

POC has come up with an aerodynamic helmet that's not just fast, but comfortable and surprisingly lightweight. POC is a brand known for their innovation and design in snow sports helmets, and they've recently branched out to road cycling helmets. Not only are these helmets sexy and cutting edge, but the POC Octal AVIP helmet is extremely comfortable to wear. The placement of the inner foam and the low profile shape of the helmet allows the helmet to rest around your head instead of feeling like it's perched on top of your head. The POC Octal and it's cutting edge design just might be the best road bike helmet of 2015.

Catlike 2014 Whisper Road Cycling Helmet

Unlike the POC Aero Helmet, the Catlike 2014 Whisper Road Cycling Helmet has plenty of ventilation options, as you can see from looking at it. This piece of art can boast of victories in the most important races in the world, including the Olympics.


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