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Best Roller Skate Spots Near Orange County

Updated on January 1, 2015

Indoor Skating Options

Indoor skating rinks are a great option, especially for beginners! If you're looking to get into, or back into roller skating but you're not sure if you want to invest in the equipment, public rinks are the way to go! They offer skate rentals, fun music and atmosphere, and usually fun, encouraging company. Most indoor rinks also offer skating lessons for all ages as well as special events or themed nights.

As an advanced skater it's still important to know where you can go for public indoor skating. Sometimes the weather doesn't allow for skating at your usual outdoor spot. Sometimes you want to include a friend who might need to rent skates.

So let's start with a list of OC's top indoor skating options!


Holiday Skate Center

Holiday Skate Center is by far one of the best skate rinks OC has to offer! It's extremely affordable and has convenient public skating hours. They have an all wooden floor that is very well maintained, which provides a very smooth, easy skate session. Holiday Skate Center has that retro, old-time skate feel that brings you right back to the glory days of roller skating! Funky music, bright colors, disco ball and all.


Fountain Valley Skating Center

Fountain Valley Skating Center (FVSC) a perfect place if you're planning an all day outing. It's right next to Boomers where they have mini golfing and all sorts of fun. The combination makes for a great family day! FVSC also offers classes, special events, and themed nights.

The building and facilities are well maintained and they have a decent arcade section as well. However, their floor is not the greatest quality to be on for beginners. There are some spots on the rinks floor that are warped or bumpy. It's a fun place, just watch out for those dips! They come out of nowhere!


The Rinks - Huntington Beach and Irvine

The Rinks is owned by the NHL team the Ducks. They have multiple locations for both inline roller skating as well as ice skating. The inline rinks in Huntington Beach and in Irvine are both very well maintained.

They are definitely more focused on teaching youth to play hockey and most of their hours are filled with classes and team events. It's a great place if you want to get involved in hockey. They do have some public skating sessions if you want to go just to skate.

Outdoor Skating Options

Outdoor skating becomes a desirable option because you can skate practically anywhere, and it's free! If you are a frequent skater you'll eventually invest in your own skate equipment. Then you'll eventually get tired of hearing the same disco music at the rink every week and swerving to avoid rolling over the kids who just put skates on for the first time. Outdoor skating is also great if you want to skate longer distances (and not just around in a circle) and catch a lovely scene. It's also preferable if you want to skate solo with plenty of room to practice new techniques.

If you are planning to skate outside, make sure you have some softer wheels and the proper protective gear. Please wear a helmet and consider wrist guards, knee and elbow pads, especially if you are not used to skating outside over different varieties of surfaces. You will want softer wheels so you can roll over cracks and gravel without faceplanting!

Here's the list of OC's top outdoor skate spots


Arnold Cypress Park

Arnold Cypress Park is a hidden treasure for beginning outdoor skaters. It has a large outdoor roller hockey rink (if you want to continue skating in circles). If you go when there are no hockey or roller derby practices, you can practically have the park to yourself if you're more of a solo skater. Put your earphones in and go for it! It's a perfect place to practice those skate techniques you're not so good at without people watching you!

If you do go and run into a practice or someone else using the rink, there's still plenty of sidewalk space to roll around on and a basketball court that has a great skating surface.


El Dorado Park in Long Beach

El Dorado Park is vast area with tons of space! They also have an outdoor roller hockey rink. Although it is much smaller than the one at Arnold park, it is still a great, smooth surface for beginners to practice on. For advanced skaters, they also have a fairly large skate with a decent sized bowl and lots of ramps!

However, this park is considerably busier than Arnold Park. I do not suggest trying this spot out on weekends unless you're familiar with the park layout. There's not a lot of free space (or parking) on Saturdays.

The great thing though is that since this is such a huge park there are tons of nooks and crannies to skate through! If the roller rink or skate park are occupied there are plenty of smooth surfaces and sidewalks to go around!

NOTE: The roller hockey rink and skate park are on the West side of the park (between Spring St. and Willow St.) near the community center and basketball courts.


Bolsa Chica Beach

Bolsa Chica Beach has a perfect Bike trail for roller skating! The trail is just under 3 miles long with plenty of restrooms and rest points along the way. Being a bit of a beach bum myself, this is by far one of my favorite skate spots. You still get a great beach view, but without all the hustle and bustle to skate around that you'll find at Huntington Beach. There is a lane for rolling and a lane for pedestrians. The rolling lane is definitely big enough to share with passing bikers and fellow skaters.

One of the main reasons this is my top pick for a beach trail skating option is they are in the process of repaving it! Goodbye deep cracks! If you start near the top end of the path, near Warner and PCH, they've already got a good chunk of the path repaved! Also there is plenty of free parking near that end behind the Jack in the Box. Some beach entrance spots will charge you for parking, but it's worth paying the parking if you're planning on making a whole day out of it and ending with a bonfire!


Aliso Creek Regional Bikeway, Riding and Hiking Trail

The Aliso Creek trail is a fantastic option for those of you feeling ambitious enough to conquer this 15 mile distance! It's also a great choice for those of you who want to get outside and get some air with a beautiful scene, but aren't so fond of the beach. It's an all paved path that goes through five south county cities starting from El Toro Rd Santiago Canyonand and heading all the way down to Laguna Niguel.

What type of roller skating do you prefer?

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