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Best Sources of Baseball Statistics

Updated on July 27, 2008

Best Sources of Baseball Statistics

If someone wanted to know about baseball, do you know where you direct him? There are three baseball websites I would direct anyone interested in knowing about the game of baseball. - this is the major league website and contains all you ever need to know about the game of baseball statistics. From this website you can link to each major league baseball team individually. Information included on this site is the Official Major League Baseball Rulebook, Current Rosters, Minor League baseball links and latest trades and baseball news.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum,s Baseball Desk Reference that is published in hard copy every year and provides the latest information on players, coaches, hall of famers and update all new baseball records. This book covers everything from baseball lore and legend to Baseball songs and player profiles. is a free website that explains how to score baseball in a baseball game. It is presented in a step by step approach with illustrations to take all the mystery out of scoring a game of baseball.

Learn how to score baseball!


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