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Best Sun Tents 2017: Beach Tent Reviews

Updated on May 30, 2017

The Best Sun Tents

Ever since I noticed people using sun shelters at the beach and at the park, I began relentlessly researching the best sun tent for my family. Also, with an impending move to Spain next year and a new baby for us this year, it seems like a no-brainer for our family to invest in a good beach tent since we'll be getting a lot of beach time in this year.

Not only do beach tents provide uv protection, but the best part about having a sun tent is the fact that you can provide shade and shelter for you and your family wherever you are and it only takes minutes (or seconds) to set it up. Basically there are two types of sun tents: pop up style sun tents and push up sun tents. I will say that both pop tents and push up tents are very quick and easy to set up. You can have your sun tent set up in under 30 seconds for both pop up and push up tents; however, the downside of most pop up tents is their wind sensitivity and they are more labour intensive to pack up (lot's of twisting and stuffing). In general, pop up tents tend to be cheaper than push up tents.

I will review a variety of sun tents: uv protecting tents, wind-breaking tents, and various styles of pop up and push up tents. Each review will focus on two factors: ease of use and quality.

Sun Protection Factor Tips

  1. Babies under 6 months should have limited exposure to sunlight and babies under 1 year old should not wear sunscreen, as their pores will absorb the chemicals more quickly. Keep babies in the shade when you're outside.
  2. Wear SPF 30 of higher. Any SPF less than 30 will not fully protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  3. Apply your sunscreen on your skin at least 20 minutes before exposure.
  4. Wear a wide rimmed hat to protect your face and neck.
  5. Don't forget to apply sunscreen on all the parts of your body that will be exposed: this includes toes, tops of ears and lips.

The Best Beach Tent: Not Just the Sun Protection Factor

We've known for a long time that it's wise to protect our bodies protected from the harmful rays of the sun, to prevent sun damage to our skin. Levels of UV light fluctuate throughout the day and at different times of the year and it's best to protect your skin with sunscreen containing an SPF(sun protection factor) of at least 30.

Sun tents offer shade and protection and are a welcoming alternative to beach chairs and beach towels. The best sun tents offer UV protection and come in all sorts of styles: some sun tents are floor-less, some have floors, some offer wind protection as well as UV protection. Sun tents have the basic capabilities that camping tents have, and sun tents use the same durable and water resistant nylon or polyester material, and they are relatively easier and quicker to set up.

Best Beach Tent Reviews for 2017: Push Up Sun Tents

Genji Sports Instant Push Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter

This sun tent is an all time favourite brand for beach lovers everywhere. The Genji Sports Push Up Tent is super easy to set up (it takes 2 or 3 seconds) and very simple to pack up. It's super lightweight to carry, (4.8 lbs) and it comes with a carrying bag and stakes. The sun tent is large enough for a combination or adults and multiple kids, measuring 86-inches (L) x 59-inches(W) x 43-inches (H).

As far as quality is concerned, the Genji Sports Beach Tent is highly rated by users. As far as the sun protection factor goes, the tent material is SPF 50 coated and the nylon flooring is flame resistant. The tent does an excellent job of repelling the wind (the tent uses stakes and built in sand pockets) while allowing enough air to flow through.The frame is made of strong fiberglass and the tent is a one-piece design.

Lightspeed Quick Canopy

The Texsport is one the best beach tents because it's is one of the largest sun shelters on the market, measuring 95 x 95 x 59 inches (WxDxH). This beach tent is large enough for your whole family, your beach chairs, your cooler, your cat ect. It's a canopy style shelter with 3 open tent walls. The Texsport is heavier than other models (9.4 lbs) but it comes with a handy carrying bag. The tent uses an integrated Lightspeed pole system which makes the tent quick and easy to set up and to take down.

The Texsport is the best canopy for wind, staying in place when heavy wind is present, offering stability. The tent material offers SPF 50 protection and you don't need to worry about proper ventilation, as the tent is is open walled.

How to Use a Sun Tent

  1. Use your sun tent as a change area
  2. Put your valuables inside the sun tent, so they are more protected.
  3. Keep your food in the sun tent and use the tent as a eating area (keeping the sand out)
  4. Have a nap in your sun tent

The Best Beach Tent: Pop Up Sun Tents on Amazon 2017

Instant Pop-up Family Beach Tent and Sun Shelter

By far one of the most lightweight sun tent options, this Instant Pop-Up Beach Tent weighs 3 lbs 6 oz. Comes with a handy carrying bag.

The tent fabric is water resistant and durable (silver coating), offering UPF(Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 100+. Being a pop up tent, setting up the tent s a breeze (it takes only a few seconds) but there is a specific way to fold and put away this pop up tent. if you don't follow the instructions perfectly, storing this sun tent is going to be a major drag and you might even damage your tent.

How to Fold Up a Pop Up Tent

Best Canopy for Wind


Beach Tent Reviews: Best Canopy for Wind

When you're at the beach with your sun tent, the last thing you want is to have your tent blown out of place by the wind. The best beach tents out there use sand pockets and stakes for tent stability. What is the best canopy for wind?

SKINCOM 310328 Easy for Two Shell Solartent

The Skincom is very easy to install and it's water and wind resistant up to 20mph. The tent is anchored with zinc-coated steel pegs and sandbags. With a removable rear panel, the tent offers sun and wind protection on three sides, comfortably accommodating two adults.

Time For a Poll: The Best Sun Tent

What's your favourite kind of sun shelter?

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