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The Best Tents For Camping

Updated on November 24, 2014

If you like to spend your time camping in the great outdoors, then you know a good camping tent is important! A great camping tent will keep you safe and dry. Many tents are intended for sleeping only, and to protect you from the elements, because face it, you want to spend time in the great outdoors than staying in!

However there are many styles and sizes you can choose from. The size you get will depend on how many people will be sleeping in it. So whatever it is you're looking for, just make sure you find one that will allow some movement and standing roomy!

Have fun and go get some fresh air, I know I will!

Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent

When looking to buy a tent that fits 2 people, you want to make sure you and your partner is comfortable during your outdoor adventure. That's why its important to find out what the features and the benefits are, so you're sure it fits your outdoor needs. I like to bring my husband with me when shopping for tents, because he likes certain features and so do I. The Coleman Hooligan 2 is the most recommended backpacking tents on the market today and here are some reasons why.

Coleman has been in the industry for more than a century now and has proven its name in terms of outdoor equipment. The Hooligan 2 comes with an adjustable venting system which increases airflow so people inside can sleep comfortably and breathe better. Setting it up is easy since it comes with a handy guide. Its also lightweight as it weighs only 6 to 8 pounds and is also made of Coleman's Weather-Tec system to ensure that people inside remain dry even if there is rain.


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Kelty Trail Ridge 4 Person Tent

If you are looking for a something unique and spacious, then you will like the Kelty Trail Ridge. The Trail Ridge is made using twin ridgepoles that enhance the space making it suitable for a family of four.

This is ideal for a family of four people has two functional vestibules that are flanked on both ends, which provides you easy entry and exit options. Besides, these vestibules offer extra space where you can keep your equipment. Since they are color coded, you can easily mount your tent without any hassle. This saves you time!

They are made with tapped floor seams that offer a protective seal against water seepage, so you are safe from flooding. Do not forget that they have internal storage pockets that give your additional space for your essentials. For me it's important to make sure my family will stay dry and have ample storage that can be placed out of our way.

Although The Kelty Trail Ridge may not be an equal of a five star hotel, it offers plenty of space that is enough for four people.

Wall materials are made using 68D Polyester and dye free. The floor materials are 75D Polyester measuring 1800mm. you also get a color-coded clip that enables you to fix the tent quickly.

Tapped floor seams, Mesh wall panels with four poles made from DAC DA17, while the floor materials are 68D Nylon 1800mm.

Best 4 Person Tents For Sale

The tents I've chosen here are roomy enough for a small family, and sleeps 4 comfortably. It will shelter you from rain and insects, and allows you to sleep peacefully without being disturbed by outside elements, animals and bugs. There are many to choose froms here. Find the perfect one for your family!


Coleman 14x10 8 Person Instant Tent

When my family (a family of 5) and I went camping in Yosemite Valley, we wanted something roomy and comfortable to sleep in. So we decided on the Coleman 14x10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent. What I found with this is unlike other models that promise quick and easy setup, this one really is quick and easy to put together and we were able to set it this up in just a few minutes.

What I love about Coleman 14x10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent is that it comes with two rooms and comes with seven windows and two doors. This ensures plenty of ventilation and light. The divider between the rooms is removable if you prefer having one big space. With an exclusive WeatherTec system, welded floor and waterproof walls, you can rest assure that you and your gear will stay dry in the rain.

In fact, the exterior is built to withstand all kinds of weather, including high winds, rain and even hail. Once your camping trip is done, taking the tent down is just as easy as putting it up; it comes in a durable carrying bag for an easy haul back to the car and comes with a one-year warranty. If you're looking for durability, convenience and lots of space, the Coleman 14x10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent may be just what you're looking for. You will love it as much as me and family does!

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Best 8 Person Tents For Camping

Even though these tents can comfortably sleep 8 people, you might want to consider it for your family of 4, so you can have some extra room to move around, play games and spread out.

I have chosen some the best ones on the market. Make sure you read about each one, because they are each going to have their own special features that might be more fitting for your family and/or camping experience!

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Tent

So many people are singing their praises of the Coleman tents. Coleman tents have proven to be comfortable and reliable. In fact, there is lots of positive feedback today about the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 tent that's become the centerpiece of many campsites where quality camping is the goal.

For instance, a happy camper commented online recently about Coleman having the best tents for privacy, security, comfort and protection against insects and bad weather.

Coleman tents are practical and versatile. The name Coleman has become synonymous with camping today because of the company's long history of enhancing the camping experience for generation after generation.

In addition, here are many happy campers who recall their first Coleman camping tents and family camping out of the back of a station wagon with Coleman tents providing the shelter and comfort when sleeping out under the stars at night.

For example, a Coleman customer commented online about his tent serving as a home away from home. In turn, the customer also explained that he always goes with Coleman tents and products to enhance his adventures outside.

Overall, the Coleman line of camping tents has become closely associated with the joys of enjoying a good camping trip with family and friends. I would love to own this tent for my family! We would have so much room, we might not ever want to come home.

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    Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

    This is a very useful and detailed hub on tents for camping. This will be very helpful for those that are looking to buy tents for camping and are wondering what would be the best tent that they should buy.