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Best Time To Pick Up New Camping Gear.

Updated on January 5, 2012

Winter is bargain season for summer camping gear.

With winter embedded deep within our collective psyche the last thing on many outdoor minded folks is camping. With the holidays, after Christmas steals and deals and New Years Eve Parties still fresh in our minds, thoughts of an outdoor excursion, complete with camp fires and smores, canoes and fishing are still distant thoughts.

For the bargain minded, off-season acquisition of new camping accessories, winter is just about the best time to pick up a new tent, sleeping bag, backpack or camp stove. If you look around both on and off-line, many retailers have lots of last years stock they need to get sold. And that means great deals for you. For those reading this that must have the very latest North Face or Patagonia super hydrophobic ultra-expedition light weight Everest ready gear, this article is not for you.

If your looking to save as much as 50% off from retail prices let's see what's out there to acquire.

Some of the best deals online is

They have just about everything you'd need to outfit you and your family for a fun filled camping adventure. Whether your out for just a weekend down at the lake or plan on hiking the Appalachian Trail, this is a one stop shop for everything needed to truly enjoy that outing. They also offer a print catalog that is outstanding for bathroom reading. Oh and it's free, just sign up for it here.

Although geared more toward the hunter and fisherman, Bass Pro Shops can have some outstanding deals as well. One thing to keep in mind is if you happen to live near a Bass Pro Shops store or outlet, ask a sales associate if they still have last years models or stock for the items your looking to buy. Many times they'll know about their inventory and what has to go in order to make room on the shelves.

Another great resource for quality camping gear is Gander Mountain. Like Bass Pro Shops, they cater more toward hunters and fisherman but let me tell you, they have a great selection of stuff as well. I'm very fortunate to live where I do because these folks have a couple of retail stores within driving distance from where I'm at. Oh and if you do hunt, they have a very large selection of ammunition however their prices are a little steep.

Let's not forget about Cabela's. It looks like they're running an after Christmas Sale online with sleeping bag closeouts going on right now. Their print catalog is top notch as well and I believe they include one with every order.

For the true bargain hunters(me included), hitting up your local thrift stores and yard sales can yield some great scores. One of the best finds I ever picked up was a titanium cook kit complete with fork and knife. And one yard sale I checked out on a whim netted me an ultra light camp stove that rocks! The thing can boil water in under 3 minutes.

So if your looking to spend more time outdoors this summer and need some new gear, these are great resources to use. I tend to spread out my purchases to an item here and an item there and before i know it, I'm pretty well set up to really enjoy my outdoor excursions.

You'll want to bookmark these links and check back from time to time or sign up for their mailing list to get a heads up on any new offers or upcoming sales they may have. It really can add up to significant savings on top of the line gear.


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    • Dolores Cole profile image

      DoloresCole 6 years ago from Fort Lupton Colorado

      Getting new camping gear it is best to buy at the beginning of winter for summer camping and for winter camping it is best to buy before winter starts