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Best Ufc Fights Of 2010 Pt 2

Updated on July 10, 2011

2010 has been a great year for the ufc and a great year for fights in particular,i have already done a hub on the best fights of 2010 up to june,this is for the second half of the year and if anything i think that the second half of the year has been even better as far as the fights go.We have had some good championship tilts for the belt and some good fights further down the ranks to try and sort out the contenders.As we close out 2010 there is also the news that the ufc have merged the WEC in with the UFC and we now have 2 weight divisions below lightweight which will bring more world class exciting lightweight fighters into the greatest organisation in the world.Not only that but i feel that apart from possibly lightweight every division now has a champion that is likely to stay for some time.Let the list of fights commence.

UFC 121 Brock Lesnar Vs Cain Velasquez

This was the fight I've been waiting for for some time,i have been following Cains progress for a while and couldn't wait for him to tackle Brock,i personally thought that Brock would be too big and Cain would have to go into a cardio battle but it turns out he didn't as Cain Battered Lesnar with hard shots after he had wobbled Lesnar with a hard knee to the chin.As expected Lesnar came out hard and fast and even tried a flying knee but it all wen wrong when Cains superior foot and head movement and Brock's sloppy Control of Cain on the ground,Lesnar score a good take down but Cain is straight back up and after catching Lesnar with the knee it was all but game over,Lesnar hit the ground and covered up as Velasquez hit him with some vicious punches until the ref jumped in and called a halt to the proceedings at 4minutes and 12 second so round one,We have a new heavyweight champion.

Matt Hughes Vs Ricardo Almeida Ufc 117

 This had a great fight written all over it from the minute it was announced,Ricardo Almeida is an outstanding Bjj practitioner and is a lot younger than the 37 year old Hughes,The tension and build up to the fight stemmed from the fact that Almeida works and trains with the legendary Gracie family and Hughes had defeated Three Gracie fighters in a row and quite decisively,Obviously the young Almeida had a point to prove.They both cam out and started slowly although Almeida quickly turned up the pace and started peppering Hughes to the point where he unsuccessfully looked for the take down twice,Then suddenly out of nowhere Hughes landed a tremendously hard left hook that dropped Almeida immediately,Hughes was on him in an instant and locked in a bizarre Front headlock that i certainly haven't seen since fighting in the school yard,With Hughes Incredible strength it was never going to end well once the choke was sunk in and Almeida was never going to tap so he went to sleep,Hughes defeats Almeida by submission at 3 minutes and 15 seconds of round one.

Anderson Silva Vs Chael Sonnen Ufc 117

 Another fantastic fight at Ufc 117 in fact i would go so far as to say this was the best fight of the year,It had been built up mainly due to Sonnen's incredible trash-talk,But lately mma fans didn't mind so much as Silva had just been showboating in his last couple of fights and quite frankly looked bored out of his mind,Best fighter on earth he may be but when you start disrespecting your opponents you lose fans and that is why Sonnen wasn't disliked for his smack-talk,although we all thought he would get destroyed by Silva,Wrong,he Attacked Silva and took him down and then kept him down while repeatedly punishing him,Every time the bell rang and he went to his corner Silva looked defeated and every time they came back out Sonnen attacked and Silva couldn't counter very well as sonnen was so fast and relentless,Each time Silva would end up on his back again within seconds,for 23 minutes this is how the fight went and you thought Sonnen has got this,there is now way out for Silva,Then with a minute and a half left he pulled out a brilliant triangle choke that seems to be where Sonnen always falls down,This fight had me standing up for most of it willing Sonnen on to destroy Silva and that is what he did,Shame he could hang on for a further 90 seconds,Still a rematch is on the cards for 2011

Georges St Pierre Vs Josh Koscheck 2 Ufc 124

 The last Ufc Event of 2010 wasn't too bad and this main event showdown between the two opposing coaches from TUF went exactly the way i thought it would,we all know that Anderson Silva had cleared out the middleweight division but now i would say That GSP has cleared out the Welterweight division,Koscheck as usual was playing up to the role of the villain and we thought he would at least make it a quick aggressive fight as we know he is capable of,but GSP just simply started peppering his face with a stiff jab and he was so quick with the jab that Koscheck couldn't stop it,at some point during the first round GSP cracked Koscheck's orbital bone with one of those jabs and from then on Koscheck's eye just got progressively more and more swollen,By the end of the second round he couldn't see out of it so GSP switched to the left hook which Koscheck could not see coming,People have critisised GSP's lack of an ability to finish but you cannot deny that there is no one that can beat him at 170lbs,GSP won by Unanimous decision and remains welterweight champion with possibly only Jake Shields left who can dethrone him in 2011 we shall see.

Super Fight

In a Possible super fight between GSP and Anderson Silva who wins?

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      some good choices and the silva sonnen fight was the highlight so far but the gsp fight didnt really intrest me i ended up watching the end of the amir khan fight will be good to see a gsp vs silva fight though

    • warchild75 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      @teddyfan yeah i agree strikeforce did have some real good fights,i dont know much about the jose aldo's of this world but with the aquisition of the wec it will surely raise the ufc to the next level.

    • profile image

      Teddy Fan 

      8 years ago

      Im a huge fan of the UFC but to be honest I think strikeforce beat it hands down for entertainment in the second part of the year. Fabricio Werdum beating Fedor was one of the shocks of the year and the last event saw 3 high quality knock outs back to back (if you haven't seen Daley vs Smith it was brutal!).

      I was completely shocked by the Valasquez win against Lesnar but Silva pulling out a 5th round win over Sonnen made me jump out of my seat.

      The merger with the WEC will finally give Jose Aldo the platform to show what a world class talent he is and many other lower weight classes will start to produce thrilling fights. Good news all round for 2011!


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