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Best Water Parks in Mumbai

Updated on September 23, 2016
EsselWorld Mumbai
EsselWorld Mumbai

Some of the water parks in Mumbai include Essel World Water Kingdom, Nishiland Water Park, Suraj water park, Wet N Joy. You can find more details on each of these water parks in Bombay as you read further down in this hub. Mumbai is the gateway of India and is one of the biggest and important cities in India. It has many tourist places like forts, temples, theme parks and waterparks etc. Water parks has features such as water play areas, thrilling water slides, spray grounds, lazy rivers, wave pools, etc. These are great places for the whole family to have a lot of fun as a way to escape from the hot sun during summer time. Feel free to add your experiences at these water parks and vote for your favorite water park at the bottom of this page. Add any water park that is missing in my list in the comments section given below.

Essel World Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom Mumbai
Water Kingdom Mumbai

Water Kingdom, Asia's Largest Theme Water Park, is affiliated to EsselWorld Amusement park which is India’s Largest Amusement Park. EsselWorld people are pioneers in the entertainment and leisure industry it is no surprise that they came up with a complete leisure destination. A sprawling complex on the coastal Gorai village in Mumbai, “The Island of Fun” is about 64 acres of total land area giving an extensive entertainment option for visitors. Some of the features at this water park include never-before seen attractions set within its unique architecture. The international standard of the amenities found in this park catapult Water Kingdom into a different league. Many rides are adventurous at this park while offering pleasure and relaxing options. Racy rides, thrilling roller coaster like experience, long and zippy water slides attract hundreds of thousands of visitors making it number one in my list.

India’s Largest Aqua play pool – the Lagoon is a must see attraction at Essel World Water Kingdom. The lagoon is a perfect place for families and guests of all age groups. There are many different kiddie slides, 4 family slides, 3 adult/thrill slides. You will get wet - that is a guarantee. The Elephant bucket splashes water when it gets full. Also found are water sprinklers, Water curtains, Rotating water wheels, Water umbrellas, Spinning water tray, Water fall for your fun.

Rushin Gushing is a sloping water slide, Humunga knowabunga is a long slide has many bends. Gang a fall is a small water pool area, Booble bogie is a long slide, has many twist and turns. Elephant safari is a nice water ride. Rock n rock safari is mildest water ride, serpent safari is a tube slide, has many water spray areas. Goffers lagon is a childeren zone, has many water slides.

Drifting river is an adventure river, it is a nice place for relaxation. Zoomroo is a mini slide zone, all slides ends with the cool pool. What a coaster is a competitive ride, has 6 lanes. Cascade cave and love boat tower is a wave pool area, has many water spray stations. Aquadrome is a rainy area for all age groups. Coco beach is a small pool for kids.

Essel World Water Kingdom Mumbai

Suraj Water Park

Suraj Water Park
Suraj Water Park

Suraj Water Park easily makes it as it has garnered 5 Time’s Winner in Limca Book of Records and winner of National & International awards. Also known as the The Pride of Maharashtra, Suraj Water Park is an excellent water recreation paradise which appealing to people belonging to all age groups. Decorated by mermaids, Suraj Water Park is Asia's largest cave extensively made of fibre - glass. The statue of Lord Shiva with Ganga originating from his hair-lock as in Indian mythology is adorned by water-slides for children. See a photo of this avatar to get an idea of how wonderful this water slide is. The most unique part of this park is the statue of Lord Shiva.

There are museum of fountains which is followed by a steamy spray of cooling water. At the entrance of the fiber cave, are beautiful images of Natraj and Lord Shiva. At entrance you will see Lord Shiva and Lord Natraj as a symbolic touch of Indian tradition. Spending the day at Suraj Water park is filled with fun and amusement. The wave pool, stimulating the waves of sea, is popular with the kids. The Crazy River imitates the speed and turbulence of an actual river whereas the Lazy River is the perfect place to relax and let yourself float on the rubber floats and finally it joins with the wave pool.

Rainbow tower has 16 slides in many colours, all ends with a splash pool. Dhadkan is two person tube ride. 140 feet slide is a largest slide in Asia. Sing a song and ding dong slides has many twist and turns, it has both open air and enclosed slides. Labak zepak matak is a thrill zone, has 3 slides, one is a vertical slide, another one is an enclosed large slide.

Rimzim hall is a artificial rain zone, has many water sprays in ground. Lazy river is a relaxation zone. Har har gange is a big water falls.

Nishiland Water Park

Nishiland Water Park
Nishiland Water Park

Another good one in my list of best water parks in Mumbai is the Nishiland Water Park as it offers an action-packed day full of adventure and laughter and is the perfect place to spend a magical day. Create a day of fun-filled memories as you unwind with family and friends.

Nishiland Water Park has the beautiful Sahyadri Mountains as the backdrop and has multiple acres of thrilling rides, delectable food and a relaxed atmosphere. Located on the old Mumbai-Pune Highway but is also easily accessible from the new Expressway between the two cities. Just 45 kms from Ghatkopar and about 10 minutes away from Karjat station, it is located so close to the city but will make you forget the busy city life while you are at this park.

Water wave pool is the main attraction in the park that everyone stops by for hours of fun time. Dome slides are the colourful slides. Lazy river is a long river, best relaxation place for all the age groups, Body slides has three slides, two is slope slides and another one has twist and turns. Dry slides is a fast ride which offers a thrilling experience. Children playground has many water sprays, water falls and mini slides. Rain dance is an artificial rain zone.

Wet N Joy Shirdi

wet n joy mumbai
wet n joy mumbai

Located near Sun-n-Sand Hotel, Admission cost is Rs.300 for adult, Rs.175 for children. The ‘Wet N’ Joy’ water park at Shirdi is a premier family amusement park for the pilgrims who come to take darshan of Shree Sai Baba. Wet N’ Joy features a full day of fun for the entire family where you splash, take a thrilling ride from 45 feet from any of the water slides and enjoy the rain dance, an artificial rain zone, has many colourful lights and background music while having great food.

The black hole offers two person tube, it is a 500 feet slide, and most thrilling ride. Anaconda has 90 foot slide. Cyclone is a tube ride, drop off into a gaint bowl. Match 3 is a competitive ride.

Twister is an enclosed slide, has many twist and turns. The bom-bay is a vertical drop slide, has 50 feet height. Daredevil drop is also a vertical slide. The blast is an open slide, has many curves. Family ride has a 10 feet width and 15 foot height slide, and ends with the kids pool. Kids pool is a best kids play area. Thundar wave pool is around 30,00 square foot, producing continious waves.

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