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Best of Australian Surfing

Updated on April 9, 2013

The Ins-Outs of Surfing in Australia

Australia surfing is one of the greatest thrills for any adrenaline junkie. You don't have to just battle monster waves, but also crocs "salties", killer jelly fish and ,of course, sharks. When you add in the gorgeous scenery surfing in Australia is one crazy ride. If you are going to surf Australia, you need to do it right. Here, I'll give you the low down on the crucial elements of this one-of-a-kind surfer's paradise.

Top Spots for Australia Surfing

With over 37,000 km of coastline, there are numerous spots for shredding and barrel-rolls. These hip spots can range from shear terror swells to paddle board friendly. Australia surfing is intense and it can break you if you're not careful. But what makes surfing in Australia so unique? Is it the culture, amazing hollow waves, exotic scenery or just a mix of everything If you are just a beginner, then some of the spots may not be for you (You Will Die), but for the expert sea cowboys, anything is game.

North Coast: Angourie- Byron Bay

Rated consistently as the premiere surfing spot in Australia, the spot has been a Meca since surfing began gaining popularity in the 1960's. The area features numerous surf beaches all guarded by Byron city, a vibrant surfer town. Here, there are many other activities to keep you engaged in the culture.

Australia Surfing Beginner: If you are looking for a less crowded beach check out Clarkes Beach, it's on the eastern end of the main beach and features a nice sea breeze and gentle sand bottom. It's a perfect spot for beginners.

For the more adventurous, check out 'The Wreck'. One of the coolest seneries for surfing, The Wreck features the remains of the SS Wollongbar. The ship sank in 1922 from a cyclone and is now the centerpiece of the area with decent swells breaking about 10 meters from the ship.

Are you a long boarder? Then check out The Pass. It's known for its peeling right-handers and huge swells. This area is a bit more challenging than the others but is definitely a spot worth watching.

A markerByron Bay, Australia -
Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia
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Surf-copter cam

Noosa: Point Break

Australia surfing doesn't get much better than this, it's a surfer paradise, really. Pretty much all the people living/traveling here are involved in the surf culture. Although the Gold Coast is more well known, Noosa offers a good bit of variety, great weather, and excellent swells. There's a range of about 12 km from Sunshine Beach to the Noosa national parks. This area provides a blissful experience of riding waves in a more natural and exotic habitat. Be sure to also check out the North Shore, known to be home to several dolphin pods.

Most rides range from 50-200m and contain swells up to +3m. Noosa is known for its budget traveling. Accommodations are cheap but nice. Try out Noosa if you want the challenge and culture of Byron without the crowds.

A markerNoosa, australia -
Noosa National Park, Marcus Beach QLD, Australia
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Snapper Rocks

Featuring a sandy bottom point break and city scape views, Snapper Rocks is a hidden treasure for Australia surfing. It's located in Rainbow Bay and features 'Super Bank', the longest and most consistent hollow wave in the world. Most swells range between 2-3m and can carry you over 2 km. The place is home to several world class events such as Quiksilver, Rip Curl Masters, and Roxy Pro. Many surfing favorites also regularly visit the place such as Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore and Joel Parkinson.

This is a local spot to many of the top names world wide and it's easy to see why. Not only do you get all the great surfing, but the culture around is fantastic. Talk about a trendy city, Snapper Rocks features hopping night life, delicious beach food, and friendly locals.

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A markersnapper rocks, australia -
Snapper Rock, New South Wales, Australia
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B markerrainbow bay, australia -
Rainbow Bay Resort, 265-269 Boundary Street, Coolangatta QLD 4225, Australia
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Seal Rocks

Want the exclusive 'soul surfer' experience? This place could deliver. Located in an area free of developed towns and casinos you have a quite area with only the local dolphins as your neighbor. Around 22 km up the road you have Pacific Palms, another great area. Be sure to also check out Boomerang Beach for more post card vistas.

While lacking in some areas of Australia surfing, Seal Rocks offers a different variety. If you are going after a lovely atmosphere, quite towns, and plenty of wildlife then Seal Rocks delivers. This is the kind of place you will want to go and feel the experience of past surfers who first ventured in to these unexplored waters.

A markerSeal Rocks, australia -
Seal Rocks NSW 2423, Australia
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Getting the Most of Out of Australia Surfing

If you've been landlocked in the States or wanting to pursue a brand new surfing career in Australia, there are several key metrics you should consider. First off, do you have the means of tripping around Australia? It's a little more pricey than traveling in the States and the flight over is killer on the wallet. Secondly, do you have the right gear? If you're an Australian native, then no worries mate, you've already got everything you need there. But if you are going to be flying, are you transporting all your gear or BIT (buying it there)?

For the pricey part, there are many different ways to pay for your surfing experience. One, would be a working holiday. This allows you to work while you travel around doing the important stuff. I've been doing an insane amount of research into the topic and will be soon releasing a guide to "How to Surf the World for Free*". The point is don't let the money deter you.

Another option you could choose is couch surfing ( This allows you to stay with the locals for free and really allows the visitor to get sucked in to the culture.

Concerning your gear, if you are buying in America it's going to be cheaper. If you don't mind packing everything then this is the most economical. Sometimes I'll bring all my gear with me and then buy something special at the destination. For all the Aussies, well, you've probably already got everything you would ever need surfing your own ocean wonderland.

Wither you are Aussie or not be sure to make friends with as many locals as you can. These people will be fantastic resources in the secret spots most tourist miss. I usually skip all the tourist spots and go out to the local areas to meet as many people as possible. Then, my new friends will usually gladly show me around.

With most things in life, it's best to just go out and do it yourself. You will learn so much from just the experience than ever reading an article like this one. Australia surfing is one of the greatest experiences any hang ten rider can have. Know your limits but be ready to step outside your comfort zone. Whatever you do, just have fun and you'll be fine wherever you go. Bonzer!

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