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Best Mountain Bike Computer - the best Wireless and Cateye Computers.

Updated on April 6, 2016

For most mountain bikers, knowing the speed, your altitude, the distance traveled and even their heart rate while biking is the best thing they can get from their bicycle computer gadget. Known as cycle computers, these are small, light weight portable digital calculators for your bike.

The advanced type of cycle computers, are now the wireless type and these can also accurately provide information on the temperature of your environment, your heart rate through its built-in heart rate monitor, pedaling speed (cadence) and even the road slope angle (incline). So depending on which information you want, it is now up to you what you which cycle computer you need to buy.

Previously, these gadgets were hard to find or you had to order them from the manufacturers especially if it was a reputable brand you required. However, the brand does not always guarantee the efficiency of the gadget so bikers sometimes have very limited idea what would be the best choice.

It’s a good thing many of the cycle computers today are now available from on online stores and the best online store where you can see lots of affordable and efficient cycle computers is at Amazon. Here I will be showing you the five best wireless computers in 2012 for your bike. I have used several of them so I know them personally.

By the way, I prefer wireless because although they give you the same data as with the wired, there are no cables to interfere with your movement, or a chance the cable could get caught up or damaged in any fall.

Garmin Edge 705 GPS-Enabled Cycling Computer (Includes Heart Rate Monitor and Speed/Cadence Sensor)

This is one of the most sophisticated among all cycle computers you could find today in the market because it has a sunlight-readable color display, GPS enabled, and a high sensitivity receiver that can even receive signals even under tall trees and buildings. It also automatically measures your time traveled, speed, distance, altitude, ascent and descent and even your calories burned, so it is actually a very usable and compact computer that can provide you with so much information.

It also has its Micro SD card slot so if you want to add information about map details and other information, you can easily download this information from the web to the memory card and you have additional info. Only 4.3 inches long and weighing 3.8 ounces, you can take it anywhere and you can even share your data with other bike computers or your friends. Its battery life can also last for more than 12 hours so you can use it the whole day and recharge it when you come home.

Schwinn 17-Function Bike Computer

This seemingly basic bike computer has actually 17 functions. It can track your speed, distance, calories burned, time traveled and will tell you how to develop an effective workout every time you turn it on and ride your bike. It is very easy to install and can be attached easily to your bike’s handlebar. It also has a backlit screen so you have a clearer view even in foggy weather. You just need to input your wheel diameter so that you can have an accurate reading with everything you need. It also has a temperature reader so you know how you can cope up with your environment. You can actually install it on your bike on any season and will give you accurate data so you can always rely on it. Having it with you will keep you well informed and you don’t need any tool to install it. Just be sure you follow its instructions for its installation and settings and it won’t fail you.

Cateye CC-RD300W Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer

The Cateye has already earned a good reputation among its many biking gadgets including cyclometers. This Strada bike computer is also as efficient as a high-end cyclometer because it has a ClickTec button interface which can give you an easy switch among the seven modes by just pressing the bottom buttons. It can measure distance in kilometers or miles, has a universal speed sensor and a magnet to help send signals. It can fit to different size handlebars ranging from 22 to 31.8 mm in diameter and this is because of its flex-tight universal mounting bracket. It actually has the capabilities of a wired Cateye as it is also pack with power and accuracy. In terms of style, it can always look good on any bike because of its sophisticated look and its wide digit display is always a plus.  

Planet Bike Protégé 9.0 Wireless 9-Function Bike Computer with 4-Line Display and Temperature

This simple looking Planet bike cyclometer may seem to be basic in its features but it is pack with 9-function system that can track speed, distance, ride time, average speed and trip distance. Unlike other bike computer, it has dual odometer so you can adjust its wheel sizes quickly. Its 4-line LCD display can be able to show up clear and crisp 5 types of data at the same time which include the clock and thermometer. It also has one button for all kinds of operation so the biker won’t have a hard time switching from one data to another data that are displayed in its MacroMonitor LCD. It can fit to 25 mm to 31.8 mm handlebars so it is very easy to install. Because of its facilities, it is very ideal to have it during your mountain biking training, touring or when keeping track of your miles. It only weighs 0.12 gms so it will not slow you down and it will not be affected while biking on rough tracks or trails.

VDO MC1.0+ Wireless Altimeter/Cycle Computer

Talk about a high-tech bike computer, this wireless cyclometer has nine altimeter functions that can accurately show the topographical data of your location. It can also display your trip climb, total climb, maximum altitude and the temperature of the place where you are treading. Its digital large display is designed for quick reading and it has dual odometer setting for 2 wheel size. Unlike other cyclometers, you can set it on automatic scroll when you need to check on the different features. Its cycling functions can gather data about your current, average and maximum speed and its home altitude can be adjusted by means of its manual calibration features. It can also be used as a stopwatch. If you are the type of mountain biker who loves to climb your bike and want to know your data, this is the best bike computer gadget for you.


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