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Getting started fishing - tips for the first time on a pond or lake.

Updated on June 16, 2015

The best way to learn to fish

There are plenty of great resources all over the net that can go much more into detail. You can either research by watching Youtube videos-- or the best recommendation is going with someone that knows what they are doing. There are so many little things that an experienced fisherman can teach that a rookie might not learn by themselves.

Find a friend that likes to fish and ask him if you can join him. Make sure to be up front and tell hi that you haven't fished before. There are so many little things that you can pick up from someone who has fished for years.

Learn how to tie a knot!

For instance, when tying knots there are plenty of ways to do it. If you don't really care, a triple knot will work okay, but you are setting yourself up for disaster. It is not recommended to ever use a triple knot, but if you are desperate and don't know any other knots then take the 5 minutes to learn. The problem with the triple knot is that you can end up losing your fish because the knot didn't hold. There are plenty of knots-- all of which can be used for a variety of different fishing methods. Feel free to check out this great resource on knots on 5 fishing knots that you need to learn. My dad taught my and my brother the Palomar knot. It is very simple and is considered the one of the best knots. Also learn the Rebeck knot both can be seen on this video and they are tested.

Going for big fish or small fish?

If you are going for smaller fish then smaller reels and smaller rods are essential. The prices on these vary, but you can expect to pay a little less. This does not mean some of the bigger combos wouldn't would goof for catching smaller fish. They are just much easier to manage and are easier for kids to handle. Me and my brothers liked grabbing the biggers rods and reels solely for the fact that we thought it would get us bigger fish-- they worked more than fine for me as well.

The bigger the fish then the more quality you want out of the rod/reel combo you are getting. The reels below are meant to handle most fish(aside from deep sea). If you want to jump in and get something really nice I would recommend getting something similar to what I've listed below. They are some of mine and my friends favorite reels-- which is the only reason I've added them

Some can come with extra spools that you could switch out if you need a several different fishing lines. An unbelievable asset so you don't have to waste line and time! Otherwise you will have to spool the line like the video.

These are my personal favorites of the expensive high speed spinning reels on the market. My personal favorite brands are Daiwa and Shiman(by far the some of the best spinning reels).

How much are you looking to spend on a reel?

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Looking for an inexpensive Spinning reel?

My whole family grew up on spinning reels, so I am very familiar with all of the different brands and what makes a reel better(Pretty easy to tell if you ask me). You still have to make sure you are getting a good product for the price. You can spend $50 at Walmart and get a good enough rod and reel combo. That is okay, but you can always shop around and find a much better reel on Amazon, Ebay, Bass Pro Shop, etc. The Walmart reel might work great for the time being, but the next year or the year after it may be in the trash. Also be prepared to be upset if you have a huge fish on-- there is a chance that your pole may not be able to handle it.

What I am getting at is please spend the extra 10 minutes and find a quality reel. You can literally find a reel that will last a lifetime. If you are in your 20s and want to start fishing. You can buy one of these and get your feet wet. Over time you can buy yourself a more expensive one and in the future let someone else use one of these.

If you are looking for a spinning reel then feel free to check out some of my recommendations here: Inexpensive reels that are Under $50

Some of the nicest brands/reels out there

Below are some of the most sought after reels on the market. These reels can catch any freshwater fish and nearly any saltwater fish! If you are a big game fisherman , or know one, then one of these reels may suit you. They are certainly some the best spinning reels to buy. Certain reels, especially the cheap ones aren't very durable.. Meaning they can break very easily. If your husband hooks a big one while you are out on vacation you need to be sure that first the reel can make it there without rusting, rust frays the line and makes it harder to reel. And second, well second is the most important can your reel handle the fish-- when your husband or son is hooked on to a nice size fish some reels cannot handle it. If every reel could catch every fish we would all be spending 20 bucks and calling it the day.

Some of the most popular brands include Shimano(my favorite), Daiwa, Penn, Abu Garcia-- really too many to name. Narrow it down to a couple of brands and pick from there.

Daiwa Saltiga SA-Z6500HDF Dog Fight Saltwater Spinning

The ultimate spinning reel. With a drag max of 66 lbs, it's built for the heaviest of braided lines and control large, strong-pulling fish such as Tuna, Amberjack, Snook, Snapper and Marlin. One of the best high speed spinning reels.

Saltiga SA-Z Dogfight Features:

  • * 6.2:1 High speed gear ratio pulls in over *
  • 66 lbs. drag maximum
  • Custom, machined aluminum ball-shape
  • 14 High-Grade Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • DigigearTM stainless and bronze alloy gears
  • Dual, full-time Infinite Anti-Reverse with no lever to snag line or turn off by accident
  • Machined ABS aluminum spool with Titanium Nitrided lip
  • Twist BusterĀ® line twist reduction
  • Bail Lock prevents bail closing during a cast
  • Zero-Friction Main Shaft design for smoother, more powerful retrieve (except Surf reel)

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Shimano Stella SW Spinning Reels Model: STL18000SW

The Stella SW spinning reel features:

  • Propulsion Line Management System,
  • Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement,
  • Aerowrap Wrap II Oscillation coupled shielded A-RB bearings and Dyna-balancing.

This fishing reel is actually one my brother dreams of having. I am on the same boat with him, however I have a few ones I like aside from this one.

If you want a great reel that will never let you down get a Shimano, they make great products. I personally own more Shimano reels than any other brand and the Stella would top them all.

The Shimano Stella is a reel that I really wish I could afford. If any of you are feeling generous I wouldn't mind a nice gift :)

Buying the Stella is quite expensive if you get it from a retail store. I recommend checking out Ebay and seeing if you can't find a new/used one. You can save hundreds of dollars and get the exact same product-- just opened and out of the box.

Accurate SR-30 TwinSpin Spinning Reel

It uses TwinDrag technology and on top of that Accurate has created the TwinSpin, the world's only true TwinDrag spinning reel. Made great just like all other Accurate reels The fish you could catch with this reel is unbelievable. Marlin and Tuna are no problem on this great spinning reel. For performance and quality this reel is definitely worth every penny.


  • Adjustable pre-set knob for control drag tension
  • Manual bail mechanism for picking up line.
  • Available in a 6:1 high-speed retrieve ratio
  • Skirted spool serves to reduce heat build-up, and helps trim the reel's weight.

VSB100 Bailed Spinning Reel Black

Van Staal premium spinning reels are made with high-grade titanium and steel. The same metals used to build today's airplanes!

Van Staal's patented maintenance free drag system features:

  • stainless steel ball bearings
  • an impenetrable gear case.
  • The reel is sealed and watertight to keep salt, sand and problems out, so you can fight the biggest fish in the harshest elements without a worry.
  • Comes without bail.
  • Color: Black

This reel has undeniable strength and has consistent peak performance each and every time you take on a monster.

Penn Gold Label Series Torque Spinning Reel (Black, 300-Yard/30-Pound)

Here are some of the features of this bad boy?

  • Full metal body and one piece machined aluminum frame
  • Forged and machined aluminum spool, side-plates, and one piece handle arm
  • Fully sealed gearbox and drag system
  • Oversize HT-100 Versa-Drag system
  • Integral clutch sleeve eliminates any back play during hook set

Penn is well known and for good reason. The product they put out is always great. Make sure you get your paws on this reel, you won't regret it.


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